The Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM , Bhopal

The Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM , Bhopal
City Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Address Indian Institute of Forest Management
Nehru Nagar
M.P - 462003
Phone 0755-2768331, 2763925, 2763924
Fax 2671929
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The Indian Institute of Forest Management is a sectoral management institute, which constantly endeavors to evolve knowledge useful for the managers in the area of Forest, Environment and Natural Resources Management and allied sectors. It disseminates such knowledge in ways that promote its application by individuals and organizations. IIFM has been established with the following objectives : Provide training in management and related subjects for persons from the Indian Forest Service, Forest Departments, Forest Development Corporation and Forest related industries with a view to equip them to practice the art and profession of management of forestry development. Inculcate an appreciation in those selected for training, that conservation is of overriding importance in the management of living natural resources and that the primary role of forests is the vital ecological and environmental purpose they serve. Select and prepare outstanding and talented young persons for careers leading to management responsibility in forestry and the forest-related system. Meet the need of Indian forestry and forest-related industry and commerce in respect of upto-date information on forestry management through research, consulting and publication. Assist, institute and carry out research in matters concerning the use of management and allied techniques and methods conducive to the development of forestry in the country. Institute awards, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules and bye-laws. Create patronships, affiliations & other classes of professional or honorary membership or office, as the society may consider necessary.
Forest Management , The MDPs at IIFM can be categorised into the following four broad groups based on their focus : General management programmes. Sectoral and sub-sectoral programmes. Sponsored programmes. International training programmes Research is one of the important activities at IIFM through which IIFM constantly strives to develop frontiers of knowledge in various areas of forest and natural resource management. Research activities at the institute are focused on finding such applications of management concepts, tools and techniques that can assist a forest manager in achieving effectiveness and efficiency in forestry operations. Most of the research projects undertaken by the faculty at IIFM, are therefore, of an applied nature. Findings of research projects are also used for development of teaching material and case studies on various aspects of forest management. Many national and international organizations fund research projects at IIFM. Ford Foundation Funded Research Joint Forest Management (JFM) is one of the thrust areas of research at IIFM. IIFM has received grants from the Ford Foundation under the Ford Foundation Research Grant (FFRG) scheme to carry out research in the area of JFM. Important components of this research project include : Behavioural Analysis of the human component of Forest Protection Committees Marketing Aspects of Non-timber Forest Products and Economic Development of the people. Institutional frame work of the Forest Protection Committee and the Socio-economic Dimensions Ecological Aspects of Protected Forest and their productivity and Development of capacity in Gender Research and Training. The following are some of the case and research projects that have been completed by the Centre. Interface between JFM and Eco-tourism Participatory Development and Community Forest Management Ecological study of Participatory Management in South Chhindwara. Challenges and Opportunities in JFM - A Case Study of West Bengal. These studies highlight various parameters which strengthen the JFM movement.The increasing population and thrust on economic growth after independence created a large demand on forests in respect of needs of rural people ( fuelwood, fodder), industrial raw material and diversion of forest land for non-forestry purposes (agriculture, river valley projects, mining). The signs of ecological degradation and pressure on tribals became clearly evident by 1970.
The National Commission on Agriculture (1972) identified low investment leading to low productivity of the Indian forests as the major cause of failure of forestry sector to cope with the rising demands and suggested substantial investments into forestry. It tried to achieve a balance between demands of industries and local people through concepts on production and Social Forestry. Efficiency of investments required managerial inputs from the field of management science to achieve the desired productivity.
In 1974, Government of India, accepting the recommendations of FAO/SIDA Forestry preparatory Mission to India for provision of training unit to provide instructions in such fields as business cost control, economics of timber harvesting etc. requested SIDA to support a Business Administration Training Project (BATP) with the objectives:

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Madhya pradesh
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The Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM , Bhopal offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

Diploma / Certification Courses

Diploma Environmental Management (DEM)

The Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal offers Full Time Diploma in Diploma Environmental Management (DEM)

View Details Duration: 1 Year    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Diploma / Certification
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    The Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM , Bhopal

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