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Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers Examination (AMIE)


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AMIE (Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers) is a worthwhile alternative option for such students who are unable to pursue for an engineering degree course through a regular course in an engineering college. The Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers ( AMIE ) Program / Examination is conducted by Institution of Engineers, India ( IEI ).

An AMIE degree is recognized as equivalent to an engineering degree by AICTE, UPSC, SSC, Central Government Departments and state governments etc. AMIE degree holder can write examinations like civil services, Indian Engineering Services, GATE, GRE, etc.

The candidates after earning a certificate in AMIE can choose for higher studies leading to master’s degree in engineering or any other qualification. Alternatively, these candidates can start working with government / private organizations in their respective field of specialization or become entrepreneur.

Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers Examination

List of suggested books for AMIE exam preparations.

  • Question Bank In Electrical Engineering (English) 4th  Edition by J B Gupta


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