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    If one looks around at the major business houses, industrialists, entrepreneurs and institution-builders in India, it would be observed that the roots of many of them could be traced to Rajasthan. Amongst all the states in India and in fact anywhere in the world, Rajasthan can claim to have the origins and development of true spirit of enterprise, which is in essence the manifestation of management aptitude, attitude, knowledge and skills. However, unfortunately the State of Rajasthan did not have even one front-ranking management institute till recently. If one visited any of the websites on internet about the major management institutes in India, it would have been shocking to find that these did not list even a single management institute of Rajasthan. The setting up of Aravali Institute of Management (AIM) at Jodhpur in Rajasthan is a sincere and committed endeavour to fill in this long felt gap. AIM has been set up under the aegis of Marwar Education Foundation, a registered non-profit charitable educational Society. Though this is shaping up to be an institute of international standards but for meeting the local and national needs. This is a collaborative effort of the various organizations, Indian industry, people of Rajasthan, friends and well-wishers from all over India and abroad. A number of distinguished persons of eminence and expertise are associated with AIM by being on its Board of Governors and the Advisory Council. In addition, almost 1000 industry leaders, heads of various organizations, management professionals and top government officials from India and abroad are cooperating and supporting AIM in various ways, including in entrepreneurship facilitation and placement for our students. To begin with, AIM has started functioning from the spacious leased premises at Jodhpur from August 2000 and in near future, there are plans to move into our own 100 acres fully-residential campus for which the land is being provided by the Government of Rajasthan. As the funds get progressively generated, the requisite buildings, infrastructure and facilities would come up in phases for the first AIM fully-residential campus to be located on the said 100 acres at Jodhpur. FOREWORD by The Director Varun Arya, Director I am indeed very pleased to know your interest in Aravali Institute of Management (AIM) and its programmes. "Hold fast to your dreams, for without dreams life is like a bird that cannot fly" has been a favourite quote of my dear friend and classmate Prof. S. Manikutty of IIM Ahmedabad. This quote has an underlying message with a lot of relevance and significance for all of us - personally, professionally and philosophically. While working in senior positions with reputed companies like Indian Rayon, Reliance and DuPont and also as the Secretary of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association many years back and as the President of IIT Delhi Alumni Association till recently, I had occasions to meet and interact with a large number of people at all levels in various kinds of organizations. Based on all these experiences, I am convinced that today the people at large in our country can be broadly divided into two categories -- advantaged (who had the opportunity) and disadvantaged (who did not have the opportunity). I always believe that there is plenty of merit amongst the boys and girls all over India. However, while some get the opportunity for development and manifestation of merit and others do not. A bright future and prosperity of India as a nation can be truly ensured only if all those who have the merit, are also provided the requisite opportunity. What India lacks is not merit but the right opportunity for those who have the merit! While shaping up to put Rajasthan on the international map of world-class management education, AIM endeavours to provide an opportunity for truly quality management education to all those who have the merit -- an aptitude and attitude for management, irrespective of their means. In the process we do hope, at AIM, that while creating the foundation for better life for all our students, we would also make a small contribution to the gigantic task of our nation building.

    The various academic programmes of AIM have been mentioned in the Scope earlier. However, these programmes would be introduced in phases progressively.

    To begin with, from August 2000, we are starting Two-Year Full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) with specialization/choices in the following areas :

    Information, Communication and Entertainment Management

    Sales & Marketing Management

    Travel & Tourism Management

    International Business Management

    The structuring of our PGDM programme is such that the students would spend one third of the duration in doing basic courses, one third duration in doing specialization courses and balance one third period with projects. Other salient features of AIM PGDM programme are as under :

    Each student would be associated with a local organization from day one. The classes would be from Friday through Tuesday , with Thursday as weekly holiday, and all Wednesdays the students would have to spend with the assigned organization. The idea is that organizational experience is brought to classroom discussion and vice versa.

    During the project period, each student, in a team, would have to spend eight weeks with a commercial organization and four weeks with a non-commercial organization, doing projects which involve solving their real problems. The teams and organization selections would be done on random basis (unlike other institutions where this is done by students own choice) since in real-life we have no choice about the people with whom we work and also the team is different for each assignment we do in real-life.

    Each week the students will have formal and informal interaction with a CEO and VP/GM level person, from all over India and overseas, who would be in residence at AIM campus for 2-5 days. We have already received confirmations from around 750 CEOs and 250 VP/GM level persons who have kindly agreed to be the visiting faculty of AIM. Such a large number of these persons have been associated with AIM since Jodhpur is a bit out of the way place and our assumption is that a person of CEO level should be able to spare 2-3 days and VP/GM level to spare 3-5 days, at least once in five years.

    The students taken would be in a predetermined ratios of from urban and rural areas and also from amongst the various streams of education like engineering, science, arts, law, doctors, etc. This is to facilitate enriched interaction and discussions in the classrooms as well as while working in teams on the various assignments and projects. It would also enable AIM to provide the requisite managerial talent to all kinds of organizations, including industry.

    Aravali Institute of Management, Marwar Bhawan (Adjacent to Bajrang Bhawan), Polo No. 2, Paota
    342 006
    Phone No :-0291-542235
    Fax No :-0291-543600
    [email protected]

    Aravali Institute of Management offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Diploma / Certification Courses

    Diploma Global Business Environment (DGBE)

    Aravali Institute of Management offers Full Time Diploma in Diploma Global Business Environment (DGBE)

    View Details Duration: 2 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Diploma / Certification
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      Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.