NAAC Grade A Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh
Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh
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Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh

Established: 1956 Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh Phone: (+91) 07820 - 234232 (O)
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Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh


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Indira Kala Sangeet University was established in 1956 under the Government of Madhya Pradesh. After the creation of new state Chhattisgarh The governor of the state is the chancellor of the university as well.


In 1956 the then King and Queen of the small princely state of Khairagarh donated their palace to open a university of Music, Dance and Visual Arts. King Birendra Bahadur Singh and Queen Padmavati Devi named this university after the name of their beloved deceased daughter 'Indira Devi' who died young and was very fond of music. Khairagarh is a very peaceful place, free from the obnoxious air pollution of the metros. The noisy railway engines are off at a distance of 40 km. There is no industry nearby to disturb the tranquil environment of this small hilly countryside. This region has a hot summer between mid-April to mid-June. Besides these two months the climate is generally pleasant. One may enjoy monsoon, autumn, winter (mild winter, as temperature does not go below 60C) and spring. Khairagarh is in the central part of India. It comes under the District of Rajnandgaon of the State of Madhya Pradesh. One has to drive down 40 km. to catch a train at Rajnandgaon. Frequent trains are available to reach different destinations. Nearest airport is Mana (Raipur) that is about 110 km. drive.


The university has collection of more than 40,000 books and a good number of audiotapes, CDs and video slides of Indian masters of Painting. Listening facilities are available for the students. The university also has a collection of works of the contemporary master painters of India, folk and tribal artists of different regions. It has a mini musical-instrument gallery having a collection of classical and folk musical instruments. There is a mini archaeological museum with a collection of regional archaeological art collections and documentation. The university provides hostel facilities to both the male and female students. Accommodations are available for overseas students as well. All teaching instructions will be provided in English for the foreign students.

The university is divided into following sections:

* Department of Music
* Department of Dance
* Department of Visual Arts
* Department of Folk Music
* Department of Arts

Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh has 5 affiliated Colleges. Click here to explore them.

Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh has 23 Departments listed that offer various academic courses.

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    Scholarships are grant-in-aid to a student who wants to pursue education at Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay (University) (IKSVV), Khairagarh

      Hostels (Boys/Girls)
      - The university has separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus. The hostels have their separate mess.
      - Admission to hostel shall be granted by a committee constituted by the university.
      - Hostel facility is not available for Diploma students.
      - University will provide only existing facilities. University is not bound to provide extra facilities.
      - Hostlers are required to deposit the hostel charges for one academic session in one installment.
      - Students shall have to enclose a medical fitness certificate from a Civil Surgeon/ Registered Medical Practitioner before admission in hostel.
      - Electric appliances like bulbs and tube-lights shall be provided only once by the university, at the beginning of the session. Using any extra electrical gadgets in the Hostel is an offence for which a fine of Rs. 500.00 will be levied on the spot.
      - University reserves the right to expel any hosteller suffering from contagious disease on the recommendation of the Registered Medical Practitioner.
      - Hostellers are advised to take care of their belongings themselves.
      - Warden of girls’ hostel has right to check the mails of hostellers.
      11. Inmates will be allowed to visit only the visitors authorized by their Parents/Guardian.
      12. It is compulsory to have meal in hostel mess. Mess facility will be available only after payment of prescribed mess charge. Hostellers must pay their mess charges before 10th of every month.
      13. All the hostellers must be present in their allotted rooms during the inspection by the hostel warden at 9.00 pm daily.
      14. Main gate of the girls’ hostel will be closed at 7.30 pm and boys’ hostel at 10.00 pm.
      15. Female hostellers are not allowed to go/stay out of the hostel after 7.30 pm without prior permission of the hostel warden.
      16. Local students are not allowed to avail the hostel facility.
      17. Unauthorized writing on the walls is strictly prohibited.
      18. Participation in ragging or abetting in any manner is prohibited and punishable.
      19. Hostellers should reside only in their allotted rooms.
      20. In case of damage of any hostel property, hostellers will be charged cash penalty for the same.
      21. Hostellers are not allowed to leave or stay outside Khairagarh without permission of hostel wardens.
      22. Smoking and using Liquor/Drugs in the hostel is strictly prohibited and punishable.
      23. Hostellers are strictly prohibited to participate in any kind of anti - social activities.
      24. Hostellers should completely vacate their rooms after the end of the session and submit the keys of their rooms to the hostel warden before leaving.
      25. The University has all rights to modify/add /delete the rules from time to time.
      26. Parents must be present with girls at the time of admission in the hostel.
      27. University reserves the right to allot the hostel as per availability.
      28. Hostel Warden may inspect any room at any time without prior intimation.
      Proper healthcare arrangements are done by college. Proper Medical Facilities are available
      The Computer Centre also the Knowledge Network of the University is providing of 100-Mbps internet connectivity under National Knowledge Network (NKN) Project via Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi in the University. With adequate number of dedicated computer systems for the students and researchers, Computer Centre also conducts short term- computer awareness/literacy programmes for all the students, researchers and University Staff. The Centre provides and share necessary information pertaining to the IT and ITES. Centre helps students in gaining IT and ITES edge over their counterparts.
      The University is dedicated into the field of Visual & Performing Arts. While operating in the domain of Dance, Music and Fine Arts, University has also secured long list of Audio Visual materials which includes 1600+ Gramophone Records, 2900+ Audio Cassettes, Audio books for Blind Students, 300+ Spool Tapes, significant number of microfilms, video tapes, ACDs, VCDs etc.
      The University has a museum which is associated with the Department of Ancient Indian History Culture & Archeology. The museum has a number of archaeological remains and art pieces depicting vividly rich culture of Dakshin Kosala. The museum is fully documented and successfully drawing the attentions from the interested artists, learners, researchers and common visitors. A mini Classical & Folk Musical-Instrument Gallery always attracts the visitors and leaves its impressions.


      Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya
      Pin Code - 491 881
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