Heera College of Engineering Technology, Thriuvananthapuram

Heera College of Engineering Technology, Thriuvananthapuram
City Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India
Phone +91 472 2867000
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Admission Notices

    Heera college of Engineering & Technology is at beautifully and serene village called nedumangad. The site at Nedumangad is a panoramic leveled landscape rich with lush greenery. It is sandwiched between a large village community on one side and a major tourist spot, Ponmudi Hills, on the other. Heera College of Engineering and Technology, which is the dream fulfillment of Dr. A.R.Babu. The College has comprehensive infrastructural facilities and easily accessible by roads.

    The “Heera Educational and Charitable Trust” is the promoters of the HEERA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY. The settler of the Trust Dr. A.R. Abul Rasheed , alias Dr.A.R. Babu is a leading business man in South India. As mentioned supra, the Trust is formed mainly for the upliftment of the minority and other backward communities in India who are still educationally and financially suffering backwardness in the country. The affairs of the Trust is being managed by the Board of Trustees of the Trust and Dr.A.Abdul Rasheed alias Dr.A.R.Babu is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Trustee of the Trust. The Heera Educational and Charitable Trust is a charitable organization without any profit motive and the rules and regulations of the Trust do not envisage diversion of income, profit for any other purposes.

    The Trust envisages to institute scholarships to meritorious, deserving and needy students in the best interest of enhancing academic proficiency in the institution. This Charitable Trust is promoted by its sister concern viz, M/s HEERA CONSTRUCTION CO Pvt, Ltd, which is one of the leading and successful Industries, in South India in the Real Estate segment. The Trust is constituted to establish educational Institutions and also to undertake other associated activities as envisaged under the Trust Deed and the Chairman & Managing Trustee of this Trust is holding the position of Managing Director in the M/s Heera Construction Company Pvt Ltd, the promoters and the other Board of Trustees of the Trust holding the position of the Directors of the said Company.

    Heera College of Engineering & Technology
    Panavoor P.O ,Nedumangadu,
    Kerala – 695 568.

    Phone : +91 472 2867000,

    Mobile : +91 99470 11444


    Heera College of Engineering Technology, Thriuvananthapuram offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Bachelors Degree Courses

    Bachelor of Technology (BTech Computer Science Engineering)


    The foremost objective of the Computer Science and Engineering programme is to hone technical skills demanded by today�s engineering professionals by providing a sound technical platform and the required knowledge base. It prepares them to meet the challenges faced by today�s IT professionals by exposing them to a wide array of cutting- edge technologies.

    The four year B.Tech Degree course in Computer Science and Engineering is aimed at providing theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. The subjects include Computer Architecture and Organization, Automata Languages and Computation, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Language Processor, Computer Networks, Advanced Architecture and Parallel Processing , Software Engineering, Analysis and Design of Algorithms etc. The Department provides extensive computing resources for learning and research. It has well equipped laboratories and computing facilities. This includes more than 150 high performance computers and peripherals. Broadband Internet connectivity is provided throughout the campus.

    Well qualified faculty and skilled supporting staff are the strengths of the department. Students are motivated to carryout projects for deeper understanding.

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree

    Bachelor of Technology (BTech Mechanical Engineering)


    Of the many Engineering disciplines, Mechanical Engineering is the broadest, encompassing a wide variety of engineering fields and many specialties. Mechanical Engineers are Employed in an enormous range of technical areas including aerospace, acoustics, air-conditioning, automatic controls, computer aided design, energy management, fluid dynamics, tribology, robotics, biomechanics and turbo machinery, just to name a few. Mechanical Engineering is a challenging, rewarding and highly respected profession. The department has laboratory and workshop facilities with modern equipments to carry out laboratory work and research in all areas related to Mechanical Engineering. Well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties are available to train the young engineers.

    The mission of the department is to mould Mechanical engineers for the dissemination of knowledge and technology, and development of innovative solutions to problems in this field. The department supports society through its commitment to excellence in its teaching, research, and service missions.

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree

    Bachelor of Technology (BTech Civil Engineering)

    Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering. Civil Engineers work for improving the quality of the physical environment, thereby providing better living conditions for mankind.
    Civil Engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of built environment such as building, roads, railways, bridges, dams, ports and harbours, airports etc. Civil Engineering has many sub-disciplines like structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, environment engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, surveying, town and country planning etc.

    Students will be trained not only in the theory of the science of different sub disciplines of Civil Engineering, but also in the practical and field applications of the theory. Well qualified and experienced faculties are available to help the students to achieve in the profession of Civil Engineering.

    The department moulds young outstanding engineers who are academically strong both theory and practical. Well equipped laboratories are set up to train the students. Special orientation is provided to the staff periodically for updating their acumen and to imbibe the latest technological changes.

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree

    Bachelor of Technology (BTech Electronics & Electrical Engineering)

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering is characterized by a diversity of fields encompassing areas of research, design, development and operation of electrical systems. Technical areas within the EEE discipline include, Electromagnetics, Electronics, Power Systems, Control Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Digital Systems, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and Communications. Involvement of Electrical Engineers stretch from designing, Implementing, maintaining and improving motors to radars.
    The EEE department is dedicated to delivering competent electrical engineers to the arena of the real world. They are outfitted with core technical knowledge as well as professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the future. The committed faculty and staff are fully geared up towards this end.

    Excellent laboratories have been laid out for the practical instruction of students. These add value to the theoretical instruction gleaned in the lecture halls. The machine Lab, Measurement Lab , Electronics lab, Control and Power Electronics lab, Power System Stimulation Lab, Electrical Workshop come under this stream.

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree

    Bachelor of Technology (BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering)

    Electronics & Communication Engineering

    The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering offers core courses whose successful completion leads to a B.Tech Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the University of Kerala. The program is aimed at providing premier professional training with emphasis on the modern developments in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

    The subjects include Communication Engineering , Microwave Communication, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Industrial and Power Electronics, Digital System design , Microprocessors, Electronic Product Design, VLSI Design, Industrial Organization and Management etc. With the aim of bridging the gap between text-book knowledge and its practical application, the students are required to take laboratory classes on all core subjects in addition to seminars and projects.

    This department offers hands on training to the students to meet the requirements of the industry in well equipped laboratories with state of the art instruments and equipment under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. The graduates of Electronics & Communication Engineering have easy access to many job opportunities in the field of electronics and telecommunication industry, banking, computer manufacturing, software development, biomedical instrumentation, hardware designing and systems planning.

    View Details Duration: 4 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree
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      Heera College of Engineering Technology, Thriuvananthapuram

      Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.