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  • Department Of Hindi

    Department Of Hindi

    The Post-graduate department of Hindi came into existence in the year 1959. With the initiative taken by the visionaries of our department the gates of knowledge were thrown open to one and all in the Country by making available M.A. in Hindi course through correspondence. Later in the year 1960 regular M.A. Hindi course was introduced. Institute of Correspondence Course and Continuing Education has now flowered into Karnataka State Open University. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A) Hindi

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  • Departments of Zoology

    Departments of Zoology

    The Department of Studies in Zoology, Manasagangotri was established in the year 1960, under the stewardship of late Prof. M.R. Rajashekarasetty, along with late Prof, B.N. Bole Gowda and Prof. M. Appaswamy Rao. Since the inception, the Department has immensely contributed in the fields of Reproductive Physiology, Comparative Endocrinology, and Drosophila Genetics, which have earned national and international recognition. Over the years, the Department has expanded the research activities leading to emergence of research groups in different fields viz., Vector Biology, Microbial.

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  • Departments of Urdu

    Departments of Urdu

    Departments of Urdu

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  • Departments of Statistics

    Departments of Statistics

    The University of Mysore enjoys a unique distinction in the sphere of statistical education in India, being the first university in the country to introduce statistics as a subject of study (1924, Maharaja’s College). Statistics was then taught mainly with mathematics, economics and actuarial science, but its status grew fast and in 1942, M.Sc. in Statistics was introduced which won another distinction for the University of Mysore, as the second university in India to start a postgraduate course in statistics.

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  • Departments of Sociology

    Departments of Sociology

    The department was set up 50 years ago in Maharaja’s College, and then shifted to the postgraduate campus in 1965. The subject was initially taught in Maharaja’s College just as a part of social philosophy in the undergraduate department of Philosophy. Over the years, the department grew so extensively that it gave birth to two other independent postgraduate departments - the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Social Work - in the University.

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  • Departments of Social Work

    Departments of Social Work

    The Professional Social Work course leading to Master’s Degree, affiliated to the University of Mysore, was started in 1977 at the School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore. In the academic year 1977-78 with a service of two temporary faculty members, a two- year PG course in Social Work (MSW) was stared in the PG Department of Sociology under the Chairmanship of Late Prof. C. Parvathamma. With the establishment of Mangalore University in 1984, the School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore came to be affiliated Mangalore University.

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  • Departments of Sericulture Science

    Departments of Sericulture Science

    The Department started as World Bank Aided Sericulture Project in the Department of Studies in Zoology in 1979 with a mandate to start sericulture as teaching and research programme. A Post – Graduate Diploma in Sericulture and Ph.D. programmes existed as early as 1980, in addition to having a two year Masters Degree course in Sericulture initiated during the academic year 1988-89. The infrastructural facilities in the Department were further improved by the financial assistance from the Central Silk Board (CSB) under National Sericulture Project in 1991.

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  • Departments of Sanskrit

    Departments of Sanskrit

    The Department of Studies in Sanskrit is one of the oldest departments of the University of Mysore, which was established in the Year 1916. Sanskrit, which is said to be the very breath of Indian Culture and Heritage, has been taught as the second language and optional subject graduate level. Both honors degree and postgraduate coursed in Sanskrit were taught in the celebrated Maharaja’s College till 1960. Then in the Year 1960 Department has sifted to the Manasagngotri Campus

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  • Departments of Physical Education

    Departments of Physical Education

    The University College of Physical Education started under the department of Physical Education, University of Mysore, Mysore, in the year 1972. The Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) course was started in the year 1972 with an intake capacity of 20 students.

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  • Departments of Psychology

    Departments of Psychology

    The department of Psychology at the University of Mysore has the distinction of being the second oldest Department in the country. Dr. M.V.Gopalaswamy, after obtaining his Ph.D. in London under Dr. Charles Spearman, established this Department in 1924. Dr. B. Kuppuswamy, a renowned social psychologist, and Prof. B. Krishnan, known for his work in the field of Indian Psychology, led the department for a long time to its present glory. The Department was offering M.A. Degree in Psychology till the year 1998.

