Master of Philosophy (MPhil Geology)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil Geology)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

1 Year


Candidates who possess the approved minimum qualification are eligible to apply.

Course Details:

M.Phil Geology- The science of the Earth. The study of the Earth's materials and of the processes that shape them is known as physical geology. Historical geology is the record of past events. See also Earth; Earth sciences.
Geology is an interdisciplinary subject that overlaps and depends on other scientific disciplines. Physical geology is concerned primarily with the Earth's materials (minerals, rocks, soils, water, ice, and so forth) and the processes of their origin and alteration. Chemistry and physics are the two scientific disciplines most closely related-study of the chemistry of the Earth's materials is geochemistry, and study of the physical properties of the Earth is geophysics. See also Geochemistry; Geophysics; Structural geology


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