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  • Department of Physical Education

    Department of Physical Education

    The Department of Physical Education established in the year 2011 with an objective to produce good leaders in the field of Physical education and preparing teachers for senior secondary level as well as professor/directors/sports officers in colleges, teacher educators in Colleges of Physical Education and University Departments of Physical Education. Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed) is IV semesters Degree course. Courses Offered : => Master of Education (M.Ed) => Ph.D in Education Department of Physical Education Tripura University (A Central University)

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  • Department of Education

    Department of Education

    The Department of Education, Tripura University has started its journey on September, 2011 with two faculty members. The department welcomes to have students not only from Tripura but also from the rest of India. The department focuses to promote interdisciplinary teaching, research and extension work. The Department has committed faculties from diverse background and experiences. Courses Offered : M.A. in Education Ph.D. in Education Intake Capacity : M.A. (21) Department of Education. Tripura University (A Central University) Suryamaninagar-799022

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  • Department of Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    The major thrust of the Department of Sociology, Tripura University is to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research. The Department has a group of committed faculty from diverse background and experiences. While emphasizing topics and themes central to the discipline, the Department’s teaching and research activities have been oriented towards contemporary questions that have both basic and applied dimensions. From the very beginning efforts have been made to evolve the courses keeping in mind the International, national and regional traditions. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Law

    Department of Law

    The Law Department has been introduced as a Post Graduate department from 2011 The Objectives of the Department inter alia are to: Promote and disseminate knowledge of law and legal processes and their role in national development. promote legal knowledge and to make law and the legal process efficient instruments of social advancement. To advance the professional education and also to provide adequate orientation and training to judicial officers and others who are involved in the administration of justice.

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  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

    Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

    The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication started on 7th August 2009 offering two years Master Degree course with objectives to teach and contour the aspiring students to meet the challenges in the pasture of media industries and communication studies. Over the past few years it has produced successful alumni who are well placed in media organizations in the state and outside acting as catalysts bringing changes in journalism.

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  • Department of Music

    Department of Music

    The Department of Music, Tripura University was established in the Year 2009. At present it is the only department in the entire NER which is offering Master Degree in Hindustani Music (Vocal and Kathak) Dr. Rabindra Bharali is the Head in charge of the department. At present the department is functional in the Campus of Sachin Debbarman memorial Govt. Music College, Lichubagan, Agartala. The department is offering Master degree in Hindustani Classical (Vocal) and Kathak Dance. Courses Offered : => M.A. in Music (Hindustani Vocal) => M.A. in Dance (Kathak)

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  • Department of Fine Arts

    Department of Fine Arts

    The Department of Fine Arts, Tripura University was established in the Year of 2009 which is offering Master Degree in Fine Arts - M.F.A. The Drawing & Painting section has been shifted in the 5th floor of the Day Care Centre and the Sculpture section has been shifted in the Energy Park. The Ph.D programme in Fine Arts has been started since 2013. The department has an intake capacity of 26 (twenty six) students per semester. Each semester has 3(three) practical paper along with 1(one) theory paper. Courses Offered : => Master in Fine Arts (MFA) => Ph.D. in Fine Arts

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  • Department of Rural Management and Development

    Department of Rural Management and Development

    Since independence, India has faced many problems and challenges in the process of attaining sustainable socio-economic development. It is a fact that India could tackle some of the major problems, specially of achieving self-sufficiency in food production. Indian economy, as we know it today, presents a paradoxical picture of extremes. We see a rosy picture showing rapid strides in space research, nuclear technologists constituting the third-largest in the world after the developed countries, augmenting agricultural and industrial production, etc.

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  • School of Management

    School of Management

    School of Management Brief profile of the Department : In today’s world, which is highly connected and business opportunities are growing at a very fast rate. People have become more open to new ideas and technologies and are willing to apply it. In such a scenario, it is very essential that key objectives, concepts and techniques are found out, studied and applied.

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  • Department of Sanskrit

    Department of Sanskrit

    The Department of Sanskrit is one of the new departments with which the Centre for Post Graduate Studies in Tripura under the University of Calcutta (C.U.P.G. centre) started functioning in 1977. Cultivation of traditional Sanskrit learning in the princely state of Tripura was in full swing from early times under the royal patronage. With the advent of modern education, Sanskrit has been taught at the undergraduate level in the colleges. The department started teaching Sanskrit in Post Graduate level since 1977 under the guidance of Prof. Biswapati Roy.

