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  • Department of Chinese and Tibetan Languages

    Department of Chinese and Tibetan Languages

    The Department of Chinese and Tibetan Languages was established in 1964 under the name Central Asian Studies. It was renamed as Department of Chinese and Tibetan Languages in 2003. At present department runs Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Chinese and Tibetan. Beside these, department provides research guidance in Chinese Language / Studies and Tibetan Language/ Studies. Courses Offered : => Advance Diploma in Chinese - 1 years => Certificate in Chinese - 1 years => Certificate in Tibetan - 1 years => Diploma in Chinese - 1 years

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  • National Centre for Human Genome Studies and Research (NCHGSR)

    National Centre for Human Genome Studies and Research (NCHGSR)

    The National Centre for Human Genomes Studies and Research (NCHGSR) is one of the premier institutes of Panjab University (P.U).

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  • Department of Zoology

    Department of Zoology

    The department of Zoology is one of the oldest and well-established departments in North India, which has completed more than 100 years of teaching and research. It was shifted from Hoshiarpur to present campus at Chandigarh in July 1960. During these hundred years, it has many landmarks as its teaching and research activities changed from classical to the most recent ones in Zoology, and remained at the forefront both nationally and internationally. It has a strong faculty of 3 Professors, 1 Associate Professor and 7 Assistant Professors.

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  • Department of Statistics

    Department of Statistics

    The Department of Statistics was established in 1964 as a part of Mathematics Department, and since 1974 it is an independent Department.

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The Department of Physics was established in 1947, in Govt. College, Hoshiarpur (Punjab). In August 1958, the department was shifted to the present campus. At that time, the department was headed by Prof. B.M. Anand who had worked with Nobel laureate C.F. Powell. The faculty numbered about a dozen and Prof. Anand soon established a high-energy particle physics group (nuclear emulsion) and optical UV spectroscopy group. The experimental nuclear physics group and mass spectrometry section came into existence soon after. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology

    The Department established in 1964 is one of the oldest and pioneer Microbiology departments in the country. The department has made a steady progress in teaching and research since its establishment and has been recognized by various Government agencies including Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology for special assistance under various programmes. The graduates from this department are already employed in various National/International academic, research and industrial organizations. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    The Mathematics Department has 19 regular faculty members plus 10 research fellow members in addition to 3 emeritus faculty in this department. Department of Mathematics has been recognized as Center for Advanced Study in Mathematics by University Grant Commission since 1963. Courses Offered : => B.Sc in Mathematics & Computing - 3 years => B.Sc in Mathematics - 3 years => Masters in Mathematics - 2 years => Doctor of Philosphy in Mathematics - 3 years Seats : => B.Sc in Mathematics & Computing - 17 => B.Sc in Mathematics - 29 => Masters in Mathematics - 35

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  • Department of Geology

    Department of Geology

    The Department of Geology was established in the Panjab University in the year 1958. The Department was soon recognized for its contribution by the University Grant Commission (UGC) which raised the status of the Department to that of the Centre of Advanced Study (CAS) in Palaeontology and Himalayan Geology in the year 1963.The department has continued to get funding under SAP-CAS programme of UGC. The department has also received funding from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt.

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  • Department of Environment Studies

    Department of Environment Studies

    The department, in a span of 9 years, has achieved good visibility in India and abroad. The faculty and the research students have fetched many national and international awards. Faculty members have been members of editorial boards of various national and international journals. Faculty members have been publishing research papers in relatively high impact journals, and supervising students for research in a variety of environmental aspects. Department of Environment Studies Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh Punjab India

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  • Department of Computer Science & Applications

    Department of Computer Science & Applications

    The Computer Culture at the Panjab University dates back to 1966. An independent Centre for Computer Science and Applications (now a full fledged department) was set-up in 1983. The department aims at ingraining the spirit of ingenuity, innovativeness and technical competence in the students through rigorous competition and regular guidance. The department also caters to the need of users in the region and organizes training programmes for teaching and research communities. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Computer Science - 2 years (Semester system)

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry was founded by Dr. S. S. Bhatnagar at Lahore in 1925, the department of Chemistry is one of the prestigious departments of Panjab University. It has on its faculty highly competent and efficient members whose work is internationally recognized. Several faculty members are recipients of awards and honours, such as Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Raman and Palit awards. Many faculty members are bestowed with F.N.A., F.A.Sc., F.N.A.Sc.. Young Scientist award as well as Visiting Professorship from India and abroad.

