Master of Arts (MA Political Science)

Master of Arts (MA Political Science)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years



Course Details:

Master of Arts in Political Science (M.A. Political Science), is a two years Postgraduate academic Political Science study program in India. The study is designed to covers both National and International political System, Historical and Modern Political System, Public Administration, Government Policies and Procedures, International Relation and Public Affairs.

The course includes a comprehensive and thorough study of political science at advanced level. The master’s study prepare candidates with theories and concepts of social policy to analyse how to fulfil social needs, solve problem and how to constructed policies to understood in various contexts like, undertake investigations, into social issues, involving the use of various skills to identify a problem and collect, store, manage and manipulate data skills are also develops in this study.

The study improves the knowledge, mental ability and an aptitude to think logically techniques.The study is focused on theoretical and practical aspects of Principles and Techniques in academic discipline such as,
Contemporary Political Theory, Research Methodology, Ancient Indian political Thought, Political Sociology, Comparative Politics, Indian Constitutional System, Public Administration, Modern Indian Political Thought, Concept and Issues in Political Science, Indian Administration.


The candidate who have completed Bachelor Degree like Bachelor of Arts (BA), with an additional subject such as Political Science, Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), or an Equivalent Examination, from any stream with minimum aggregate 55% marks, such candidates are eligible to take admission in master's study program.

Course Duration

This course requires 2 years of the time period in India. It’s a full-time degree course, but some candidates use part-time correspondence and distance learning the educational program and one can also go for online study option to earn master's degree in our country.

Further Study

After the successful completion of this course, candidates can also pursue the higher studies and do M.Phil (Political Science), Ph.D. (Doctorate in Political Science) and specialization research-oriented course in their respective field.

Career Option

The Master’s degree holder have an excellent career opportunity in Government and Private sector like Public Relation Department, Government Agencies, Colleges & Universities, Public Policy Organisations, Embassies, Intelligence Wings, Social Work Organisations.

After the successful completion of master’s degree program one can recognize as Political Analyst, and they can work as Budget Examiner / analyst, Attorney, Corporate Adviser for Government Relations, Legislative Analyst, Public Opinion Analyst, State Legislator, Political Commentator, etc.


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