Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Power Electronics Course)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Power Electronics Course)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Doctoral / PhD Programs

Course Duration:

4 Years


Should have pass in Master Degree

Course Details:

Ph.D Power Electronics Course - Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power. It also refers to a subject of research in electrical engineering which deals with design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear, time varying energy processing electronic systems with fast dynamics.Power Electronics converters can be found wherever there is a need to change voltage, current or frequency of electric power. The power range of these converters is from some milliwatts (as in a mobile phone) to hundreds of megawatts in an HVDC transmission system. With "classical" electronics, electrical currents and voltage are used to carry information, whereas with power electronics, they carry power. Thus, the main metric of power electronics becomes the efficiency.


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