Bachelor of Engineering (BE Water Resource Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering (BE Water Resource Engineering)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Bachelors Degree

Course Duration:

4 Years


Candidate should have pass in higher secondary education ( physics chemistry maths )

Course Details:

Water resources engineers deal with the control and utilization of water by society. They study the physical processes of water flow essential to the understanding, protection, and improvement of the environment. Water resources engineers develop solutions for flood control, water distribution, waste water collection, irrigation drainage, river navigation, facilitation and hydroelectric power development. Water Resource Engineering graduates have far better opportunity and scope than any of the graduates in securing employment in the job market. Most of the engineering graduates are employed in Information Technology sector, research and scientific organizations.There is a great demand for engineers in the sector of Merchant Navy, Civil Aviation industry and Defense Services. Besides, engineers also work in various domains such as design, architecture, building and construction, leather technology, footwear technology, packaging technology, plastic industry and management.


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