Govt Ist Grade College, Mundagod

Govt Ist Grade College, Mundagod
City Mundgod, Karnataka, India
Affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad

Govt Ist Grade College, Mundagod is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad

Admission Notices

    Government First Grade College, Mundgod, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore and submitted a Self Study Report on 26-12-2003. NAAC constituted a Peer Team consisting of Dr. Kavita Rege, Principal Sathaye College Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E) Mumbai -400 057. Dr. S. V. Deshpande, Principal, DCT's Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar Panaji,403001,Goa as members and Prof. D. Sundaram, Senior Prof. and Head, (Ret) Department of Sociology University of Madras as a Chair coordinator to validate the report. The Peer Team visited the college on 30th & 31st August 2004. Government Arts & Commerce First Grade College, Mundgod, Uttar Kannada, was established by the Government of Karnataka in June 1984. It is located in sylvain rural area surrounded by forest in coastal Karnataka. With mission to inculcate qualities like self esteem, patriotism & individuality the college has progressed in the last 20 years to provide value based education, maintain discipline, develop awareness about social evils, and develop knowledge with skills, a sense of social concern and responsibility and to create good human beings in the society. It was brought under 2 f and 12B in December 1988 and January 2001 respectively. The College located on five acres of forest land offers undergraduate programmes in Arts & Commerce faculty. The college has seven departments namely Kannada, English, Political Science, History, Economics, Sociology, Commerce. The College has a staff of ten permanent teachers and eight part-time teachers imparting education to 338 students in Arts & Commerce faculties. The college affiliated to Karnatak University conducts the University examinations annually. College has a Central Library, Computer Centre, Gymkhana and a Canteen run by a private caterer. The College has eight persons in Non-Teaching category. College is administered and managed with the help of this staff and with the various committees like Discipline, Sports, Cultural, Examination, Time Table, Library, Employment Information and Guidance Bureau. The College besides its regular academic programmes has its cultural activities in forefront. Section - II Criterion - I: Curricular Aspects. Sound curriculum design and its effective implementation go a long way in building a student's career. Government Arts & Commerce, First Grade College is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharma and hence offers courses specified by the University. But the college offers flexibility to the students to choose the subject combinations which are more than three in arts within the Karnatak University's prescribed courses. Although the syllabus is periodically revised by University and adopted by the college, the college faculty has an informal internal mechanism of the teacher involvement in the annual academic and curricular auditing of the courses offered by it. The college takes one year to adopt the revised curriculum of the University By offering a few optional subjects in Arts faculty to students, college is making education meaningful to students. Commerce faculty offers subjects like Contemporary auditing, Managerial Economics, Banking, Law to give knowledge relevant to the world of work to students. It proposes to introduce new subjects like education, computer education keeping in mind the changing trends. The concern of the peer team is that the college has to replace its informal mechanism of the teacher involvement in the academic and curricular auditing with a formalized one. The College Development Council of the institution where in the stake holders participation can be a resource to redesign the courses of local relevance before recommending them to the University for ratification by the appropriate bodies. The strength is in the commitment of its teachers to respond to the changing trends in higher education and on the need to anchor it. The areas of concern for the institution are to develop curriculum which would generate self employment eg: the APMC market could be used to understand trading system and future marketing. Criterion - II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation The students are admitted on the basis of marks of obtained in 12th standard examination. The total number of applicants is less than the sanctioned intake capacity. As students come from rural background, remedial courses would help them do better and have more confidence in facing the curricula. Participative teaching, periodical tests boost the students' morale. By inviting experts to deliver lectures College is giving good and essential exposure to students about practical knowledge. College also conducts seminars and programmes. Periodical meetings of teachers and maintaining a diary of lesson-plan is a good practice. Teachers should be provided with audio visual facilities and be encouraged to use new teaching techniques. Results of students are quite satisfactory. Students' feedback is effective one for self improvement. Criterion - III: Research Consultancy and Extension. Teaching, research and extension go hand in hand in a good academic institution. Teachers engaged in research activity inspire students to do better and can act as role models. Principal has guided two students for Ph. D. in Political Science. Commerce department also offers its expertise on Income tax to local community. Some staff members are involved in extension activities. Translation, inculcating scientific temperament to eliminate superstitious belief and theater activities constitutes notable extension activities of the faculty of the college. Teachers participating in students' counseling are a good needed activity. Institution should promote faculty participation in consultancy activity. Criterion - IV: Infrastructure and Learning resources. Situated on five acres of land, College has ample space surrounding the building. Number of games seems to be played on the ground. College sports meet is held on the same ground. Some more sports activities at Taluka level can be held. Book Bank facility is a very useful aspect of Library. Partial computerization has been done. Some more reference books should be added. Thirty four magazines and journals are subscribed and students are making good