Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
City Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone 2265 2819 / 2265 2825. , 2652 6091 / 2652 6388.
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Admission Notices

    Brief History of the Department

    As early as the year 1980, the University realised the acute shortage of technically trained personnel in the field of Computer Science. A one year programme, the B.Sc.(Applied) Computer Science was started. Two years later the University Grants Commission together with the Department of Electronics, Government of India, launched a Manpower Development Programme in Computer Science. The University of Pune was chosen as one of the centers to start a three year Masters degree programme titled Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A). The M.C.A. programme was launched in July, 1983. The M.Tech. degree programme was begun in June 1985. The one year B.Sc.(Applied) Computer Science programme was upgraded to a two year M.Sc. programme in Computer Science in 1986. Under the DOE Cross-Migration scheme for M.Tech., the first batch of students was admitted in 1988.

    The University Department of Computer Science (UDCS) is housed in the Ground Floor, Ranade Bhavan, B-Wing. The Department was established in 1978 and had a full time M.Sc. Computer Science course from 1979. Dr. M. V. Pitke, School of Physics, T.I.F.R. was the first Head of the Department. The Department received a number of projects from C-DOT, housed in T.I.F.R. at that time. The Department worked closely with T.I.F.R. during its initial period. Later, Dr. V. N. Joshi took charge as the Head of the Department. The Department added short term and medium term courses during his tenure. These include the Diploma in Computer Software Techniques (DCST), Diploma in Computer Programming (DCP) and Diploma in Computer Software Applications (DCSA). The core research of the Department was in the area of Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), which includes the work by Dr. M. A. Sanglikar present Head of the Department. Large number of research papers were published in parametric curve and surface design. Due to the influence of it’s research students, the Department had a strong base in research in CAD and computer graphics. The Department worked closely with CAD and Graphics groups, A.I. and Knowledge Based Computer System groups of different Research Institutes during this period. The paradigm shift to technology occurred in the mid nineties with the Department taking the initiative in developing Internet technologies. This phase saw a number of projects on Parallel Processing, Computer Graphics, Animation, Fractal Geometry and Indian Language Font Design being carried our by M.Sc. students as part of their project. This has culminated in development of topics today that overlap in Computer Science and computer engineering. Thus, the present syllabus in M.Sc. Computer Science encourages the study of Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing, Mobile Communication and embedded system traditionally belonging to computer technology. Mumbai University began a course B.Sc. in Computer Science in 1999. The first batch of graduates from this course took admission to the Department in June 2002. The B.Sc. Computer Science course is very strong in applications. Thus, these students are comfortable in working in a very professional environment. This helped in establishing a Linux Club in collaboration with IBM and in exploring IBM technologies. This led to Judith Escort (Project Executive – Open Standards Skills Development, IBM USA) visiting the Department and speaking on Open Source Development. The Department in conjunction with IBM conducted a two-day Workshop on DB2, UDB 8.1 and WSAD 5 for college teachers in Computer Science and Information Technology. The students of Department have taken workshops on Linux at IEEE technical festivals.

    The Department

    In short, We are a small department with less than a dozen, enthusiastic and easily approachable faculty members, 164 students, three student bodies and a two-storeyed building. But we make up in enthusiasm what we lack in size. We have three academic programmes where the selection is done through a nation-wide entrance exam.

    The Learning Atmosphere

    The Department offers a healthy atmosphere conducive to learning computer science. It also gears its students to face the challenges of the world outside. We treasure our relaxed and informal atmosphere. Learning is not confined to class rooms. Faculty and students discussing around canteen tables is not a rare sight. Senior students frequently assist the faculty in teaching activities. Apart from normal way of conducting exams, we also have the notion of open notes/books exams, take-home exams and unlimited duration examination (popularly known among our students as infinite test); notions that can be experienced and understood once you are here. The interaction between the faculty and the students extends beyond academic activities. The students organize guest lectures, picnics, treks, and parties in which faculty also participate. Games like football, cricket, table-tennis, badminton, carrom, and chess are also organized and enjoyed.

    University of Mumbai
    M.G. Road
    Mumbai-400 032.

    Fort Campus: 2265 2819 / 2265 2825.

    Kalina Campus: 2652 6091 / 2652 6388.

    Department of Computer Science offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Bachelors Degree Courses

    Bachelor of Engineering (BE Computer Science & Engineering)

    Department of Computer Science offers 4 Years Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Engineering (BE Computer Science & Engineering)

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree
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      Department of Computer Science

      Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.