Master of International Business (MIB)

Master of International Business (MIB)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years


Must have pass in bachelor degree

Course Details:

OMD Master of International Business (MIB) - Master in International Business program is to provide employees worldwide with interculturally-aware graduates who have developed key skills and competencies in international business and management. The MIB provides a truly international and multicultural learning environment which makes its graduates very attractive to potential employers worldwide.MIB curriculum delivers a strong understanding of how the world is interconnected through finance, marketing, operations, technology, and strategy to help graduates meet the challenges of today’s global economy.

Master in International Business (MIB) is a 2-year Masters Degree Course in India. It is a professional Degree Course designed to develop the capabilities and resources of manager in the global economy. The course is suitable for those candidates to have potential to establishing their career in global corporate sector, The study is focus to strengthen and develop managerial skills have the confidence and professional background to lead corporate initiatives and fulfil the necessary skill of working in teams with people from all over the world, degree holder have excellent career opportunities in Multinational Corporation and Export Business. The discipline put knowledge into action business with international challenges is needed the structure of the program combined with International business, International Political Economy and learning of Languages and World Culture. The study emphasizing the practical application of specialized knowledge, the program equips management with the skills to handle the international business environment.

The program focuses on Strategic Planning and Policy for International Operations and provides understanding of the Organizational capabilities required for International Operation, International Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economic, Statistic, Human Resource Management, Imports & Export and Intercultural Commination.


Candidates who have completed their Bachelor Degree in Commerce and any other stream or equivalent., such candidates are eligible to take admission in the professional degree course.

Course Duration & Learning Mode

The medical study requires 2 year of the time period in India, It’s a Full-Time study program, but candidates can also pursue with Part Time through Correspondence or Distance Education depending upon certain criteria.

Specialization Areas under Master of International Business Course

=> Financial Management
=> Marketing Management
=> Human Resource Management
=> IT & e-Business
=> Entrepreneurship
=> Retail Management

Further Studies

After the completion of master's program in International Business (MIB), the candidates can even pursue for a higher degree by enrolling in a Doctoral Degree Program in the field. This degree qualifies one’s with more prestigious jobs opportunities like CEO of Multinational Companies they can also do Research work in their respective field.

Career Options

After the completion of this course, the degree holder have ample career opportunities in Public Private and International Sector. They can work as, Political Risk Analysis, Business Development Executive, Marketing Analyst, Associate Consultant, Senior Sales Manager, Senior Business Analyst, etc.

Course Curriculum of Master of International Business (MIB) Course


  • International Marketing Management
  • Global Business Environment
  • Executive & EXIM Correspondence
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Elective-I


  • Business Research Methods
  • Export-Import Finance
  • Logistics Management
  • Foreign Trade Procedure and Documentation
  • Computer Applications: MS Office & Internet
  • Elective-II


  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • India’s Foreign Trade and Legislation
  • Strategic Management
  • Computer Applications:  Tally                               -
  • Practical-II
  • Institutional Training
  • Elective-III


  • International Business Relations
  • International Economics
  • Global Financial Management
  • Project Work & Viva-Voce Or Principles and Practice of Insurance
  • Industrial Law

Elective-IV (candidate can opt with any group given)

  • Principles and Practice of Marketing Services
  • Marketing of Financial Services
  • Marketing of Health Services
  • Travel and Hospitality Services


  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Indian Stock Exchanges
  • Futures and Options
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Group -C

  • Principles of International Trade
  • Export and Import Procedure
  • Institutions Facilitating International Trade
  • India’s International Trade

Text Books on Master of International Business Course

  • Mastering Business Communication:  Wolcott and Urwin
  • Assignment and thesis writing   :  Anderson
  • Business Communication:  Raisher
  • Export, what, where, how   :  Parasram
  • Business correspondence & report writing:  R.C.Sharma & Krishna Mohan
  • A handbook of business correspondence:  M.P.Bhatia
  • How to Import: Nabhps Publication
  • How to Export: Nabhps Publication
  • Export Marketing: T. A. S. Balagopal
  • A Guide on Export Policy Procedure and Documentation: M. L. Mahajan
  • New Export-Import Policy: Nabhps Publication
  • Management in Marketing: Lazo and Corbin
  • Sales Administration Principles and Problems: Confield B.R
  • Marketing: Test Cases and Readings: Hansen, Hery L
  • Marketing Management: Analysis and Planning: Howard, John A
  • Sales and Marketing Management in the Indian Contey: Johnson Lewis, K
  • Modern Marketing Management & The Indian Contey : Davar R.S
  • Marketing Management & the Indian Economy: Neelamegham S
  • Sales Management: Maynard, HH and Nolan, H.C
  • Marketing Handbook: Naystorm, Paul H
  • Marketing Management: Phelps, D.M. and Westing, J.H
  • Sales Management Decision, Policies and Cases: Still, R.R. and Cundiff, E.W
  • Marketing a Managerial Introduction: J.C. Gandhi
  • Introduction to Sales Management: Tosadal, H.R
  • Marketing Management: S.A.Sherlekar
  • Marketing Management: Philip Kotler
  • Marketing management in a Developed Economy: P.K.Srivastave

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