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List of Departments
  • Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

    Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

    Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding CCS University Meerut 200005 Uttar Pradesh India Phone No : +91 121 2763539 Fax No : +91 121 2764777 E Mail : [email protected]

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  • Department of Legal Studies

    Department of Legal Studies

    Courses Offered : => B.A LLB => Master Of Law (LLM) Duration : B.A.,LL.B. 10 Semesters in 5 Years for and 04 Semester in 2 Years for LL.M. Eligibility Candidates : For B.A., LL.B. Higher School or Inter pass with 45% of marks In LL.M. B.A.,LL.B. and LL.B. with 50% of marks Intake (Number of Seats) : B.A., LL.B. 80 (Eighty) and LL.M. 50 (Fifty)

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  • Department of Computer Application

    Department of Computer Application

    The MCA Programmewas started in 2004 under the Self Finance Scheme of the Government of U P. by the CCS University, Meerut in the Department of Mathematics with an aim to provide career oriented computer courses to meet the rapid growth of software development and information technology. The MCA Programme has been approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) in April 2007 and in Department of Computer Application.

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  • Department of Zoology

    Department of Zoology

    The department of Zoology was established in 1977 to impart advance education at M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. level. Besides giving through grounding in basic Zoology, it lays emphasis on deep understanding of applied viz. Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Immunology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Ecology and Animal behaviour. With a team of well-qualified teachers, the department offers three specialization's to the students they are Parasitology, Fish Biology and Endocrinology. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Zoology => M.Sc. Toxicology => M.Phil. Zoology

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  • Department of Statistics

    Department of Statistics

    The department was established in June 1981 with M.Phil and Ph.D. programs. Later, in July 1989, M.Sc. courses in Statistics were introduced. Presently the department has two Statistical laboratories along with a Computer laboratory. The department has a library with useful texts and reference books. To meet the needs of research and teaching of the students and faculty members the department has a computer centre with seven computers and three printers. The department also has a Statistical laboratory equipped with desk Electronic Calculator and Programmable Calculators.

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The department of Physics is one of the oldest departments in the campus. The department offers M.Sc. with specialization in Electronics and M.Phil courses. The department is engaged in active research in area of Thin Films, Material Science, Liquid Crystals, Atomic Collision and Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics and Theoretical Nuclear Physics. The major experiment facilities available are in Thin Film laboratory and Liquid Crystals laboratory. The department has conducted several refresher courses and summer schools. Physics department in the campus was established in 1969.

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  • Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology

    The department was established only in 1998. During 1999, the department has successfully organized short-term courses on Medical Microbiology (by Dr. MEd. D. Rimek of the University of Heidelberg) and Medical Mycology (by PD Dr. med. Reinhard Kappe, of the University of Heidelberg, Germany). The department has been recognized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Bonn (Germany) for the exchange of students under “The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)” program. Courses Offered : => M.Sc.(Microbiology)

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    Mathematics is the queen of all sciences therefore importance of mathematics in any curriculum is self evident. This is the single science which is being used by all other disciplines, that is why its growth over the years has been phenomenal. In view of this, Mathematics was one of the earliest subjects, which was introduced in this University when teaching departments were established in 1969. Only the M.Phil. program was introduced in the beginning but later, the idea being to produce system analysts, designers, researchers rather than mere programmers M.Sc./M.A. also started.

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  • Department of Enviormental Sceince

    Department of Enviormental Sceince

    The Department was established in 1996 to cater the ever growing need of environmental education in the society. It imparts education at PG and Ph.D. level. At PG level 16 basic and applied courses are taught to students. Our students have been associated with national centres of repute like Central Pollution Control Board, Tata Energy Research Institute, IIT Delhi, IARI, and WWF, Greenpeace etc. Students undergo a mandatory seminar training at Apex Research Institute viz. CPCB (Delhi), ITRC (Lucknow), TERI (Delhi), JNU (Delhi), Nat. Inst. of Wildlife (Dehradun), FRI (Dehradun) etc.