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  • Department of Botany

    Department of Botany

    The Department of Botany, Panjab University was established in 1919 at Lahore. It shifted to Chandigarh in 1960 from Khalsa College, Amritsar where it was housed temporarily after partition of the country in 1947 with Prof. P.N. Mehra as the Head of the Department. The department has grown into a well-recognized Centre for higher learning and research in structural, functional and evolutionary aspects of Plants. In fact, this is the only Botany Department in the country, which has the necessary expertise to attend to all plant groups.

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  • Department of Biotechnology

    Department of Biotechnology

    The Department came into existence as Centre in 1989. In 1994 after obtaining financial aid from UGC and DBT, Govt. of India, it was upgraded upto the level of full-fledged Department. Since 1996 the faculty has been awarded several research projects by DBT, DST, UGC, CSIR & ICMR and has produced several Ph.Ds. The Department has many MoU/Research Interactions with Imtech (Chd.), CSIO (Chd.), PGI (Chd.), ICGEB (Delhi), IHBT (Palampur), RRL (Jammu), NDRI (Karnal), NBGAR (Karnal) and pharmaceutical industry. The Department first in North India to start B.Sc. (Hons.

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  • Department of Biophysics

    Department of Biophysics

    The Department of Biophysics aims to impart quality education in Biophysics to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level students as well as carrying out research both at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. Apart from the traditional areas in Biophysics such as Cell and Molecular Biophysics, Radiation Biophysics, Membrane Biophysics, NeuroBiophysics, Cancer Biophysics and Biomedical Physics, the Department had put in efforts in recent times to move into new emerging areas such as Bioinformatics, Molecular Imaging , translational research in Cancer, Molecular Medicine and Nuclear Medicine.

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  • Department of Biochemistry

    Department of Biochemistry

    The Department of Biochemistry at Panjab University, Chandigarh was established in 1962. The Department offers an integrated five years M.Sc. programme after 12 years of schooling. The students are also enrolled for research leading to the award of Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry. The faculty members of the department are engaged in the research in the area of biochemical carcinogenesis and biochemical toxicology, urolithiasis and membrane transport and enzymes.

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  • Department of Anthropology

    Department of Anthropology

    The department of Anthropology at Panjab University, Chandigarh, has established its academic excellence in the field of Anthropology ever since its inception in 1960 by Late Professor S.R.K. Chopra F.N.A., as its founder head. The department is well known for its researches in the fields of palaeoanthropology, palaeoecology, human growth and development, genetic epidemiology, twin studies, medical anthropology, and socio-cultural anthropology. It has made notable discoveries of primate and other mammalian fossils from the Siwaliks. Courses Offered :

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  • Centre for System Biology & Bioinformatics (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for System Biology & Bioinformatics (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for System Biology & Bioinformatics (U.I.E.A.S.T.) Panjab University, Chandigarh has always taken the lead in starting new courses/departments. From the academic session 2007-2008 the university has introduced a two-year Master programme (M.Sc.) in emerging areas of science and technology i.e. System Biology and Bioinformatics. The admission to this course is on merit basis with specific combination of subjects at the graduation level. SYSTEM BIOLOGY

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  • Centre for Public Health (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Public Health (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Public Health (U.I.E.A.S.T.) The Panjab University is running a Master Program in Public Health since the year 2007 under CEAST to cater to the emerging needs of the country to produce trained manpower for handling public health issues. Rationale of the course

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  • Centre for Petroleum and Applied Geology (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Petroleum and Applied Geology (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Petroleum and Applied Geology (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

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  • Centre for Nuclear Medicine (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Nuclear Medicine (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Nuclear Medicine (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

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  • Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (U.I.E.A.S.T.) Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (U.I.E.A.S.T.) Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh Punjab India

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  • Department of Microbial Biotechnology

    Department of Microbial Biotechnology

    Keeping in view the enormous importance of microbes in the field of Biotechnology, a new course "Microbial Biotechnology" has been introduced from July, 2008 under the aegis of "Centre for Emerging Areas in Science and Technology" in the CIL building (third floor) of Panjab University, Chandigarh. The course is targeted to generate active Industry-Academia Interaction. This curriculum has been designed with the aim to prepare industry ready manpower. The course has 20 + 1 (single girl child) seats.

