Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

1 Year


Candidate is required to have scored at least 55% or equivalent CCWA/CGPA in postgraduation in the subject (or in an allied discipline); or at least 60% or equivalent CCWA/CGPA in a four year graduation. Admissions to M. Phil. are through Research Entrance Test (RET).

Course Details:

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)- The aim of the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programs is to provide research training in a manner that fosters the development of independent research skills in candidates. On completion of the period of research, the student should possess the ability to formulate a significant problem, mastery of appropriate conceptual and methodological frameworks, and the capacity for articulate and critical analysis. The MPhil thesis provides evidence of significant research as the culmination of 1-2 years full-time equivalent study and research training.

Master of Philosophy in Philosophy (M.Phil Philosophy), is a two years Postgraduate Academic Research Degree program in India. It’s a Pre - Doctoral Program done after the completion of Master’s Degree. Philosophy is a comprehensive system of ideas about human nature and live. The study is a mixture of theory and practical. The study emphasis on the fundamental problems, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The study develops the capability of analyzing and constructing through clear communication and presentation.


The candidate has to complete Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Course, in Philosophy with a minimum aggregate of 50 - 55 %, compulsorily such candidates are eligible for pursuing Master of Philosophy in Philosophy (M.Phil Philosophy), Course in India, some Universities and Institutes conduct their own entrance exam and admission given on the merit.

Course Duration / Learning Mode

The master’s study requires 2 years of the time period in India, It's a Full-Time study program, but candidates can also go with Part Time through Correspondence or Distance Learning Program depending upon certain criteria.

Further Study

After the successful completion of Master of Philosophy in Philosophy (M.Phil Philosophy), candidates can pursue for, Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) Degree or do specialization and research oriented work in their respective field.

Career Options

Degree holder has excellent career opportunities in Private and Government sector like Teaching, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Editing & Publication, Public Relation Journalism, Philosophical, Counselling, Philosophical Practices. One can recognize as Philosopher and work as, Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Public Relation Journalist, Counsellor, Therapist, Chief Officer, Novelist, Nonfiction Writer, and Poet, etc.


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