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    The department of chemistry was established in the year 2002 with the introduction of a new course of M.Sc. (Polymer Science & Chemical Technology). This course is very important for both industrial and research institutions. The department has started research activities in the fields of Polymer Science & Chemical Technology such as Development of technology for recovering chemicals and useful products from polymer waste, Biodegradable plastics, Conducting polymers, Composites etc. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. (Chemistry) => M.Sc. (Polymer Science and Chemical Technology)

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  • Department of Botany

    Department of Botany

    The department of Botany was established in 1969.Initially, the aim was to impart higher education in innovative areas. Thus, M.Phil. programme was launched, followed two years later by M.Sc. programme for providing specialization in Taxonomy. Since 1998, marching with the requirements of time, the Department started M.Sc. Botany with specialization in Biotechnology. Recently, in the year 2000, the Department has introduced another innovative course of great future utility- M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology. The department so far has produced over 160 Ph. D. and 240 M. Phil. students.

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  • Department of Biotechnology

    Department of Biotechnology

    The department of Biotechnology was established in 1996 under self financed programme. The department has erected basic experimental facilities for M.Sc. practical and project work The students of the department are regularly sent to work in different Universities and other prestigious institutes. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Biotechnology => Ph.D. Biotechnology

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  • Department of Physical Education

    Department of Physical Education

    Courses Offered : Master of Physical Education (MPE)

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  • Department of Social Work

    Department of Social Work

    M.S.W. programme (Master of Social Work) was started at Ch. Charan Singh University Campus, Meerut (U.P.) w.e.f. July 2003 under the auspices of the Department of Sociology as some course contenets are common and some are applied aspects of theories and concepts in sociology. It is a post graduate programme of two years duration divided into four semesters.

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  • Department of Library and Information Science

    Department of Library and Information Science

    The Department of Library and Information Science of Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut was established in the year 2004 under self financing scheme with the intention to provide quality education in the field of Library and Information Science to the students of this region. The university took initiatives for establishing this Department, and it was for the first time in the boundaries of the university campus that Library and Information Science Department constituted at par with other teaching departments under self financing scheme Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Geography

    Department of Geography

    Progress in Geography form traditional modern began in 1950 almost coinciding with the launching of the Five Year Plan of Economic Development and expansion in research and teaching. The new department of Geography in this university has been established to attract new talent that following suitable training is expected to spread awareness about the important discipline of Geography. As a subject, Geography is also very popular with candidates appearing in Civil Services and other competitive examinations. Keeping this in view, the following programmes of study are offered by the department.

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  • Department of Home Science

    Department of Home Science

    Home Science department was established in 2004-05. Home science is an interdisciplinary subject involving the study of foods and nutrition human development, Resource management, Textile and Clothing extension education end communication. Each of these aspects is also multidisciplinary in your dealing with the Art and Science of living. Therefore, during the study of Home Science strong emphasis is placed on the individual the family and the community as whole.

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  • Department of Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    The Department of Sociology was established in 1970. To fulfill the need of quality improvement and to bridge the gap between post graduation and research, the department started with M.Phil. programme. Since the Indian society is still largely rural and a large segment of population is backward and weak, the department has been undertaking studies and teaching in the areas of Rural Sociology, Studies of Weaker Sections of Society with an emphasis on the understanding of Research Methodology and Sociological Theory.

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  • Department of Sanskrit/ Jyotish

    Department of Sanskrit/ Jyotish

    The Sanskrit department was established in July 1969 and started B.A. program while M.A. in Sanskrit was started in 1986 under correspondence courses.It started regular teaching in 1996 and got its own building in 1998. The Ph.D. program was started in 1997, while Jyotish courses were started in July 1999.

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  • Department of Russian Language

    Department of Russian Language

    The Russian Language course was started in 1969 as a non-credit course for the M.Phil students. A certificate course of Proficiency in Russian Language was started in the same year. The Diploma course was also started in 1970 and the Advance Diploma in Russian Language & Literature was started in 1977.

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  • Department of Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    In Psychological Sciences we try to understand the functioning and learning capabilities of the brain itself. The Department Psychology was established in the year 1970. Efforts are made to focus on various branches of Modern Psychological Studies including our overt-covert behaviour with a view to understanding and developing our potentials and possibilities to enable our students to cope with the modern science and industrial society.The Department offers the following courses and programs: Courses Offered : => M.A. Psychology => Masters in Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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  • Department of Political Science

    Department of Political Science

    The department came into existence in 1977 and the Post Graduate teachings at M.A. and M. Phil. levels started in the years 1978 and 1979, respectively. Till now, 96 students have obtained their Ph.D. degree. Students from abroad primarily from South-East Asian sub-continent and Africa have also obtained their M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The department has also started a self financed PG Course in Public Administration with a view to develop understanding of development planning and structure & functions of various institutions.

