Master of Mathematics (M.Math)

Master of Mathematics (M.Math)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Year


In order to be eligible for admission to the M. Math. programme, a student must either have a three-year B. Sc. Degree or a B. E. / B. Tech. degree with Mathematics as a full subject of study and an exceptionally strong background in Analysis and Abstract Algebra or have a B. Stat. / B. Math. degree of the Indian Statistical Institute.

Course Details:

Master of Mathematics (M.Math) is a two years postgraduate mathematics academic degree course of study in India. Mathematics is the study of Quantity, Structure, Space and Change. The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge, information, techniques and about the activities associated with mathematics in a comprehensive manner.

The master’s Mathematics course is suitable for those candidates wants to increase their knowledge for accelerating their career by exploring and acquire a critical understanding of mathematics.The study is focused on theoretical and practical aspects and Principles Techniques in an academic discipline such as
Algebra, Differential Calculus & Vector Calculus, Integral Calculus & Trigonometry, Vector Analysis & Geometry, Advanced Calculus, Mathematical Methods, Differential Equations, Research Methodology, Mechanics, Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Differential Geometry.


The candidate have to complete Bachelor Degree like, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or any other Bachelor Degree with relevant subjects like Mathematics or equivalent examination,with minimum aggregate 60% marks, such candidates are eligible to take admission in Master's degree study program.

Course Duration / Learning Mode

This course requires study requires 2 years of time period in India, It’s a Full Time professional degree course, but some candidates use part time, correspondence education program and also go for distance learning, online study option to earn this degree.

Further Studies

After the successful completion of this course, candidates can also pursue the higher studies and do M.Phil (Mathematics), Ph.D (Doctorate in Mathematics), and specialization or research oriented work in their respective field.

Career Option

The Master degree holder have excellent career opportunities in both Public and Private Sectors, Colleges & Universities and also have scope in Financial Analysis, Medical Research, Biotechnology, Weather and Commodity, Forecasting, etc.

After the successful completion of the Master's degree one can recognize as Mathematician and able to work as Professor, Lecturer, Researcher, Statistician, Mathematical Analyst, Director (Statistical Programming), Managing Editor (Computer Science and Mathematics), Assistant Developer (Mathematics), Mathematics Subject Matter Expert.


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