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Ansal University, Gurgaon - Sushant University Results 2023

Ansal University, Gurgaon - Sushant University Exam Results 2023. Get the examination results for all courses offered Ansal University

Following results have been declared recently by Ansal University, Gurgaon - Sushant University:

Ansal University, Gurgaon - Sushant University Result 2023 for each subject
S.No Subject Name ​ Result Date
1 MPH 19th September 2023 (Tuesday)
2 M.Sc 19th September 2023 (Tuesday)
3 BA LLB 12th September 2023 (Tuesday)
4 B.Tech 12th September 2023 (Tuesday)
5 B.Pharm 12th September 2023 (Tuesday)
6 BSc 6th September 2023 (Wednesday)
7 BArch 6th September 2023 (Wednesday)
8 BBA 4th September 2023 (Monday)
9 Ph.D 28th August 2023 (Monday)
10 M.Des 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
11 B.Des 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
12 MOptom 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
13 B.Optom 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
14 MBA 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
15 BCom 17th August 2023 (Thursday)
16 BHM 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
17 M.Plan 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
18 MArch 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
19 M.Tech 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
20 BCA 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
21 LLM 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
22 LLB 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
23 BBA LLB 16th August 2023 (Wednesday)
25 Integrated M.Plan 12th June 2023 (Monday)
26 BFA 12th June 2023 (Monday)
27 B.Plan 12th June 2023 (Monday)
28 M.Plan 4th January 2018 (Thursday)
29 MA 6th July 2017 (Thursday)
30 Integrated BCA + MCA 14th June 2017 (Wednesday)
31 MCA 3rd August 2016 (Wednesday)
32 BA 21st July 2016 (Thursday)

About Ansal University, Gurgaon

Ansal University (AU) established in 2012 under the Haryana Private Universities Act 2006. The university was previously known as Ansal Institute of Technology (AIT) which was a private college in the Gurgaon city.

Ansal University is located in the foothills of Aravalli Range with facilities on a 15-acre campus. The University has strong international collaborations with some of the top Universities in USA, Canada and Australia like Clemson University, Valparaiso University, Eastern Michigan University, Tarleton State University, NJIT, Saint Mary’s University, Deakin University, Northumbria University, Sonoma State University and Eastern Institute of Technology.

Ansal University offers offer courses in Architecture, Engineering, Design, Management and Law disciplines.

Ansal University results are available on as well.

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