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  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

    Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

    The departm ent has come into existence recently and the Post graduate teaching at M.A. level has been initiated to make the people aware of the revolution in the field of mass communication. Courses Offered : Master of Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC) Duration : 2 year (four semesters) Intake : 50 Eligibilty : min. 45%in graduation Courses Offered : P.G. Diploma in T.V. Journalism Duration : 1 year (two semesters) Intake : 30 Eligibilty : min. 45%in graduation

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  • Department of History

    Department of History

    The department of History was established in 1977. Initially it started with M.A. program but later in 1981 M.Phil. was started with a broad objective of promoting the scientific teaching and the study of History with particular emphasis on the economic . The department offers courses in all the three periods of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian history along with courses on histories of other countries with emphasis on Modern history. So far more than 63 students have been awarded Ph.D. degree. Faculty members are actively engaged in research work.

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  • Department of Urdu

    Department of Urdu

    The department of Urdu was established in 2002.Since then ,it is inclined to provide Urdu students, many chances of jobs in Mass Media and Journalism,so it offers job oriented programmes,it also offers excellent research opportunites in modern literary trends and criticism.It imparts education at M.A.,M.Phill& Ph.D. Level. Courses Offered : => M.A. Urdu => M.Phill. Urdu => Ph.D. Urdu Facilities in The Department :

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  • Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi

    The department was established in 2002. The Syllabi are based on UGC guidelines and are designed to prepare the students for the basic degree in the subject as well as for the various competitive examinations. The department is keenly working in various new areas of Literature, Language, Media and Mass Communication and Organizes seminars, debates, poetry and story competitions for students of the department as well as for the whole university students for developing creative writing skills. Courses Offered : => M.A. Hindi => M.Phil. Hindi => Ph. D. Hindi

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    The department of English was established in July, 1978 and offers M.A. and M. Phil. courses. The department is actively engaged in research work leading to a Ph.D. degree in various areas like English literature, American, Indian and Canadian and Comparative literature's. In 1991, the UGC allotted 13 Centers to various Universities in India for Canadian Studies. The department of English was also allotted one Center for Canadian Studies which has been running effectively since then.

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    The department of Economics was established in 1977 with the objective of promoting post-graduate studies and research in Economics with special thrust on emerging areas in theoretical and applied Economics. The Department of Economics with its team of well- qualified and experienced teachers provides a thorough and in depth training in theoretical and applied economics through its various courses of study. The main objective is to develop skilled manpower capable of analyzing economic problems at different levels of sophistication and suggesting solutions in terms of policy.

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  • Department of Horticulture

    Department of Horticulture

    The department of Horticulture was established in 1970 to impart training to M.Phil. students (pre-requisite for Ph.D.) with specialization in Pomology, Floriculture and Olericulture. Subsequently in July, 1996 the M.Sc. Ag. programme was started.. In the last two decades, about 40 and 150 students of the department of Horticulture have obtained Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees, respectively. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Horticulture => M.Phil. Horticulture => Ph.D. Horticulture Eligibility Conditions :

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  • Department of Seed Science of Technology

    Department of Seed Science of Technology

    The department was established in July 2000 to impart education to M.Sc.Ag. in the field of Seed Science, storage, preservation & other technology and is run under self finance scheme. It is a full time four semester program comprising 12 theory courses and four practicals. Courses Offered : M.Sc.(Ag). Seed Science & Technology:

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  • Department of Food Science & Technology

    Department of Food Science & Technology

    The department has been opened in 2001 under the Self financing Scheme of U.P.Government with a view to increase the scope of knowledge for industrial use. This is supposed to generate good employment opportunity for the students. Department of Horticulture The department of Horticulture was established in 1970 to impart training to M.Phil. students (pre-requisite for Ph.D.) with specialization in Pomology, Floriculture and Olericulture. Subsequently in July, 1996 the M.Sc. Ag. programme was started..

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  • Department of Plant Protection

    Department of Plant Protection

    The department of plant protection was started in July, 1998 under the self finance scheme of the university.

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  • Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

    Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

    The department of Agricultural Botany was established in 1969, initially to impart education to M.Phil. (a pre-requisite for Ph.D) students with specialization in the field of Genetics & Plant Breeding (including Biometrics Genetics and Cytogenetics). Regular M.Sc. Ag. program was started in the year 1980. In the light of the tremendous advances made in biological sciences all over the world, as also the requirement of this region, the courses and research priorities have been accordingly modified.

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