Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Doctoral / PhD Programs

Course Duration:

4 Years


Should have pass in Master Degree

Course Details:

Ph.D Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a two year post graduate programme. Electrical and Electronic engineering both deal with the study and applications of electrons and electricity. Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power, while electronic engineers are concerned with the transfer of information using radio waves, the design of electronic circuits, the design of computer systems and the development of control systems such as aircraft autopilots. Students will be prepared for a wide variety of professions in electronics (micro, nano, RF, VLSI), information technologies (RF and antenna engineering, photonics, signal and image processing and analysis, multimedia communications, multimodal data processing,, electrical energy (mechatronics, power electronics and systems, electric drives, efficient conversion and storage, renewable energies), biomedical instruments and space applications and technologies.


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