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  • Departments of Political Science

    Departments of Political Science

    Prof Srinakntaiah was the founder head, later on Prof. K.B.Y Thotappa, a student of Prof. Laski, occupied the chair with great distinction. There are other distinguished teachers who chaired : Prof. Mune Gowda, Prof. Lingaiah, Prof. Rafeek Ahmed, Prof. H.M. Rajashekara, Prof.M.Umapathy. We had teachers like Prof. H.K. Cheluvaraju who on later date became the Vice-chancellor of Gulbarga University, Prof. Bashir Hussain who became the Chairman of Minority Commission

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  • Departments of Physics

    Departments of Physics

    The department was established in the year 1960 in the Manasagangotri campus of the University of Mysore. Beginning as a small department offering only an M.Sc. course in one special subject, Spectroscopy, today it has grown into one of the largest departments on the campus offering both Master's and Doctoral programs covering one or more aspects of Physics in the following areas of study: Atmospheric Physics Condensed Matter Physics Environmental Radiation Nuclear Physics Theoretical Physics

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  • Departments of Philosophy

    Departments of Philosophy

    New Courses proposed to be introduced M. Phil. Applied Philosophy & Yoga Managerial Ethics Eco-Philosophy Value based Education Vedantic Studies (Advanced) Buddhistic Studies (Advanced) Philosophy of Science Comparative Religion

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  • Departments of Microbiology

    Departments of Microbiology

    The Department of Studies in Botany during 1980’s felt the need for M.Sc., Microbiology course considering the fact that Microbiology will play an increasing central role as a kind of beacon for Biology. Accordingly the Department developed the curriculum and designed the course with expertise available in the Department. It was in 1992, that, this M.Sc. Microbiology was started without any financial burden on the University, but with sole aim of offering another relevant course, considering the need of the society.

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  • Departments of Mathematics

    Departments of Mathematics

    Department of Studies in Mathematics was established in 1960 with Prof. K. Venkatachala Iyengar as the first Head of the Department who was instrumental in making the Department as an active research center. Professors Keshava Hegde, T. S. Nanjundaiah and S. Bhargava continued this Mathematical tradition. Some of the other distinguished faculties who contributed to the development of the Department are Professors H. S. Gopalakrishna, E. Sampathkumar, C. Puttamadaiah, B. S. Kiranagi, B. S. Panduranga Rao, S. Nanjunda Rao, Huchegowda and Padmavathamma.

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  • Departments of Library and Information Science

    Departments of Library and Information Science

    The Department of Studies in Library and Information Science, established on June 24, 1965 has steadily grown from strength to strength in respect of faculty and teaching programmes. Today, the Department is leading the country in LIS education and has made a strong presence in the profession through its innovative teaching programmes and sponsored Research Projects. The courses offered reflect the changing dimensions of the field. The curricula of our programmes reflect our commitment to change, innovate and adapt.

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  • Departments of Law

    Departments of Law

    The department of Studies in Law was established in 1973. It is in the forefront in Southern India in providing higher legal education and research studies. It offers two years (4 Semester) KK.N., Programme with Optional branches such as Constitutional Law, International Law and Business and Trade Law. Research for Ph.D. in Law is also conducted under ther auspices of the department. LL.M. study at Mysore is known for high component of training in research in Law, which the candidate has to fulfit by dissertation work. Some of the student dissertations are published.

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  • Departments of Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies

    Departments of Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies

    When the University of Mysore was established, one of its avowed objects was to foster the language of the people and give it an important place in the curricula of studies. Kannada M.A. course was started in the University of Mysore in July 1927 at the Maharaja’s College. The Institute of Kannada Studies was established on December 8th, 1966 with a valid purpose of accomplishing an overall development of Kannada language and literature and bringing all teaching as well as research academic activities pertaining to Kannada under one shelter.

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  • Departments of Jainology and Prakrit

    Departments of Jainology and Prakrit

    The contribution of Wodeyars of Mysore for the cause of education in Karnataka is very significant and invaluable. The services rendered by His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for comprehensive development of Karnataka is indeed phenomenal. He is the founding father and the first Chancellor of the University of Mysore, one of the oldest Universities in the country, established in 1916.

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  • Departments of History

    Departments of History

    The Department of History has come a long way and it was already in existence when the University of Mysore was founded in 1916-17. Formerly as part of the Maharaja's College it had the unique distinction of having on its roll very great minds who could rub shoulders with such intellectual giants as Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee, so much so that the Maharaja's College itself came to be called "History College". It had such distinguished historians as Denham, C.R. Reddy, R.K. Mukherjee, Neelakantha Sastri, M.V. Krishna Rao, Srikanta Sastri and so on.

