Doon University, Dehradun

School of Environment And Natural Resources (SENR)


The School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) was established in 2009 as a flagship School of the University. SENR aims at providing advanced training to the students through a structured curriculum with multidisciplinary approach involving latest advances in the fields of Environmental Science and Technology with an emphasis on research and innovation. The school is committed to excellence and building capacities of trained professionals who can meet the emerging environmental challenges of the 21st century. The SENR has cosmopolitan nature attracting researcher/students from all corners of India and the neighboring countries.

Courses Offered

=> Master Of Science (M.Sc.) Environmental Science (EVS)
=> Master Of Science (M.Sc.) Environmental Science (with specialization in Natural Resource Management (NRM))
=> Master Of Technology (M.Tech.) Environmental Technology
=> Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Courses Offered

Frontier Areas of Research at SENR :

=> Soil Plant Microbe Interactions, Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation
=> Solid waste Management, Ecotoxicology, Wastewater Treatment
=> Freshwater Biodiversity; Water Quality Assessment & Monitoring , EIA & Wetland research
=> Geo-botany using Remote Sensing and GIS, Disaster Management
=> Biological Nitrogen Removal (Anammox Process), Bioprocess Design, Optimization and Kinetics
=> Development and characterization of Nanomaterials for their Environmental applications
=> Ambient air quality monitoring and assessment, Chemical characterization and source receptor modelling of Pollutants (PAHs, VOCs, Trace metals, carbonaceous matter) in air, water and soil & Biota
=> Chemical Transport Models (CTMs), Data Assimilation, Air Quality Modelling/Forecasting, Statistical/Time Series Modelling and Forecasting, Climate Models, Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos

Ongoing Projects at SENR:

=> Community driven, Climate Resilient Hill Farming in Village Ecosystems of NW Himalaya (Uttarakhand), 2012-2015.NICRA, CRIDA, Hyderabad. Funding Agency ICAR, duration 3 years, total funds: 33 Lakhs.
=> Studies on carbon cycling and crop residue management for nutrient enrichment and sustainable production in hill agro ecosystems of Uttarakhand. 2012-15. Duration 3 Years; Funding Agency UGC, Total Funds: 10.65 Lakhs.
=> Development of Medicinal Plant Garden in Doon University, Funding agency: HRDI, Duration 2 years, Total Funds: 20 Lakhs.
=> Documentation of Traditional Knowledge in Central Himalayas for Sustainable Development. Funding Agency, DST, Duration 5 years, Total Funds: 49.33 Lakhs.
=> Improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ) using natural clay based nanoporous materials; UGC sponsored Major Research Project (Sanctioned in 2015)
=> UGC funded project, “ Black Carbon assessment in Dehradun and mussorie region”, 2013
=> CWET funded “Establishment of local wind resource assessment and evaluation unit at Doon University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand"
=> UGC Major Project on "Environmental impact assessment of ground water quality in industrial area of Hardwar district with respect to physicochemical and microbiological parameters"
=> DST, New Delhi, 20.10 Lakhs, 2012 - 2015


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