use of the library. Students are encouraged by teachers to make use of the library. Open air theatre gives good platform to students to practice and can be a good venue for social gathering. Good number of cultural activities is organized. A beginning has been made by the 1st prize in Rangoli competition. Library should be systematically maintained with the help of a trained Librarian. Criterion - V: Students Support and Progression: Students seem to be doing well in studies in college as well as after passing out of the college. About seventy percent of them pursing higher studies speaks that academic culture has been well inculcated by the college. Merit Scholarships being awarded to students encourage them to continue education. Employment cell is operational. Alumni association is active and guides present students. Parents association is closely associated with the College and its activities. Idea of dividing the entire student population into four groups for sports and cultural competitions is a novel idea. It helps build up feeling of fellowship, sense of belonging and brotherhood amongst students of all classes. Leisure time being spent in sports speaks of healthy atmosphere maintained by the college. Number of activities such as Blood Donation Day, National Pulse Polio Programme, Social Awareness and Literacy Programmes are conducted by N.S.S. They also have brought out a handwritten magazine 'Modala Hejje' which should be continued. Students are participating in Cultural events at Youth festival conducted by Karnatak University, Dharwad. Selection of students' representatives on merit basis makes students understand the importance of merit and gives the better performers an incentive to stay on the top. Self employment and Entrepreneurial career guidance should be provided by placement cell. Criterion - VI: Organization and Management. College is efficiently managed by the various committees constituted for specific purposes. Periodical meetings help in smooth running of the college. Non-teaching staff is assigned specific work and periodical check on the progress of work is maintained through diary. The teachers helping non-teaching staff in preparation of salary bills, budget is a healthy practice. Accounts are audited by government i.e. Director of Collegiate Education. Also regular stock checking is done. Various representatives of local community are on the governing board and contribute valuable suggestions for smooth running of the college. Grievance redressal mechanism should be implemented. Criterion - VII: Healthy Practices. Government Arts and Commerce First Grade College, Mundgod has number of healthy practices worth mentioning. Morning Prayer and thought for the day is consistent with the goal of value based education. Social awareness programmes and community orientation activities like Aids awareness, untouchablility, Blood donation are actively undertaken. Maintaining a diary of day to day work is a healthy practice. Cultural activities and all-round personality development are on the rise. Research culture in Political Science department is worth mentioning. Dividing students into four groups across all the classes, for competitions - gives a chance to students to interact with seniors and juniors. Organizing Personality development week is a good idea. Section - III Overall analysis and recommendations: The college with it location in remote rural area surrounded by forest area of Uttar Kannada has several limitations like disproportionate teacher student ratio. But the Peer team found the college teachers are proactive to provide quality education. The impending visit of NAAC to assess and accredit the college has boosted the commitment to the innovative pedagogic practices like teacher assessment by students and the assessment of the students' performance by the teachers. All these are reflected through the good examination results and student progression rate. The Peer team is concerned with large scale drop-outs (verified document is attached herewith) in the college. But, the team was convinced that the drop out is mainly because many students prefer to switch over to the job oriented courses like nursing and teaching diplomas. Marriage is basic reason in some cases of drop-out. The peer team also noted that the students prefer to have the lectures up to 1.30 pm only to enable them to the join the family members in their agricultural occupation. But teachers have succeeded in persuading those students who need remedial coaching, bridge courses to stay on the premises after lecture hours. Students are encouraged to participate in the co-curricular activities like sports N.S.S. and cultural. College can become a centre of activity to promote community and college relationship. The collection of books in the library needs to be improved. Although all the 12,000 books available in the library have been brought under computerized listing, the basic infrastructural facilities in the library need to be improved. There is no reprographic facility in the library. Fans are not available for the readers in the library .There are scope to convert the open area into proper play ground for sports activities. The college has minimum infrastructural facility and learning resources. But, the college has overcome all these limited resource to give quality performance. There are impressive healthy practices like student teacher relationship, stakeholders and teacher relationship. The college plans to introduce computer education to the students of Arts faculty. There is a scope for the college to increase the student intake by diversifying the courses and by providing the required infrastructure facility like women's hostel and better transportation. College can become a center of activities for present and past students. Besides organizing competitive programmes for local community New courses like Information Technology or Commerce related additional courses like Banking, Insurance, and Finance Management give students better opportunities for jobs. The State needs to urgently address the issues like tenure and salary security of teachers, teacher- student ratio in the classroom and rationalize the transfer policies as it has direct bearing on the quality of education. Principal Government First Grade College Mundgod Place:Mundgod Dist Uttar Kannada

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    Govt Ist Grade College, Mundagod is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad.

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