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  • Department of Political Science

    Department of Political Science

    Courses Offered : => B.A in Political Science => M.A in Political Science => Ph.D in Political Science Intake Capacity : => 100 (Hundred) Department of Political Science Tripura University Suryamaninagar Tripura India Contact NO : 9402169811 E Mail : [email protected]

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  • Department of Philosophy

    Department of Philosophy

    Department of Philosophy started its journey under Tripura University in July,1994 with the intake capacity of forty (40) having five (05) numbers of Guest teachers. Later on, it has been increased. At present it has eighty (80) intake capacity along with six (6) numbers of designated faculty members. The academic performances of the students are excellent. More than 95% of the students come out successful in every academic year, out of which at least 30% securing 55% or above marks in their credit. Courses Offered : => M.A. Philosophy => Ph.D. Philosophy

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  • Department of History

    Department of History

    The Post-graduate classes in History first started in March 1976 in the P.G.Wing of MBB College, Agartala. The Calcutta University Post Graduate Study Centre (CUPG Centre) came into being in 1977, with a single student in the Department of History. In 1987 CUPG centre was converted into Tripura University. At first, the Department of History was known as the Department of Modern History under Calcutta University. Later on, with the establishment of Tripura University on 2nd October, 1987, the Department was renamed as the Department of History with its own syllabus.

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  • Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi

    The department of Hindi was established in the year 2006 under the 10th plan with the appointment of one Lecturer subsequently the University Grant Commission has sanctioned three teaching position as Lecturer, Reader & Professor each under 11th plan. In year 2009 two faculty members (Lecturer & Reader) has been appionted. Initialily the University authority had decided to start PG Diploma in Hindi & accordingly the syllabus of the same was also prepared and approved by the Acedemic Council.

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    The Department of English, Tripura University starting its journey from the College Tilla (Agartala) Campus twenty years back has grown into a full-fledged Department today. With a sanctioned Faculty strength of 4 catering to a seat capacity of 30 students in those days, the seat capacity has been raised to 100 now, keeping in mind the growing demands for higher studies in English. The number of sanctioned posts has gone up to 9; the actual Faculty strength is 5.

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    The Department offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.The teaching activities of the Department have acquired a wider perspective with the introduction of Honours course in Economics from the academic year 2010-11. At the post graduate level, the Department offers the following special papers: Economics of Rural Development and Planning, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics and Statistics. The syllabus also incorporates the regional and local issues related to economic development of North East Region and the State.

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  • Department of Commerce

    Department of Commerce

    After Tripura University came into being in 1987, Department of Commerce was started at first by the end of 1988. It completed its silver jubilee celebration in November 2013. During this journey the department has not only run masters and Ph.D programs but also played a role of catalyst and served as breeding ground to a number of other programs such as BBA, MBA and Post-Graduate in Trade, Transport and Communication (PGDTTC). Courses Offered : => Master of Commerce (M.Com) => Ph.D. Commerce Intake Capacity : => 65 Department of Commerce

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  • Department of Bengali

    Department of Bengali

    The Department of Bengali was established in 1977 in the erstwhile Postgraduate centre of Calcutta University. In 1987, it was integral part the Faculty of Arts & Commerce when Tripura University was established. Thrust area of the Syllabus & Research Programmes: Old, Medieval & Modern Literature & Language; Historical, Cultural background & Literature of Tripura, North-East & Bangladesh. Research Programme includes Medieval & Modern Bengali Novels, Short stories, Poetry, Drama, Folk-Literature, Linguistics, Tagore studies, Tribal Literature & Language (Kokborok).

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  • Department of Statistics

    Department of Statistics

    The M. Sc. Statistics course is intended to provide a platform for the students to undergo higher studies in the subject as well as to train them to suit for the needs of the society, industry, teaching, higher competitive examinations like Indian Statistical Service, National Eligibility Test and so on. This course aims to train the students in the development and applications of Statistical techniques for analyzing data arising in the scientific investigation of problems in the various disciplines by using modern statistical techniques/ softwares in the analysis of such data.

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  • Department of Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    The Department of Psychology, Tripura University, launches its M. SC. Applied Psychology and Ph. D. Psychology Programmes in 2012 with a commitment to prepare Psychologists as Professionals for significantly contributing to the development of India and the World. These Programmes offer dual specialization in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology. Due emphasis has been placed in developing Psychologists with Innovativeness, so as to enable the students to become Self-Employed. Major thrust area of Research : => Clinical Psychology => Behaviour Technology

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  • Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology, University of Tripura, Agartala established in September 2011, offers courses in Microbiology leading to M.Sc. and Ph. D. The infrastructural facilities under planning for Microbiology classroom and laboratories to be developed with modern instruments, audio-visual system and computer facilities from session 2012-13. Thrust areas of research include microbial Ecology, pharmaceutical microbiology, food microbiology and other applied microbiology.

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  • Department of Forestry & Biodiversity

    Department of Forestry & Biodiversity

    The Department of Forestry and Biodiversity was initiated as a wing under the Faculty of Science for holistic development of forestry by producing world class forestry professionals to meet the needs of India's forestsand its rich biodiversity and forest-related industry and/or commerce through its teaching, research, consulting, extension activitiesand publication.With these in view, the students pursuing post graduate programme in forestry will cater to the market requirement in the sector as well as to promote excellence in academics/research arena in forestry.

