Sound Recording & Radio Production

Sound Recording & Radio Production

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Full Time

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Professional Courses

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3 Months


The candidate should have pass in higher secondary or bachelor degree or equivalent

Course Details:

Sound Recording & Radio Production - Sound recording and radio production are a major portion of the entertainment industry worldwide and offer a vast amount of work to the creative people of all ages. The aural impressions often last longer that of the work seen on the stage of the screen. Sound recording and radio production professionals have to create visual images in the audience's theatre of mind. These two disciplines are both an art as well as science and should be systematically learnt. The principles of producing aesthetically pleasing and technically acceptable sound-live or recorded - for various purposes, are however, the same. Sound recording and radio production professionals have to develop in them skills to be expressive, believable and pleasurable in their creative work. They have also to learn the techniques of using the microphone. A performer in this field should have a clear and attractive voice because voice is central to the production of sound related products. It would be helpful to the maker of sound related products to be adept in scripting the presentation, handling sound mixing and recording equipment as well as have trained ears. Radio broadcasting being instantaneous in nature and pervasive in reach, is a cost effective means of reaching the mass audience.


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