Bachelor of Engineering (BE Electronics and Microprocessors)

Bachelor of Engineering (BE Electronics and Microprocessors)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Bachelors Degree

Course Duration:

4 Years


Higher Secondary ( physics, chemistry, maths) or equivalent

Course Details:

B.E Electronics and Microprocessors this is one of the four thematic areas in the department and has several course units offered in the BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree programme. The group aims to strength the teaching of electronic engineering by offering course units in fundamental properties of electronic components and circuits early in the degree programme as well as incorporating computer based tools for analysis and design. These course units are in Physical Electronics, Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics, and Computer Science disciplines. The senior level course units include the Microprocessor Applications, Linear Integrated Circuits, Applied Electronics, and Computer Architecture. All the course units in this thematic area are regarded as core units in the degree programme and hence compulsory to all students.

A microprocessor incorporates the functions of a CPU on a single integrated circuit or a few integrated circuits. It is a computer processor on a microchip and is a multipurpose, programmable device that uses digital data as input and provides results as an output once it processes the input according to instructions stored in its memory. Microprocessors use sequential digital logic as they have internal memory and operate on numbers and symbols represented in the binary numeral system. They are designed to perform arithmetic and logic operations that make use of data on the chip. General purpose microprocessors in PCs are used for multimedia display, computation, text editing and communication. Several microprocessors are part of embedded systems. These embedded microprocessors provide digital control to several objects including appliances, automobiles,
mobile phones and industrial process control.


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