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  • Centre for Medical Physics (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Medical Physics (U.I.E.A.S.T.)

    Centre for Medical Physics (U.I.E.A.S.T.) The Centre for Medical Physics was created in 2008, as joint venture of Panjab University and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) to utilize technology.dependent specialties coming out of the new scientific innovations for the immediate need of the society, i.e. good health. The Medical Physics encompasses into its fold: Diagnostic radiology physics (diagnostic imaging with x-rays and gamma-rays) Nuclear medicine physics (diagnostic imaging with radio-nuclides)

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  • Department of Evening Studies

    Department of Evening Studies

    The Department of Evening Studies-Multi Disciplinary Research Centre, which started as the Panjab University Evening College in 1961, provides a unique opportunity of learning through interactive teaching to the in service young men and women, who due to various compelling reasons, have to cut short their academic career and start earning. It is socially useful institution to enable them to enhance their career prospects. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Arts - 3 years => Bachelor of Commerce - 3 years => Master of Arts in Economics - 2 years

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  • Department of Laws

    Department of Laws

    The Department of Laws, originally established at Lahore in 1889, was re-established at Shimla in 1948, shifted to Jalandhar in 1950 and finally re-located at the University Campus at Chandigarh in 1959. Its Alumni include Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Union Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, Senior Bureaucrats, Police Officers and other legal luminaries.

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  • Department of Urdu

    Department of Urdu

    The Department of Urdu was a major Department in pre-partition time of the then "University of Punjab Lahore", which was founded in 1882. Department of Urdu, was introduced in Panjab University, Chandigarh, in 1976. The Department of Urdu, became a post-graduate Department, in 1991 with the regular teaching of M.A. in Urdu and research leading to Ph.D., with the appointment of Prof. M. Shakeel Khan, who joined the Department just after completing the "Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow Programme from London in 1990. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Sanskrit

    Department of Sanskrit

    The Department was established at Punjab University, LAHORE. Some eminent scholars like Prof. A.C.Woolner and Dr. Luxman Saroop were associated with the Sanskrit Department. Dr. Luxman Saroop the great oriental scholar who had been awarded the Ph.D. Degree under the supervision of Prof. A. A. Macdonell from Oxford University.

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  • Department of Russian

    Department of Russian

    Courses Offered : => Advanced Diploma in Russian - 1 years => Certificate Course in Russian Language - 1 years => Diploma in Russian Language - 1 years => Masters in Russia - 2 years Seats : => Advanced Diploma in Russian - 17 => Certificate Course in Russian Language - 114 => Diploma in Russian Language - 29 => Masters in Russia - 20 Eligibility : Advanced Diploma in Russian : => Diploma Course in Russian or equivalent Certificate Course in Russian Language : => 10 + 2

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  • Department of Punjabi

    Department of Punjabi

    The Punjabi Department was established in 1948-49 at Amritsar and later on in 1958 at Chandigarh. Initially, M.A. Courses in Punjabi were started in the department and with the passage of time, other courses were also started to cater of the needs of the students. Keeping in view the need of the students M.Phil course in Punjabi was also started to fulfill the condition laid down by the UGC for the eligibility of Lectureship. Similarly another M.Phil course in Guru Granth Sahib Studies was also initiated The Panjab University occupies a place of pride in the year 1999-2000.

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  • Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi

    The Department of Hindi was established in 1938. It is one of the oldest Hindi Department in the Country. During early late sixties, the Legendary Scholar, Acharya Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, joined the Department as the Head. Since then, the Department has undoubtedly been major centres of Hindi Studies in the country. The Department provides good infrastructure, including computerization and Departmental Library for Students and Researchers.

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  • Department of German

    Department of German

    The Department of German was established in 1960. Starting with the elementary courses in the evening, the Department today offers M.A, and Ph.D. courses as well. It is the biggest and the only Department in the universities of Panjab, Haryana, Himachal, J&K and Uttaranchal having the facility of conducting M.A, and Ph.D. programes in German. The Departemnt teaches language through audio-visual aids. Seminars/Lectures are engaged in collaboration with Max Muller Bhavan (Goethe Institute, New Delhi.

