The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore

The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore
City Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Established 1978
Affiliated to Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai
Phone 0422 - 268 7421 / 268 7480 / 2687 687
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The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore was established in the year 1978, The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai

Admission Notices

    Ayurveda, the health care system indigenous to India, has an impressive evolutionary history that spans a period of many thousands of years. With the advent of biomedicine, Ayurveda was relegated to the background and there was a time when it looked as though the final word had been said about it. Recently, Ayurveda is getting worldwide attention albeit the nature of the role it can play in contemporary health care scenario is not well defined. Many still feel that Ayurveda should rest in the annals of history or contend that Ayurveda is a living museum and a promising field for anthropological inquiry. For ethnopharmacologists, Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia is a rich source of information that can facilitate drug development from natural sources. There are people for whom Ayurveda can function in the area of Primary Health Care or as a Medical specialty or even as an independent medical system. For many thinkers, Ayurveda is part of an outdated world view common to cultures of the European and Mid-East Arabian antiquity, but which is still alive in Asian cultures that was exposed to modern science only recently. There is a viewpoint that progressive research in world health care must include a consideration to early medico-philosophical ideas. Indeed, ancient Ayurvedic thinking might as well provide metaphors that encapsulate templates to organize information on knowledge of life, health and disease from varied sources. However, the fact that Ayurveda still caters to basic health care needs of a significant number of people, especially in areas where modern medicine failed to offer solutions, seems to be the major impetus behind its resurgence in our times.

    The Ayurveda College was Established in the year, 1978 and affiliated to Dr. M.G. R. Medical University, Chennai, India is dedicated to impart ayurveda education to students and conduct ayurveda research activities. The Ayurveda College is recognished by Central Council of Indian Medicine (C.C.I.M.) New Delhi. Located in R.V.S. Complex, 242-B, Trichy Road, Sulur, Coimbatore. Promoted by Arya Vadiyan Rama Varier Educational Foundation of Ayurveda, Coimbatore and Run in Joint Association with R.V.S. Educational Trust, Sulur. Ayurveda College is functioning with 14 departments, with well equipped lab, dissection hall and library.
    Ayurveda Hospital Ayurvedia Hospital with 120 Beds in Coimbatore, offers special ayurveda treatment of Panchakarma and Ksharasutra. Hospital has facility of X-ray unit, with well equipped pathology department at R.V.S. Hospital / facility of Operation Theatre / Gynaecology and obstetricks and other Specilities. We have more than thirty experienced doctors on our rolls. At the ayurveda hospital, we do not charge any consultation fee from the patients. We allow 10% discount on the Bills for the purchases of medicine made at our pharmacy of the Hospital. Depending on the need of patients some medicines are prepared for the use of our patients at our Hospital.

    Ayurveda College Coimbatore,
    Trichy Road,
    Coimbatore - 641 402.

    Fax: 0422 - 268 7604

    The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Bachelors Degree Courses

    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

    The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore offers 4 Years Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

    View Details Duration: 5 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree
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    The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai.

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    The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai. Browse Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai Time Tables


    List of facilities available at The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore for students.

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    • Healthcare
    • Internet
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    • Computer Labs
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      The Ayurveda College,Coimbatore

      Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.