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  • Department of Hotel Management

    Department of Hotel Management

    Bharath School of Hotel Management is one of the leading catering institutes in India offering Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Diploma and certificate courses in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. There are four major departments in hotel management namely Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office, and Accommodation Operations. A student who studies in this institute can equip himself professionally in all these major subjects and choose one as his career in the hotel industry.

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry # 173 Agharam Road Selaiyur, Chennai - 600 073 Tamil Nadu India Contact No : +91-44-2229 0742, 2229 0125 Fax No : +91-44-2229 3886 E Mail : [email protected]

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The Department of physics of Bharath Institute of Science and Technology was established as a part of Sri Lakshmi Ammal Educational trust with the aim of imparting higher knowledge in science and technology to the aspiring students so that they can emerge as competent scientists, engineers and technologists of repute.

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics was started in the year 1984. Since its inception, it is associated with all major departments, as Mathematics is being taught from 1st to 7th semester of all streams. The Department has a separate Library which stacked necessary reference and text books for the benefit of staff and students. The department offers M.Phil and Ph.D programmes on regular and part time basis. Presently the department has 14 faculty members. All are well qualified and most of them have more than 10 years of experience. Courses Offered : => M.Phil Mathematics

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    The Department of English was established in the year 1984 in order to provide support service to the main branch of studies. Since then the students are taught Technical English, communication skills, other techniques to make them employable. This in turn enhances them to communicate effectively, efficiently, vividly, confidently and without any hesitation. Academics :

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  • Department of Bioinformatics & Genetic Engineering

    Department of Bioinformatics & Genetic Engineering

    Bioinformaticsis: The Human Genome Project is one of the best examples of Bioinformatics. This rapidly developing branch of biology is highly interdisciplinary, using concepts and techniques from informatics, statistics, mathematics, retrieval and analysis of data related to biological systems. The department strives to train human resource to take up the challenges of the post-genomics era.

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  • Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    "Biomedical Engineering" is an application of all classical 'engineering principles' to solve clinical problems in medical and surgery. Biomedical engineers work with other healthcare professionals as members of a team. Employment opportunities for biomedical engineers exist in industry, government, universities, medical schools and hospitals. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Biomedical Engineering => B.Tech. - Medical Electronics & Imaging Technology => M.Tech. - Biomedical Engineering => M.Tech. - Biomolecular Engineering => M.Tech. - Biomedical Computation

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  • Department of Industrial Biotechnology

    Department of Industrial Biotechnology

    The main objective of the Department is to provide academic training and conduct research in the interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology with a particular emphasis on extending the knowledge generated from these studies towards the development of technologies of commercial significance. The department has ever since demonstrated an unfailing commitment towards research and man-power development in frontier areas of integrative biology. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Industrial Biotechnology => B.Tech. - Environmental Biotechnology => M.Tech. - Industrial Biotechnology

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  • Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

    Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

    The course is designed to give you an understanding of Electronics & Instrumentation Systems and Automation Principles. The focus is on the usage of computers for control. Embedded control, virtual instrumentation and instrumentation in core sector industries are also included in the course. The EIE Department equips students with knowledge of instruments and their management. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering => M.Tech. - Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering => M.Tech. - Automotive Electronics Engineering

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  • Department of Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering

    Department of Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering

    Telecommunications landscape is changing rapidly and currently undergoing tremendous growth. This programme is designed to prepare students for research and development in the application of Telecommunications field. The convergence of the computer and telecommunications technology promises innovative products and services that will revolutionize life and work. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Electronics & Tele Commn. Engineering => M.Tech. - Embedded Systems => M.Tech. - Digital Communication and Network => M.Tech. - Communication Systems => M.Tech. - Satallite Technology

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  • Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

    Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other seconds. Graduate engineers in this discipline will be equipped to design and fabricate, install, operate and maintain complex electronic circuits, equipments and systems. The course also covers designing security in communications, besides all the software and hardware required in the communication domain. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Electronics & Communication Engineering => B.Tech. - Electronics & Control Engineering => B.Tech. - Sensor Engineering

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  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Electrical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering. The wide application of electronics in controlling and protecting electrical equipments and systems has led to a new branch in Engineering - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Graduate Engineers in this discipline will be involved in the design, analysis, testing, installation, maintenance, security and operation of power related equipment and systems, across industries. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Electrical & Electronics Engineering => M.Tech. - Power Electronics and Drives

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  • Department of Architecture

    Department of Architecture

    The department has combines traditional learning with practice based work, prepares and shapes professional Architects. The course is comprehensive and holistic covering topics from History / Theory of Architecture to materials and construction, design of structure, climatology, site planning, urban designing, urban economics,sociology, cost estimation, budgeting, project management and more. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Architecture Research Focus :

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  • Department of Computer Applications

    Department of Computer Applications

    The Department of Computer Applications has been imparting instruction in computer applications with the most modern curriculum and syllabus to students of the post- graduate course since 1994. It has succeeded in creating its own place of excellence among its counterparts in Tamil Nadu and India. In fact, the department has been attracting bright students from all parts of the country for quality education in computer applications at the post graduate level. Courses Offered : => B.C.A. - Bachelor of Computer Application => B.Sc. - Computer Science

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  • Department of Information Technology

    Department of Information Technology

    The impact of Technological advancements on human life is not complete without the role of Information Technology, along all axes. Hence all-pervading nature of Information Technology is culminated with huge demand for education in the said field. The steady rise in the number of students opting to specialize in Information Technology is a testimony for that. Education in Information Technology imparts the knowledge through which the needs of users within an organizational and societal context can be met. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Information Technology

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  • Department of Computer Science Engineering

    Department of Computer Science Engineering

    Computer Science and Engineering is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. The CSE Department Endeavour’s to be an important regional, national, and international resource center for the development of Computing, IT and Software systems and applications. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering => B.Tech. - Computer Software & Engineering Engineering => M.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering => M.Tech. - Software Engineering

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  • Department of Mechatronics

    Department of Mechatronics

    Mechatronics is the senergist integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control. It as futuristic application in design and manufacture of products and process in cutting edge technology. Mechatronics system engineering has gained global interest in the past decade from the educational and industrial sectors. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Mechatronics => M.Tech. - Mechatronics => M.Tech. - Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Research Focus :

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  • Department of Automobile Engineering

    Department of Automobile Engineering

    Automobile Engineering covers the entire gambit of vehicle development from the design stage to the manufacture, maintenance and service of automobiles. With this in mind, the Department of Automobile Engineering was established in 2003 to train the students in the area of automobile engineering. As an automobile engineering graduate you will be qualified to work in the development (manufacturing, design and analysis), priming of work, fabrication and observation of the functionality of vehicles for street and rail. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Automobile Engineering

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  • Department of Aeronautical Engineering

    Department of Aeronautical Engineering

    Aeronautical engineering is the discipline which is dedicated to study of design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of flying machines. Here, engineering design and analysis are more precise using advanced materials. Manufacturing is always through the most advanced technologies that invariably focus on closer tolerances. With the explosive growth in civil aviation, satellite communications and space exploration, the demand for aeronautical engineers is simply incalculable. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Aeronautical Engineering

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineers require a solid understanding of key concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, energy and manufacturing. They use these principles in the design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, buildings and bridges, industrial equipment & machinery, and many more.. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering => B.Tech. - Production Engineering => M.Tech. - Computer Aided Design(CAD) => M.Tech. - Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) => M.Tech. - Industrial Engineering => M.Tech. - Machine Design

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  • Department of Civil Engineering

    Department of Civil Engineering

    The department has earned over the years an enviable reputation for excellence. The uniquely designed course offered by the department has already placed it on par with some of its counterparts, both at home and aboard. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. Civil Engineering => B.Tech. Civil Infrastructure Engineering => M.Tech. Structural Engineering => M.Tech. Environmental Engineering => M.Tech. Construction Management => M.Tech. Geo Technical => M.Tech. Urban Engineering => M.Tech. Irrigation Engineering => M.Tech. Hydrology and Water Resources

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