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Baccalaureate in Culinary Arts

Baccalaureate in Culinary Arts

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Professional Courses

Course Duration:

3 years


Should have pass in higher secondary or bachelor degree or master degree

Course Details:

Baccalaureate in Culinary Arts - The culinary arts domain has evolved dramatically over the last three decades with increased technology, media exposure and migration, giving rise to increasingly critically conscious consumers and restaurateurs. Culinary arts students must learn to think critically and become business trendsetters to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.The Bachelor of Arts (Culinary Arts) degree is an advanced professional culinary degree designed to staircase you from fundamental culinary techniques and customs to advanced theoretical concepts in technology, food science and ethics integral to culinary arts. It is designed to develop your creativity and critical thinking; important skills for culinary arts professionals.


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