By anjanatejaswi on Fri, 02 August 2013 at 21:26 IST


"None but the Brave deserves the Fair" - John Dryden

Braveness comes from within the Heart. A brave soul truly has its internal shining. It boomerangs. A feeling that, i need not be afraid of anything and ready to face any odds by determination,is superb one, beyond any measurement. Braveness is in fact the root . Its effect are even great. It make the hearts go pitter-patter.

Many a times we keep pondering and asking our self a question, What would be the consequences, if this happens? How would i face this situation? etc. The more interesting part is that, we keep asking such questions again & again, which actually does not yield anything but create a tense situation in brain. By being courageous, it would help us a lot. When the brain is stress free, it gives space to creative ideas . When we give such a creative space, it helps us to discover the reservoirs of imagination, which we never knew we had with us, at any point of time. Our body is a temple and the soul is the God. Thus the brave soul will always lead us to the high spirits.

When we behave bravely, we do not feel any kind of pressure acting on our brain. It releases the whole stress. Moreover, Endorphin's are released on becoming stress free which is even beneficial from physical point of view too.

In the history of the world, we have novices with us who are specially remembered for their braveness like Chhatrapati Shivaji, Nelson Mandela, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat singh etc. These successful individuals have experienced the odds but they pulled up the socks, corrected the mistakes and started again without any thought of failure. They tried over & over again and finally crossed the Red ribbon successfully.

These Lion hearted stalwarts created special place in our hearts forever by exhibiting exhilarating qualities. These people have in fact, demonstrated to us that braveness is a great power and fetches accolades that makes us reach beyond Leaps and Bounds. They have in fact changed the existing systems of the world and cherished life of thousands of people by bringing out positive changes. Thus we have our life with us, which we can make it a meaningful piece by being brave everyday. Just lets think within our self. Let's try it for a day that we won't be afraid of anything today. We all are enough capable and logistic to face any situation. From morning to night, when we are with our brave heart, this quality automatically gets habituated & we will start living bravely.

Thus all of us should determine within our self to be brave whatever may be the condition. Doors of knowledge opens up & makes us even wise. To inculcate such habit, start being positive count your achievements and always be on the path on Righteousness. These qualities would support the quality of braveness within us. Its is truly a bliss. Be brave and experience the pleasure of it. Braveness will inch us towards prosperity. It will help us to take giant leap in our lives .

Final year engg student of Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology