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CMAT Entrance Guide with Mock Test CD (English) 2nd Edition by Disha Experts

  • ISBN: 9789383379149
  • Authors: Disha Experts
CMAT Entrance Guide with Mock Test CD (English) 2nd Edition by Disha Experts
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CMAT Entrance Guide with Mock Test CD (English) 2nd Edition

Author: Disha Experts
Language: English
Length (Pages): 872 Pages
Publisher: Disha Publication - New Delhi

Publication Year
ISBN: 9789383379149

Table of Contents
Section I: Verbal Ability
Chapter 1: Vocabulary
Chapter 2: Grammar
Chapter 3: Reading Comprehension
Chapter 4: Composition

Section II: Quantitative Aptitude
Chapter 1: Number System
Chapter 2: HCF and LCM
Chapter 3: Simplification & Power and Roots Square, Cube, Indices and Surds
Chapter 4: Average
Chapter 5: Algebraic Expressions & Inequalities
Chapter 6: Percentage
Chapter 7: Profit and Proportion
Chapter 8: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 9: Partnership
Chapter 10: Mixture (Alligation)
Chapter 11: Interest
Chapter 12: True & Banker's Discount
Chapter 13: Stock and Shares
Chapter 14: Time and Work
Chapter 15: Pipes and Cisterns
Chapter 16: Distance, Speed, Time & Train
Chapter 17: Boats and Streams
Chapter 18: Geometry
Chapter 19: Mensuration
Chapter 20: Height and Distance
Chapter 21: Clock and Calender
Chapter 22: Set theory
Chapter 23: Sequence, Series and Logarithm
Chapter 24: Permutation and Combination
Chapter 25: Probability

Section III: Logical Reasoning (Including Critical Reasoning)
Chapter 1: Analogy
Chapter 2: Classification
Chapter 3: Coding-Decoding
Chapter 4: Blood Relation
Chapter 5: Direction-Sense
Chapter 6: Ranking Test
Chapter 7: Series
Chapter 8: Input Output
Chapter 9: Word Formation
Chapter 10: Logical Venn Diagrams
Chapter 11: Syllogism
Chapter 12: Cube
Chapter 13: Dice
Chapter 14: Number Puzzle
Chapter 15: Mathematical Operations
Chapter 16: Arithmetical Reasoning
Chapter 17: Analytical Reasoning
Chapter 18: Assertion and Reason
Chapter 19: Statement and Assumptions
Chapter 20: Statement and Arguments
Chapter 21: Statement and Courses of Action
Chapter 22: Statement and Conclusions
Chapter 23: Logical Deduction
Chapter 24: Critical Reasoning

Section IV: Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Chapter 1: Data Interpretation
Chapter 2: Data Sufficiency

Section V: General Awareness
India : At a Glance
World : At a Glance
Sports : At a Glance
Economy and Business: At a Glance
Question Bank Current Affairs
CMAT Mock Test 1
CMAT Mock Test 2
CMAT Mock Test 3
CMAT Mock Test 4
CMAT Mock Test 5
A complimentary NMAT Mock Test


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