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Department of Physics

Ever since its establishment, the Department has played a key role in strengthening postgraduate teaching and research in physics. It implemented the much valued COSIP-ULP programme in 1997-1980 with UGC assistance. Currently, research is being pursued in the following areas: Nuclear Physics: Studies in the fields of Gamma ray interaction with matter, Nuclear Track detectors, development of gas detectors, High Spin States using in-beam Gamma spectroscopy, Spontaneous Fission, Cluster Radioactivity and Sub-Barrier fusion studies. Many Research papers have been published in various International journals and about ten candidates have taken Ph.D. Solid State Physics: Studies on metallic thin films and their oxides have been the thrust of experimental activity in the solid-state physics laboratory. Recently, a crystal pulling equipment has been acquired for carrying out studies in magnetic impurities in crystals. On the theoretical side, computer simulation of passage of fast particle in crystals has been pursued.

Courses Offered

- Master of Science (M.Sc Physics)
- Master of Philosophy (M.Phil Physics)
- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D Physics)

Thrust Areas

- Neuclear Physics
- Astrophysics
- Material Science
- Plasma Physics


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