International Center for Ayurvedic Studies

International Center for Ayurvedic Studies
City Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar

International Center for Ayurvedic Studies is affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar

Admission Notices

    Gujarat Ayurveda University being a premiere institution of Ayurveda and W.H.O. collaborative center, became a center of attraction for foreigners. Students from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius came here for regular P.G. degree course. The University started a three-month introductory course in Ayurveda in 1990. Since then students from the countries like Germany, Poland, England, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Reunion Island, have come to this University to attend various courses. In 1998 the University has broadened its objectives and set a goal to popularize Ayurveda in foreign countries and opened all its courses for foreigners. Many new courses have been introduced exclusively for foreign nationals. To coordinate these activities and to provide exclusive information to foreign nationals, an International Center for Ayurvedic Studies has been inaugurated on January 5th, 1999. This center looks after the admission of foreign nationals in various courses and provides technical and administrative help to the students. Other than regular courses of the various Institutes this center organizes courses exclusively for the foreign nationals.
    It is essential to update the knowledge of manpower in any organization. This can be achieved by providing regular training and refresher course program to the staff members of the organization. Hence, to organize various refresher and training programs for teachers and other staff of the university this center was established in1999.
    Department of continuing education has been setup in the University since 1999. It is conducting the training program for Ayurvedic physicians to improve their professional capability in various aspects. Qualified physicians, Medical Officers and unqualified physicians are being covered under this program. Training programs for the teachers are also being conducted. Some of these programs are being conducted under the financial support from Govt. of India. These training programs are being implemented by Institute of P.G. Teaching & Research. New courses for the specific training in the field of Panchakarma and Ksharasutra have also been started. University has a plan to start a Summer Training School for the Teachers of Ayurvedic Colleges to upgrade their knowledge.
    Looking to the growing menace of the dreaded disease AIDS Gujarat Ayurveda University with the support of Govt. Of Gujarat and Govt. Of India has started this center for intensive research. This center is working in collaboration with M.P. Shah Medical, Jamnagar. A high level advisory board has been constituted including the eminent Ayurvedic physicians of India. In the hospital of P.G. Institute a special indoor ward has been reserved for the purpose.
    Ayurveda is known for its health care ability since centuries, especially for its Geriatric care. A need was felt to start a center for the care of old age persons. Thorough regular medical checkup of aged persons is being carried out by this center. These persons will be given good oil massage, Snehadhara, Pizichil (Oil massage & Fomentation), Shirodhara and other specialized Keraliya massages as per the health status and the need. Necessary advice on diet and healthy way of life according to the Ayurvedic concepts and use of appropriate Rasayana is provided to these patients. A team of qualified and experienced physicians is providing all the services and consultancy.
    Gujarat Ayurveda University has launched the Rural Health Care Program to provide medical care to the people of villages. This program will help achieving the goal of health for all. The public of far-flung areas of the state is getting the benefit of the various experts. For this purpose some villages in the vicinity of Jamnagar are adopted and the teachers and postgraduate students of the University are visiting these centers regularly.
    This center is providing an opportunity to the students for understanding the medical needs of village folk and their management. Complete physical checkup of the residents of these villages is being done and needy are being provided with required treatment and advice. The public of these villages is also being imparted knowledge of preventive and promotive principles of Ayurveda for Health.
    The Astrology was an integral part of Oriental teaching during Vaidik and later period. Ayurvedic Physicians practiced diagnosis and prognosis of diseases on the basis of the movement of planetary bodies in the circle of Zodiac since long. The Medical Astrology is proved an invaluable diagnostic tool that leads to speedy recovery and lasting cure.
    It is felt necessary to carry out intensive research in this branch to remove the fallacies and utilize the full potential of this science. Hence with an objective to rationalize the practice of Medical Astrology and to train the physicians in it, this center was established in 1999.

    Administrative Bhavan
    361 008
    Phone No :-288-676854
    Fax No :-288-555966
    [email protected]

    International Center for Ayurvedic Studies offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.

    Bachelors Degree Courses

    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

    International Center for Ayurvedic Studies offers 4 Years Full Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

    View Details Duration: 5 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level: Bachelors Degree


    Diploma Ayurveda Nishnat (DAN)

    International Center for Ayurvedic Studies offers Full Time Diploma in Diploma Ayurveda Nishnat (DAN)

    View Details Duration: 2 Years    Learning Mode: Full Time    Course Level:
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    International Center for Ayurvedic Studies is affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.

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    International Center for Ayurvedic Studies is affiliated to Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. Browse Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar Time Tables


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      International Center for Ayurvedic Studies

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