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  • Departments of Hindi

    Departments of Hindi

    The Post-graduate department of Hindi came into existence in the year 1959, thanks to Herculean efforts of visionaries like Prof.N.Nagappa, Prof.M.Rajeshwaraiah, Dr.Hiranmay, Dr.M.S.Krishnamurthy and Dr.N.S.Dakshinamurthy. With the initiative taken by the visionaries of our department the gates of knowledge were thrown open to one and all in the Country by making available M.A. in Hindi course through correspondence. Later in the year 1960 regular M.A. Hindi course was introduced.

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  • Departments of Geology

    Departments of Geology

    The Post-graduate Department of studies in Geology was started in the year 1960 under the stewardship of late Professor M.N. Viswanathaiah at Yuvaraja's College, Mysore. The latE.! Prof. B.V. Govidnarajulu joined him subsequently in the year 1961. These TWO professor were like pillars who built the Geology Department since 1961 which has now blossomed into a prestigious center of Earth Sciences studies in the country.

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  • Departments of Geography

    Departments of Geography

    The Post-Graduate Department of Geography was started in 1959-60 at Maharaja’s College with the efforts of Prof.Nazeer Ahmed, Prof. G.K.Ghori and Mr.Salar Masood and later shifted to Manasagangotri Campus in the year 1962-63. It is the first and the oldest Geography department in Karnataka and second in the whole of South India. In the beginning, the classes were conducted at Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion and shifted to the present place in the year 1966.

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  • Departments of Food Science and Nutrition

    Departments of Food Science and Nutrition

    University of Mysore has sown a seed of M.Sc. Course in Home Science in the year 1970 at the palatial mansion in Manasagangotri campus. A seed sown on that day has grown up as tree of Department of studies in Food Science and Nutrition (Formerly Department of Studies in Home Science until 6th February 1994) offering Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree programme in Food Science and Nutrition, Human Development covering the following areas of study:

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  • Departments of Environmental Science

    Departments of Environmental Science

    The Department of Studies in Environmental Science was started in the year 1992 which conducts M.Sc., M.Phil & Ph.D. Programmes. The Department used to be headed by Co-ordinators from the sister Departments like Department of Studies in Physics, with Prof. P.Venkataramaiah as the first Co-ordinator followed by Prof.J.Shashidhara Prasad & Prof.Nagappa. Dr.S.L.Belagali was appointed as Professor & Co-ordinator for Environmental Science department during October 1999 and he worked up to 5.11.2008 as the Co-ordinator.

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  • Departments of English

    Departments of English

    The Department of Studies in English is one of the oldest in the University of Mysore. The Department at Maharajas College and Central College were earlier manned by Englishmen who later gave way to Indians. They were J.E. Roll and W.G. Eagleron at Mysore and A.B. McKintosh at Bangalore all of whom were highly influential teachers. B.M. Shrikantaiah, a great teacher heralded a new tradition in Kannada Literature with his work, English Geethegalu. His disciple A.N. Moorthy Rao is widely regarded as the father of the Kannada Essay.

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  • Departments of Education

    Departments of Education

    The history of the department dates back to 1956 when a postgraduate course in education leading to the M.Ed. degree was introduced at the then University Teachers College (now, the Government of College Teacher Education). But, an independent Postgraduate Department of Studies and Research in Education was set up in 1960 at the new campus Manasagangotri, alongside many other postgraduate departments of the University. This was the first department in the postgraduate campus to start teaching in Kannada medium (1981), in addition to English medium. The department also offered M.Ed.

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  • Departments of Economics and Cooperation

    Departments of Economics and Cooperation

    Department of Economics and Cooperation is one of the oldest departments of the University and being at the core of its faculty of arts, the Department of Economics and Cooperation has always played its role creditably as a centre of qualitative teaching and research. It has a long list of former students who have distinguished themselves in education, administration and other areas of public service in India and abroad. Reputed economists like K.T. Shah, N.S. Subba Rao, V.L. D’ Souza, M.H. Gopal, R. Balakrishna D.M Nanjundappa, P.R. Bramhananda, Ranganath Bradwaz and M.

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  • Departments of Communication & Journalism

    Departments of Communication & Journalism

    The University of Mysore has many “first” to its credit. Education in Journalism is one of these. The Department of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Journalism was started on August 9, 1972. However, the regular classes were formally inaugurated on September 20, 1972. Thus, the University of Mysore created history by introducing Journalism as a subject of study at the post-graduate level offering M.A. degree. Dr. Nadig Krishna Murthy, Professor and Head, who is pioneer in Journalism education in India is the founder of the department.

