Tips for using a Job site to find employment

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Need a job ? Apply through job site. Gone are the days when candidates used to rush with their CV from one company to another looking for job. Now a days things have been made very easy. A job seeker can apply for job just at the click of a button. There are many job sites running online like,, – for experienced professionals and – for freshers. These job sites can be accessed by any candidate from anywhere. They should have a well prepared CV to apply directly through the website. Candidates have to register on the job site and then apply for the desired job.

Job seekers can save searches for the type of job they like. Sign up to receive daily alerts. They can apply for job directly to the company and receive mail in their inbox, fix time and give interviews. They can apply for jobs according to their own preferences and not depend on any consultancy for forwarding their application to a particular company.

Job site is a big boon to the employers. They don't need to spend a lot on offline advertisement. They can sign up and post their jobs online and get applications for the particular job. Many job sites comes with lucrative package to attract employers. This in turn lead to lots of job posting on the website and the job seekers get benefited.

A candidate has to keep his CV updated. Job seeker has to keep in mind that the resume should be prepared in a professional manner and it should not look unprofessional. An employer will be attracted to a candidate whose resume gains credibility. The projects should be be clearly mentioned and some projects which shows a candidates leadership skills should be added. An employer always looks for that extra edge in a candidate,Extra qualities of team work and leadership skills. A candidate should take part in all types of extra curricular activities other than their normal study like Campus Ambassador program of Google or
These type of programs improves communication skills and broadens outlook of a candidate.

Modify a CV according to the need of job. A candidate can modify their CV when applying for different types of job highlighting only those areas which will attract attention of the employer. This increases visibility and chances of receiving an interview call.

A candidate can apply for overseas companies too which was not possible before. These companies keep looking for a particular expertise. They can apply online and receive call for interviews. The employer can take the interview through telephone or video conferencing. A candidate has to remain prepared and improve his soft skills. They should sound professional and not leave any loopholes. This increase the chances of selection.

Job site is a platform which connects the online and offline world of employment through internet and a candidate can get maximum benefit by utilizing all available resources.

By Rashmi Priya

Rashmi Priya, corporate trainer and young motivator holds MBA degree in Human Resource and Marketing ( INDIA). She is globally recognized as Personality development and Management trainer. Her coaching and mentoring has helped many people achieve their goals. To her credits, she has conducted over 50 workshops, influenced over thousand's of participants through out India. Rashmi Priya is Founder & Corporate Trainer at Attitude School, which is a recognized firm to help students and corporates achieve their goals. She has helped students achieve success by clearing interviews and Group discussions by her active and fun filled sessions. She has helped working professionals, CEO, Entrepreneur to shed their inhibitions and effectively speak in public and achieve desired success in the corporate ladder. Rashmi Priya is Chief Executive Officer at vinayRas Infotech - Web development Company, Director - Jobsite for Freshers. She is Soft skills trainer in Jaycees. She has keen interest in writing on topics ranging from HR, Motivation to Women Empowerment. She is regular writer at The Hitavada - Nagpur's largest selling newspaper. She is also an expert author for -,,,, and other global websites. She has received “HRCI” certificate for attending conference organized by Received award for " Best Reporting of Training Programs" at Zone Conference 2011, Zone 9, JCI India. Know more about me at -

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