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  • Department of French and Francophone Studies

    Department of French and Francophone Studies

    The Department of French came into existence way back in 1957. Though it started with elementary courses, it has come a long way. The Department now offers six different courses to strength of around 200 students and is the most sought after French Department in Northern India after Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Courses Offered : => Advanced Diploma in French - 1 years => Certificate Course In French - 1 years => Diploma in French - 1 years => M.A (French) - 2 years (Semester system) Seats : => Advanced Diploma in French - 17

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  • Department of English & Cultural Studies

    Department of English & Cultural Studies

    The Department of English was established in 1956 and is one of the premier centres of English in the country. It offers subjects ranging from Contemporary British Literature to Indian Writing in English, from World Literatures to Contemporary Critical Approaches. It has a well-equipped Language Lab with multi-media audio-visual systems and computers. In addition there is a library which stocks relevant books on literature and language.

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  • Department Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education

    Department Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education

    Department Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education On very new and fresh grounds, Panjab University had launched a Four year integrated course leading to a degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Education. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in July, 2007. The focus of the course is to prepare teachers through rigorous, consistent and expanded grooming of students into the profession of Teaching at Elementary and Secondary School Stage. Department Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh Punjab India

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  • Department of Physical Education

    Department of Physical Education

    The Department of Physical Education was started in the year of 1963 with M.A in Physical Education. The department has emerged as one of the premier centre of Physical Education in India. It has acquired a prominent status in the country and has earned several distinctions during its existence. The Department offers B.P.Ed. (One Year), M.P.Ed. (Two Years), M.Phil., Doctoral and Post Doctoral (D. Lit.) programmes and has highly qualified faculty. Courses Offered : => Bachelor in Physical Education (BPEd) - 1 years, Seats - 36

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  • Department of Life Long Learning and Extension

    Department of Life Long Learning and Extension

    The University Grants Commission, in 1977, incorporated extension into its policy statement for higher education. It states that - If the University system has to discharge adequately its responsibilities to the entire education system and to the society as a whole it must assume extension as the third important responsibility and give it the same status as teaching and research. This is a new and extremely significant area which should be developed on the basis of high priority.

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  • Department of Education

    Department of Education

    The Department was started in 1963 with M.Ed. regular course. M.Ed. (Evening) Course for in-service teachers was added in 1969, M.A. (Education) in 1979, M.Phil. (education) in 1979; M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling) in 1991 and M.Ed. (Educational Technology) in 1991. The department runs a Ph.D. program wherein each teacher is entitled to enroll six Ph.D scholars for supervising doctoral research. Presently, M.Ed. evening and M.Phil(Edu) programs are not being conducted.

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  • Department of Community Education and Disability Studies

    Department of Community Education and Disability Studies

    For the overall development of the society, it is important to understand the issues pertaining to the development of the community and the individuals, specifically. In order to understand the dynamics of community life, theoretically and practically, it trains the students to develop skills and competence for catering to the learning needs of the students so that they could contribute to the overall development of the society.

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  • Department of Music

    Department of Music

    The department of Music was established in 1987.Previously, it had only Music (Hobby Classes) in the campus. Now, the department has Post Graduate Classes i.e. M.A. & M. Phil. Music (Vocal & Instrumental). The Ph.D. Research work was also started in 1988. Till now, 12 batches of M.A. and 11 batches of M. Phil, have passed out with excellence performance. The students holding the degree of this department have been placed in various prestigious institutions and performing their jobs very well.

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  • Department of Indian Theatre

    Department of Indian Theatre

    The objective of this course is to impart comprehensive training, both practical and theoretical in various aspects of theatre. A student is trained to develop his mind, body and voice. The course aims at the total development of the student's personality. Courses Offered : => Doctor of Philopsphy - 3 years => Master of Arts - 2 years (Semester system) Research Facility : The Department offers facilities for Inter-disciplinary research towards Ph.D. to the Theatre students in the field of various aspects of Acting, Designing and Direction etc

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  • Department of Arts History & Visual Arts

    Department of Arts History & Visual Arts

    The Department of Art History and Visual Arts in this University was established in 1962 and offers a post-graduate course (Semester System) and a Ph.D. programme in History of Art. Over the years it has emerged as an important centre of study and research in the region. This subject is offered only in a few universities in India and this department has made a significant mark by the way of academic contribution in terms of research and collaborative work.

