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Department of Civil Engineering


The department has earned over the years an enviable reputation for excellence. The uniquely designed course offered by the department has already placed it on par with some of its counterparts, both at home and aboard.

Courses Offered :

=> B.Tech. Civil Engineering
=> B.Tech. Civil Infrastructure Engineering
=> M.Tech. Structural Engineering
=> M.Tech. Environmental Engineering
=> M.Tech. Construction Management
=> M.Tech. Geo Technical
=> M.Tech. Urban Engineering
=> M.Tech. Irrigation Engineering
=> M.Tech. Hydrology and Water Resources

Research Focus :

The department offers Ph.D programs in all major civil engineering disciplines, both full time and part-time. Research areas of various specializations of Civil Engineering.

Infrastructure :

Survey Laboratory :
This lab consists of a variety of modern surveying equipment, such as GPS-based surveying equipment like total stations, theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and research purposes. Undergraduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework. The experiments carried from the laboratory impart the students to obtain topographic information that will help their projects, such as highway design and land development. At the end of the course the student will posses knowledge about Survey field techniques.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory :
The soil mechanics and foundation engineering courses are very important in the design of any infrastructure. Determination of soil conditions is the most significant task in every civil engineering activity. This laboratoty is equipped with advanced equipments like data logger, data acquisition system, load cells etc., to determine the properties of the soil by both field and laboratory test methods. At the end of this course, the student acquires the capacity to test the soil to assess its Engineering and Index properties.

Strength of Materials Laboratory :
The objective of this laboratory is to impart the fundamental principles in properties and behavior of materials and mechanics of materials by conducting a series of experiments. This laboratory is equipped with Universal Testing Machines to calculate tensile strength of steel and aluminum samples, Rockwell and Brinell hardness equipments to measure the hardness of different materials. This lab is also equipped with testing the steel and aluminum samples in single shear, double shear and impact loading, followed by experiments on the torsion testing machine to calculate torsional strength of aluminum samples. The laboratory demonstrates important concepts from the strength of materials theory course.

Computing Laboratory :
This laboratory is intended for the students be able to draft on computer building drawings (Plan, elevation and sectional views) in accordance with development and control rules satisfying orientation and functional requirements. Also the student acquires hands on experience in design and preparation of structural drawings for concrete / steel structures normally encountered in Civil Engineering practice.

Construction Engineering Laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped with nondestructive testing equipments like Rebound hammer, Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity Test instruments (PUNDIT) which is used to examine the quality of concrete. A twenty channel data logger signal conditioning system Autoscanning Facility, to display the output for computer interface, along with two second data accquistion system Storing, Retrieving, Plotting the Graph, Facility to Select the parameters to plot the required graph like load v/s displacement, load v/s strain, displacement v/s strain etc.along with Load Cells and Displacement sensors (LVDT).

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory :
This Laboratory is equipped with different types of pumps like Centrifugal, Reciprocating Pump, Jet Pump, Submersible Pump etc. and Turbines like Pelton Wheel Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Francis Turbine, Vertical Turbine etc. to introduce a variety of experiments and the principles behind these experiments to reinforce and enhance understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines. To make the studentsbe able to verify the principles studied in theory by conducting the experiments.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped to conduct tests on characterisation of water and municipal sewage. This laboratory consists of equipments like pH meter, Digital Spectrometer, Digital Conductivity meter, COD Apparatus BOD Incubator etc. This laboratory is intented to make the students aware of the procedure for quality parameters for water, sewage and other related works.


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