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  • School of Design

    School of Design

    The study of Design has become increasingly important in the modern innovation-led society. The newly established School of Design uses modern design thought to impart design education that is responsible and relevant in the current social context. The School of Design at Doon University is one of the few design programmes in India that is based in a University education framework. The School will provide infrastructure and teaching at par with other national institutes through experienced faculty and staff.

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  • School of Technology

    School of Technology

    School of Technology (SoT) is the newly established School in the University set out to build an exceptional opportunity that would provide high-quality technology driven programmes to the aspiring students in the dynamic technological environment.

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  • School of Social Sciences

    School of Social Sciences

    In emerging frontiers of global economy, Economics as a discipline has emerged as a great employer. Today Economists work in range of settings from corporate sector, government departments as policy advisors and market gazers to risk analysts besides teaching and research. The possibilities are enormous if the training is rigorous.

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  • School Of Language

    School Of Language

    In the emerging global world, trans border flows are defining the life style. The revolutionary impact of technology has enhanced the expanse of communication. The diverse societies are compelled to communicate and transact with each other. No wonder language learning has emerged as a vital skill. Besides it opens new vista and road to discovery. Indeed learning others language means making oneself enriched and empowered.

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  • School Of Communication

    School Of Communication

    The communication and media sector in India has grown several folds in the last two decades and is projected to continue growing in the coming decades. On the one hand, the industry has witnessed a virtual explosion in the process of creation and consumption of information and communication and, on the other, an upsurge in the demand for knowledge and professional skills to face the challenges and the opportunities brought about by the transformative force of communication revolution.

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  • School of Environment And Natural Resources (SENR)

    School of Environment And Natural Resources (SENR)

    The School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) was established in 2009 as a flagship School of the University. SENR aims at providing advanced training to the students through a structured curriculum with multidisciplinary approach involving latest advances in the fields of Environmental Science and Technology with an emphasis on research and innovation. The school is committed to excellence and building capacities of trained professionals who can meet the emerging environmental challenges of the 21st century.

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  • School of Physical Sciences

    School of Physical Sciences

    School of physical sciences (SoPS), launched in July 2015, is a pioneering effort for the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of natural and applied science. Providing a quality teaching by highly qualified and competent faculty members through innovative and engaging teaching methods, globally benchmarked curricula, and key focus on the cutting edge research is the main aim of this school. Courses Offered Physics 5-year Integrated Master Of Science (M.Sc.) program in Physics

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