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  • Directorate of Sports

    Directorate of Sports

    Directorate of Sports

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  • Department of Alumni Relations

    Department of Alumni Relations

    Since its inception in 1882 at Lahore (now in Pakistan), Panjab University has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in teaching and research. After partition, the University continued in its present form under a fresh legislative enactment of October 1, 1947. In the finest global tradition of the reputed seats of learning, which cherish links with their former students for mutual pride and enrichment, Panjab University Senate decided to create a Department of Alumni Relations in March 1969. Department of Alumni Relations Panjab University (South Campus) Alumni House

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  • Department of Commerce and Business Management

    Department of Commerce and Business Management

    Department of Commerce and Business Management

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  • Department of Communication Studies

    Department of Communication Studies

    Our programmes - PhD in Mass Communication, Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communications), PG Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, PG Diploma in Hindi Journalism, PG Diploma in Punjabi Journalism, are intensive, rigorous and demanding. The quality, vitality and innovation of our programs remain unsurpassed, providing the foundation and opportunity for students not only to succeed, but to shape the future of journalism and mass communication.

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  • Department of Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    The Department of Sociology, located in Arts Block-IV on the Panjab University Campus was established in 1960. It has the distinction of being one of the leading centers of teaching and research in the northwest region. For its academic and research excellence, the University Grants Commission recognized it for Special Assistance Program (SAP) in 1977.

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  • Department of Public Administration

    Department of Public Administration

    The Department of Public Administration was set up in the year 1961. It has the distinction of being one of the oldest departments in the discipline of public administration in the country. The Department has a very impressive record to its credit. The Department, since its inception, has been actively engaged in quality teaching, research and training as well as consultancy in the applied fields of Public Administration.

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  • Department of Political Science

    Department of Political Science

    The Department of Political Science was started in 1942 with the aim to train students in the fundamentals of political science. The Department is recognized internationally for its excellence in the areas of Indian Politics, International Relations and Geopolitics. Ranked highly in terms of research, teaching interface, the department is served by the faculty of International repute. The department is one of the most active, vibrant and innovative centres in the discipline of political science in the country today.

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  • Department of Philosophy

    Department of Philosophy

    Department of philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh has been providing a university base in the City beautiful to the cultural, social and religious heritage of Indian civilization to humanize and enrich the modern notion of .progress. and to enable it to promote, rather than to supplant, Indian cultural and philosophical identity. To respond to the challenges of our global times, the department has initiated the need for a process of convergent research. This has come from the faculty as they generate a philosophical insight in facing the deepest human aspirations and problems.

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  • Department of Library & Information Science

    Department of Library & Information Science

    Panjab University, realizing the need of trained library personnel, instituted a training course in librarianship at Lahore before the partition of India. A Post-graduate Diploma in Library Science was instituted by the University at its Chandigarh Campus in 1960. It was redesignated as Bachelor of Library Science from the academic session 1968-69 and as Bachelor of Library & Information Science from the academic session 1988-89.

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  • Department of History

    Department of History

    The teaching of History at Panjab University during its first three decades of existence (1882-1913) was in its colleges. The university at this time was merely an examining body with its entire library, the Vice Chancellor reported in 1903, occupying just two almirahs. Then in 1913 Ramsay Muir, the modern historian joined as a visiting lecturer to give instruction at the Panjab University to the advanced students from the colleges.

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  • Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies

    Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies

    The department was established in pursuance of scheme of the Punjab Government and University Grants Commission to conduct, guide and organize study and research of various aspects of the life, work and teachings of Guru Nanak in particular, and of the Sikh religion, history, philosophy, culture and literature etc. in general and of any other area of study and research relevant to the area of Sikh Studies. Major Areas of-Research : Long Range Projects :

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  • Department of Geography

    Department of Geography

    The department of geography has been imparting quality research and teaching for over five decades and duly recognized as an institution of quality research and teaching. Established in 1960, the Department of Geography, Panjab University, has achieved a place of eminence in research and teaching. The Department of Geography, Panjab University is one of the country.s premier centres for Post Graduate studies in Geography.

