College of Defence Management CDM

College of Defence Management CDM
City Secunderabad, Telangana, India
Established 1980
College of Defence Management
Faculty of Research & Consultancy
Bolaram Post,
Secunderabad 500 010
Phone 040 - 862259-2215.
Fax 040 - 862548
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College of Defence Management CDM was established in the year 1980,

Admission Notices

    Realisation of the necessity to set up a college devoted to imparting modern, scientific management training was felt for sometime, till the idea took firm roots after the Indo-Pak War of 1965. The size of the Indian Defence Services, their deployment in far-flung areas, high cost of equipment, limited resources, socio-economic changes; all necessitated military commanders to be exposed to modern management concepts and techniques to enable them to operate in an effective and optimum manner. Such skills could neither be imparted from within the existing framework of training in the Armed Forces nor could they be borrowed from the civilian management stream. This felt need of the services gave birth to the Institute of Defence Management (IDM) at Secunderabad in June 1970. The Vice President of India, Shri GS Pathak inaugurated this inter-services institute on 08 December 1970. In 1980, the IDM was renamed as the College of Defence Management (CDM).From its modest beginning, the College over the years has blossomed into its present stature and has achieved the unique status of being a national centre for Defence Management. There are possibly very few institutions of its kind in the world. As a recognition of its eminence and achievements, the All India Management Association (AIMA), invited CDM to be a "Cooperating Member" alongwith the five Indian Institutes of Management and the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad. Osmania University recognises CDM’s core course i.e. Long Defence Management Course (LDMC) for the award of the degree of Master of Management Studies (MMS).

    The College has trained over 3500 officers upto the rank of Maj Gen/R Adm/Air Vice Mshl in defence management through its on-campus programmes. It has also given exposure in Defence Management to a large number of officers through external capsules. Officers from the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Research and Development (R&D) organisations and friendly foreign countries also attend various on - campus programmes.

    The three teaching faculties, Faculty of Organisational Behaviour (FOB), Faculty of Decision Analysis (FDA) and Faculty of Resource Management (FRM) together with the Faculty of Research & Consultancy comprise the cutting edge of the College. CDM’s commitment to the task of developing management throughout in the Defence Services steers the faculties to strive to be at the forefront in their respective disciplines.

    Research and Consultancy is an important sphere of the College activities. Faculty of Research & Consultancy has built a rich repository of defence related information. It undertakes project studies for the three Services and other organisations every year. The College also has a large bank of case studies and dissertations written by LDMC participants.

    The Faculty of Planning & Administration provides the bedrock on which the College develops its teaching and research. It also ensures a befitting academic environment and quality of life.

    This is a residential course of 42 weeks duration attended by over 80 select officers of the rank of Col/Capt (IN)/Gp Capt as well as civilian officers from the MOD and R&D organisations. In addition, six vacancies are allotted to officers from friendly foreign countries and para military forces (PMF). This course is pitched at directional and conceptual level. Major subjects covered are human resource development (HRD), financial and logistics management, operations research, project management, statistics and management information system (MIS). Participants undertake a fortnight-long tour of private/public/service organisations as part of their course curriculum. In the culminating phase of the course, they carry out project studies with a view to finding solutions to the challenges being faced by the Defence Services and other public/private sector organisations. This provides them an opportunity to validate management inputs taught at the College. Participants are awarded the degree of Master of Management Studies by the Osmania University and a certificate of Advance Course in Management by All India Management Association on successful completion of the course in addition to symbol ‘ldmc’.

    The College uses a wide range of training methodologies to suit the experience and maturity level of the participants. Special emphasis is laid on group discussions which facilitates full exploitation and sharing of rich experience that the participants possess. Case method of instruction (CMI) is widely used for giving a practical bias to learning and harnessing experience of participants in decision situations. Much emphasis is laid on application oriented training. Participants are encouraged to apply knowledge gained at the College to finding solutions to the challenges facing the Defence Services. Some of the other methodologies used are syndicate method exercises (SMEX), computer based software packages, role play, management games, open forum, films, brainstorming sessions, consolidation exercises and assimilation tests.

    CDM has a streamlined system of feed-back and appraisal. This greatly contributes to making the programmes dynamic, user friendly and giving them practical orientation.The computer centre with latest software including those for management disciplines is the hub centre of College activities. Participants extensively use application-oriented packages in areas such as statistics, operations research and project management. A computerised training support system has been planned so as to facilitate teaching, research work and administration.

    The College of Defence Management has an exclusive faculty devoted to research work in the field of defence management. This faculty provides consultancy services to various departments of the three Services. The faculty applies itself to finding optimal and practical solutions to organisational problems through application of the entire spectrum of management concepts and techniques. Research papers and study reports prepared by participants and faculty members offer pragmatic and analytical solutions with implementation plan on problem areas projected by the three Services. The consultancy wing of the faculty undertakes project studies for defence and other organisations through the participants of LDMC. This provides the participants with an opportunity to tackle live organisational problems.

    Over the last 25 years the College has built an enviable bank of over 245 project reports, 1300 dissertations and an equal number of case studies. Faculty and participants use this repertoire of original work for further research and study.

    The Faculty publishes a bi-annual journal "Defence Management" which acts as a platform for expressing stimulating views in the field of Defence Management. It also publishes reviews on reference books, written by faculty members on various management subjects.

    For further details on sponsoring project studies, membership of the journal "Defence Management", purchase of CDM books and related matters, contact :

    College of Defence Management CDM offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Professional Courses Courses

    Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC)

    College of Defence Management (CDM) offers Full Time Professional Courses in Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC)

    View Details Duration: 2 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Professional Courses

    Senior Defence Management Course (SDMC)

    College of Defence Management (CDM) offers Full Time Professional Courses in Senior Defence Management Course (SDMC)

    View Details Duration: 2 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Professional Courses
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