Rashmi Priya - IndCareer author Rashmi Priya has been writing for IndCareer since the birth of website.
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Vinay Yadav - Author Vinay Yadav is responsible for college events, fests and others such educational events. Vinay is also a vivid writer of current educational affairs. He also writes career articles for

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Mukesh Kaple  - Indcareer Author Mukesh Kaple is responsible for collecting exam notifications and keeping them updated with proper dates. He also makes sure that results are timely provided to our readers. He can be contacted directly at [email protected]
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Pravin Ashtankar - IndCareer Author Pravin looks after the college information on IndCareer. He interacts with colleges and makes sure that the college information are correct and accurate.
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Priya Trushant - IndCareer Author Priya has been responsible for bringing college faculty profiles to visitors. She colleges data from colleges and their websites, and then updates She also looks after the facilities provided by college. She also updates the placement records of colleges, after consulting the colleges, and verifying facts.
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Vivek Rathod - IndCareer Author Vivek Rathod is responsible for answering visitor questions. He makes sure all the questions raised are answered by industry experts in a timely and best way.
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