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  • Departments of Computer Science

    Departments of Computer Science

    It was in the year 1986 that the University of Mysore with the support of DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, launched a very new Post Graduate programme in Computer Science called M.Sc. (Computer Science) mainly to cater to the demands of good software engineering in DRDO labs all over the nation. B.Sc. candidates drawn from all over India, selected through an entrance examination, were given DRDO scholarships and absorbed subsequently after the completion of their Masters degree.

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  • Departments of Chemistry

    Departments of Chemistry

    The department had been established even before the University was incorporated in 1916. In fact, a Chair in Chemistry had already been instituted in 1910 at the Central College with Dr. F.I. Usher, a distinguished student of Sir. William Ramsay, as the professor of Chemistry. In 1917, a Chair in Organic Chemistry was instituted and Mr. M.G. Srinivasa Rao became its occupant as the professor of Organic Chemistry. Later, Dr. B. Sanjiva Rao became the professor of General Chemistry.

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  • Departments of Christianity

    Departments of Christianity

    Mysore, the city of palaces, gardens and temples, is also the seat of one of the ancient universities, to be precise, the sixth to be established in India in 1916. Added to its great heritage and glorious tradition of excellence in education, Mysore University with a Five-Star credit by NAAC, has the distinction of being the first university to have started a Department of Christian Studies in India.

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  • Departments of Commerce

    Departments of Commerce

    The Department of Post Graduate Studies in Commerce was established in the University during the academic year 1960-61. However, Commerce as a discipline at the undergraduate level was being offered for decades earlier to that. It is interesting to note that when the University was established in 1916 Commerce subject was offered as one of the areas of studies at the undergraduate level for a co~pl~ of years and withdrawn subsequently due to the introduction of other professional courses such as Engineering.

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  • Departments of Botany

    Departments of Botany

    The Department of Studies in Botany of the University is one of the leading Plant Science Departments in the country dedicated to teaching and research in plant and microbial sciences. The department has a well-established ‘Botanic Garden’ with separate Glass House and a Fern House with its living collections of more than 400 species of plants. The department also has ‘Museum’, which is named after N.I. Vavilov, with a collection of over 300 specimens representing all the major groups of Plant Kingdom.

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  • Departments of Biochemistry

    Departments of Biochemistry

    1952 - Biochemistry subject was started as a branch of Chemistry. 1954 - Biochemistry along with other science subjects was moved to Bangalore PG Centre. 1962 - Restarted at Manasagangotri. Degrees were awarded in the subject Chemistry. 1968 - Degrees were awarded in Chemistry (Biochemistry). 1974 - Degrees were awarded in the subject Biochemistry. 1975 - Semester system was introduced. 1980 - Shifted to its own building.

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  • Departments of Applied Botany and Biotechnology

    Departments of Applied Botany and Biotechnology

    The University of Mysore established Department of Studies in Applied Botany and Seed Pathology (DAB) by integrating the ICAR supported Downy Mildew Research Laboratory (DMRL), UGC-SAP-DRS programme on Seed Pathology and M.Phil in Seed Pathology programme which were formerly housed in the Department of Studies in Botany. DAB introduced M.Sc in Biotechnology in 1992, which was recognized under DBT-HRD programme of Government of India in 1998.

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  • Departments of Anthropology

    Departments of Anthropology

    The Department was established in 1973 with a view to impart training in Anthropology at the post-graduate level and to promote anthropological research, especially in southern part of Karnataka. One permanent professor and a few temporary lecturers constituted the teaching faculty of the department for about a decade. For the first five years the department had only temporary lecturers and occasionally some visiting professors.

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  • Departments of Ancient History and Archaeology

    Departments of Ancient History and Archaeology

    In the year 1950, the then Maharaja of Mysore Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar created an endowment chair in Indology and appointed Prof.H.N.Raghavendra Char, the retired Professor of Philosophy and also the ‘Dharmaadhikari’ of the Mysore Professor and Head of the Department of Indology. In the year 1952, Professor K.A.Neelakanta Sastry was invited as head of the department and the ex-officio Director of Archaeology of Mysore State, served uptoMarch 1956 and Dr.M.Sheshadri, Professor of History, succeeded him. In the year 1958, a fullfledged independent Department was formed.

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