Executive MBA in India

Complete guide for students to pursue Executive MBA in India

An Executive MBA program is for working executives, managers, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. This program offers the flexibility to working professionals to study along with their work. There are people who have too much work commitments and still want to add on to their laurels, they can study Executive MBA. They cannot dedicate time for full time courses at the peak of their career. The best part about EMBA is that the classes are held on weekends or in the evening time which is suitable for working professionals.

Working Professionals who want to brush up their skills or want to study further to improve their managerial skills can take up this program. A regular Full time MBA program has a mix of students who are fresh graduates as well as working professionals who have taken a career break to pursue the course, but an Executive MBA will have only working professionals enrolled for the program. Candidates at the start of their career will usually not prefer to do EMBA.

Indian Institute of Management, Raipur (IIM-Raipur), Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-kozhikode), University of Oxford etc are some of the premier institutes who has launched an Executive MBA Program.


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