Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Integrated and Applied Science)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Integrated and Applied Science)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Doctoral / PhD Programs

Course Duration:

4 Years


Should have pass in Master degree

Course Details:

Ph.D Integrated and Applied Science - Integrated and Applied Science this is the last two decades have seen a significant increase in emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches within the scientific community and current students graduating with a Ph.D. need to be skilled in the art of collaboration. Clearly, many of the most important scientific questions require collaboration among scientists in different disciplines and, further, lead scientists who are skilled between the traditional disciplines. Scientific training in a multidisciplinary environment is becoming ever more important. Whether students find employment in the telecommunications industry, where chemists, physicists and engineers work on the same project, or in the pharmaceutical industry, where biologists, chemists and medical doctors commonly work together, or in one of numerous other enterprises, being able to collaborate with people who are non-specialists in your field is vital.


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