Certification Brick Layer (CBL)

Certification Brick Layer (CBL)

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Professional Courses

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6 months


10+2 or equivalent

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Certification Brick Layer (CBL) - Bricklayers prepare and lay brick and other masonry units to construct and repair structures such as walls, partitions, patios, arches, fireplaces and chimneys.Bricklayers work with masonry materials such as brick, concrete block, stone, structural tile and precast panels. They also lay or install fire brick or castable materials in commercial and industrial furnaces and incinerators, and acid tile and acid brick in pulp mills.Bricklayers build and repair walls, floors, arches, pavings, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, smokestacks and other structures. They work with materials such as brick, natural stone, manufactured stone, tiles, precast masonry panels, glass blocks, concrete blocks, light-weight insulated panels, other masonry units, insulation and membranes. They erect, install, maintain, repair and alter various masonry. The structures vary in complexity from a simple masonry walkway to an ornate exterior on a multi-level building.


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