Diploma in Social Work & Management

Diploma in Social Work & Management

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

18 weeks


Graduate in Behavioural Sciences, Social and Natural Sciences.

Course Details:

Diploma in Social Work & Management - Social workers are committed professionals who work in partnership with individuals, families and groups experiencing marginalisation, disadvantage or social difficulties. This course will give you a thorough knowledge and understanding of what social work is, the skills needed to be a social worker, and what social workers do. It has been designed to provide essential know-how, skills and professional knowledge for the functionaries involved in social welfare and development sectors in the country. During the period of carrying out the multifarious activities in the field of social development for the underprivileged it has been continuously felt that there is extreme dearth of trained social workers in the state, who would be equipped with effective skills and techniques of social work and management. To cope with the needs, very often social workers are appointed from other states incurring a lot of expenditures.


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