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Adesh University, Bathinda Results 2024

Adesh University, Bathinda Exam Results 2024. Get the examination results for all courses offered Adesh University

Following results have been declared recently by Adesh University, Bathinda:

Adesh University, Bathinda Result 2024 for each subject
S.No Subject Name ​ Result Date
1 MBBS 1st March 2021 (Monday)
2 MPT 1st March 2021 (Monday)
3 BPT 14th February 2021 (Sunday)
4 MSc 14th February 2021 (Sunday)
5 BDS 25th January 2021 (Monday)
6 D.Pharmacy 25th January 2021 (Monday)
7 MBA 25th January 2021 (Monday)
8 Ph.D 12th January 2021 (Tuesday)
9 B.Pharma 12th January 2021 (Tuesday)
10 BSc 9th January 2021 (Saturday)
11 BSc Nursing 6th December 2020 (Sunday)
12 Diploma 6th December 2020 (Sunday)
13 ADMLT 6th December 2020 (Sunday)
14 ADOTT 6th December 2020 (Sunday)
15 ADRIT 6th December 2020 (Sunday)
16 M.Sc Nursing 23rd November 2020 (Monday)
17 PB BSc Nursing 29th October 2020 (Thursday)
18 B.OPTOM 14th September 2020 (Monday)
19 ADAT 19th August 2020 (Wednesday)
20 MDS 30th July 2020 (Thursday)
21 Pharma.D 8th July 2020 (Wednesday)
22 MD/MS 8th July 2020 (Wednesday)
23 BASLP 23rd June 2020 (Tuesday)
24 MLIB 23rd April 2019 (Tuesday)
25 BLISc 23rd April 2019 (Tuesday)
26 PG Diploma 14th April 2019 (Sunday)
27 M.Pharma 30th April 2018 (Monday)
28 Certificate 28th January 2017 (Saturday)
29 Rechecking 3rd December 2015 (Thursday)

About Adesh University, Bathinda

Adesh University is a Private University located in Bathinda, Punjab and was established in July 2012 by Act no. 6 of 2012 of Government of Punjab. The university is a leading force in the field of Medical and Technical Education, complimented by research activities. The university is managed by the Adesh Foundation, which was founded in 1996 to deliver various undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes in the field of technical education.

Adesh University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs. Diploma & Certificate courses are also offered in various medical field of study.

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