Master of Technology (MTech Guidance and Navigation Controll)

Master of Technology (MTech Guidance and Navigation Controll)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years


Pass in GRaduation in B.E or B.Tech or equivalent

Course Details:

M.Tech Guidance and Navigation Controll - Guidance navigation and control is a branch of engineering dealing with the design of systems to control the movement of vehicles, especially, automobiles, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft. In many cases these functions can be performed by trained humans. However, because of the speed of, for example, a rocket's dynamics, human reaction time is too slow to control this movement. Therefore, systems—now almost exclusively based around digital electronics—are used for such control. Even in cases where humans can perform these functions, it is often the case that GNC systems provide benefits such as alleviating operator work load, smoothing turbulence, fuel savings, etc. In addition, sophisticated applications of GNC enable automatic or remote control.


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