Fulfill your dream: Be an entrepreneur in Beauty & Cosmetic industry

By indcareer on Sat, 10 December 2016 at 11:33 IST
Fulfill your dream: Be an entrepreneur in Beauty & Cosmetic industry

Today, every female is achieving what they are aspiring from their life and many of them have chosen to be an entrepreneur by breaking all the glasses to prove themselves at every step. One of the industries is booming is the beauty and cosmetic industry, wherein people always had a notion of opening a small parlor in their streets. Women have made an attempt and prove that beauty industry is much more advanced and plays a role in career growth too. They have accepted challenges, the roles and responsibilities coming in their way and at the same time building their own identity and reputation in this industry.

Beauty and Cosmetic industry plays an important role and generating lot of job opportunities to the people who have keen interest to make others feel beautiful. The demand of modern women is increasing in a way that they are becoming conscious about their skin, hair and their overall appearance. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas and innovation to make their clients happy by satisfying their needs and requirements. The level of income is also on higher scale since men and women are ready to pay for the services.


Each and every industry has its own set of challenges and so do beauty industry has its own. It is not so easy to own a salon if you really aspiring to make it a brand. It is one of the seasonal businesses during winters when most of the Indian marriage takes place. One cannot be reliable during specific months of the year but have to think overboard to get profits during off season. The owners have to find out a way to promote their business differently from their competitors in the market.

Another set of challenge is what other best services can be provided to your clients. The owner has to be involved each and every activity and ensure things are happening according to the plans. Since, the competition is high and one has to be market updated every time to set a benchmark for their business to grow.


It is one of the businesses which have its own role in everyone’s life and so its demand is also high. Indian women are so obsessed with the latest beauty and cosmetic treatments that they prefer not to avoid it at any cost. Due to which every salon is offering their best services and treating ladies according to their needs. Many Indians, get attracted towards the latest enhancements done by celebrities and they also aspire to have the same treatment for themselves which is on-going trend in the market. Owners definitely keep themselves upgrade and the result is expansion of business due to a lot of demands from the clients.

Tips to open a salon

A success in any industry comes with hard work and patience. This industry is dynamic and there are no setrules to achieve a success in this business. However, the knowledge about beauty and cosmetic industry, past in hand experiences definitely add on a ladder of success. At the same time, you cannot be casual, in fact, plan and execute to make your brand successful in the market. An entrepreneurial skill demands to build up strategies, counter at every step and take a risk to move ahead. You can surely keep some tips in mind before starting your own salon:

- First and foremost is the location to open a salon. It will directly decide your target audience and direction towards the development of grass root of becoming an entrepreneur.

- Make yourself aware about the latest trends, customer demands in terms of products and services.

- You need to think of aggressive PR and marketing of your brand, either through traditional media, digital or both. The overall branding is required to first establish it in the market.

- Of course, figure out your own unique selling point other than your competitors to stand out in the market.

Factors influencing women entrepreneurs

Some of the encouraging factors are:

1. Desire to do something.
2. Need for independence.
3. Availability of finance.
4. Concessions and subsidies given by the govt.

Some of the forceful factors are:

1. Unfortunate family circumstances (death of husband & or father).

2. Financial difficulties.
3. Responsibility towards family.
4. Time consuming
5. Late working hours (if any event)

How much one can earn?

One needs to decide whether they want to become a freelancer or set up their own business. Freelance rates vary per project and market. As a beginner, you can try to minimize taking unpaid projects. Later on, you can start with paid projects but do a research on your local market for the average salaries and rates and don’t undersell your work.

If your dream is to own your own salon, know that a six-figure income could come with it. Whether you want to buy into a franchise business, take over an existing business or start from scratch; owning your own business can be a challenging and rewarding venture too. Later, after your success, you can start working with top models or celebrities which can take you to greater heights.

Working your way up to these heights can also lead you to product endorsement deals, developing products of your own or writing books. Before getting there however, many artists apprentice other celebrity professionals or work their way up to be represented by high-profile agencies. This is a competitive facet of the beauty industry as it is the goal of many beauticians.


Women’s entrepreneurship has a tremendous potential in empowering women and transforming society. Success in business makes women entrepreneurs financially independent and also gives them the strength to overcome setbacks in life. The challenges and opportunities provided to the women of digital era growing rapidly that the job seekers are turning into job creditors. Increasing socio-economic awareness, need for additional income, utilization of spare time, constant motivation by the government institutions education social status and the impact of role models are some of factors responsible for the development of women entrepreneurship in India.

Author: Gunjan Gaur

The author is India’s best Permanent Makeup Expert, Celebrity Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Group, India’s leading Beauty Care & Education Brand.