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  • Department of Gandhian Studies

    Department of Gandhian Studies

    The Department of Gandhian Studies came into existence in 1965. Initially one year Certificate Course in Gandhian Philosophy was started. In 1972, the Certificate Course was converted into a Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Gandhian Philosophy. After getting U. G. C. special assistance, the Department also started a Post-Graduate Diploma in Gandhian Studies through Correspondence. In 1977-78, the Department also started offering M. Phil. Degree in Gandhian Studies.

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    After the partition of the country, the teaching of Economics in this University was centered in Government College, Hoshiarpur under the guidance of Professor K K Dewett. His hands were strengthened by the appointment of Professor S B Rangnekar in 1951. The location of the department was shifted to the Chandigarh Campus in 1958 and it continues to be a leading center of teaching, research and learning of economics in the region.

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  • Department of Defence and National Security Studies

    Department of Defence and National Security Studies

    Established in 2001, the department offers Master.s course in Defence & Strategic Studies including research degree programmes. The admission in Master course is open to all the students from various streams but, preference is to the applicants who have studied Defence Studies/Military Science at graduation level. 5 seats are reserved for the serving defence personnel.

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  • Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology

    Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology

    The Panjab University occupies a place of pride in the pursuance and advancement of Indological studies from the very beginning. In the last decades of the 19th century, Sir M. Aurel Stein, the renowned archaeologist and Sanskritist, held the post of Professor in this University at Lahore. He was followed by equally eminent scholars like A. C. Woolner and Lakshman Sarup in the University Department of Oriental Studies known as Oriental College at that time. Prof. Woolner later on became the Vice-Chancellor of this august University.

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  • Department Cum Centre for Women's Studies & Development

    Department Cum Centre for Women's Studies & Development

    The Department-cum-Centre for Women's Studies and Development was originally set up as a Centre for Women's Studies and Development in 1987 with Prof Pam Rajput as its Founding Director. It was one of the first five Centres set up by the University Grants Commission in 1987. On the basis of its excellent performance, it was one of the six Centres placed in Phase III by the UGC. Recently, i.e. in the year 2009, it has been upgraded to the status of a full-fledged Department of the University and is now referred to as Department-cum-Centre for Women's Studies and Development.

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  • Centre for Social Work

    Centre for Social Work

    Just like the discipline of Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences too have been compelled to move from pure theoretical accumulation of knowledge towards its application, especially with an aim to minimize human misery and to promote the project of human development by developing appropriate strategies at the grass root level. Social Work is one such discipline that has evolved out of such a realization within the realm of social sciences that caters to the socially marginalized, poor, deprived and the disadvantaged groups through the experts trained for the purpose.

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  • Centre for Police Administration

    Centre for Police Administration

    To provide quality teaching, research, training and consultancy for achieving excellence in the field of Police Administration to meet emerging security challenges faced by the society and usher in a new culture of excellence in police organizations. Job Opportunities : => The courses aim to provide trained and professionally qualified candidates for the direct recruitment in the Police Departments of various States and Union Territories as well as various para-military forces viz., BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CRPF, GRPF, CISF etc.

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  • Centre for Human Rights & Duties

    Centre for Human Rights & Duties

    This program has been designed to familiarize and sensitize more and more people in society towards issues relating to Human Rights and Duties and involve them in the Human Rights movement and not merely to impart formal instruction, conduct examination and award certificates to the candidates. It is with this intent that the course has been planned Job Potential : At the conclusion of this course the students can get into employment in NGOs, National and International Human Rights Agencies, Corporate Sector, Media and Government and Semi-Government Organizations.

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  • Department of Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    Since its inception in 1959, at the Chandigarh campus, the faculty of the department has contributed immensely to the field of psychology. The department of psychology has a multidimensional image in terms of excellent research and teaching and has been a leader in the region . The faculty has attained international recognition and the alumni have excelled as professionals in different parts of the world. The balance between pure and applied research has given the department a rare profile .

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