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  • Department of Pharmacy

    Department of Pharmacy

    The Department of Pharmacy in Tripura University (A Central University) was established in 2011 with the goal of postgraduate education and research training in pharmaceutical sciences- first time in Tripura. The primary objective of the Department of Pharmacy is to develop programs relevant to current global standards and challenges of pharmaceutical education and research. The Department of Pharmacy also endeavors for excellence in research to develop novel therapeutics for contemporary health problems. Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm., a four-semester full time program) and Ph.D.

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  • Department of Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

    Department of Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

    The department is established in 2012 with an aim to teach student at M.Sc. level and to actively engage in research and development in the areas of modern biology relevant to the region for economic upliftment. To combine expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics at master’s level will result preparedness of the young minds in both these areas to tackle problems at both basic and application oriented programme. Courses Offered : => M.Sc Molecular Biology => M.Sc Bioinformatics => Ph.D Molecular Biology => Ph.D Bioinformatics Intake Capacity: => 10 (M.Sc.)

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  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering

    The state of Tripura is geographically isolated from the rest of India. Due to lack of infrastructure earlier it was difficult for the students of Tripura to pursue higher studies in engineering field(M.E/ within the state. The long standing dream of establishing Post graduate Engineering departments in Tripura University is now reality with the financial assistance received from H.R.D Ministry, New Delhi. Accordingly the M.Tech course in Computer science & engg. Under the faculty of science have been started on 19th August,2005 with due approval from AICTE.

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  • Department of Electrical Engineering

    Department of Electrical Engineering

    M.Tech course in Electrical Engineering have been started on 19th August,2005 as a part of Prime Minister’s common Minimum Program for North East with due approval from AICTE. Electrical Engineering department offers a 4-semester M.Tech programme with 24(twenty four) intake capacity.Besides its own faculty members, the Engineering Department of Tripura University has a unique advantage of utilities outside resources.

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  • Department of Information Technology & Computer Science

    Department of Information Technology & Computer Science

    The Department of Information Technology at the Tripura University has been started with the objective of promoting research and development, industrial consultancy, and teaching in the frontier areas of Information Technology. The Department offers a unique combination of courses and project that helps the students to cope with the recent advancements in the computer industry and information technology. The Department currently offers Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D), Masters in Computer Application (MCA) programmes and Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA). Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Zoology

    Department of Zoology

    The Department of Zoology was established on 12th June 2007 by trifurcation of pre-existing Department of Department of Life Science. At present the Department is actively engaged in teaching and researches in diverse fields of Zoology including insect biosystematics, insect physiology and biochemistry, endocrinology, fisheries and earthworm biology and ecology. The Department presently offers specialization in the field of ecology and biodiversity, entomology and fisheries.

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The Department was established in the year 1990 with a small faculty of three teachers and housed in few rooms of an old building. Since then the department has made several strides in academic, research and extension activities. With a faculty of five teachers and a band of dedicated research students, the department has kept pace with the time in development of syllabus, conducting researches through funded projects and guiding Ph. D. students. Now the PG course is divided into four semesters each of duration six months.

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics has been functioning since the inception of the Calcutta University Post Graduate Centre (CUPG) in September 1976. The Mathematics Department, Post Graduate wing of M B B College, Agartala which had been running since 1967, was defunct due to the introduction of the CUPG Centre. All the whole time teachers of PG wing were deputed to Mathematics Department of the CUPG Centre. The Syllabus of Pure Mathematics, Calcutta University was followed. The new syllabus containing topic from both Pure and Applied Mathematics was introduced from 1978.

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  • Department of Human Physiology

    Department of Human Physiology

    The Department of Human Physiology was established in 2007 and the department strives for excellence in biomedical research and education to advance human health and welfare. At present, there are over 18 members in the department, including 4 full-time teaching staff, 4 non teaching staff and 10 research fellows.

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  • Department of Geography and Disaster Management

    Department of Geography and Disaster Management

    The Department of Geography and Disaster Management has started its journey on 20th December, 2004. Within this short duration the Department has got National and International repute. By this time the Department has organized one National Seminar, one National Workshop and one State Level Workshop; the faculty members of the department has received National Award, established by-lateral International research collaboration, elected in the International Executive Committee and so on.

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    The Chemistry Department was introduced as P.G. Centre of Calcutta University from 1976 with M. Sc. student intake capacity of 16 to fulfill the demand of the students of Tripura State. First of all only the Analytical Chemistry specialization was introduced in M.Sc. Part-II course. In due course, the P.G. Centre (Chemistry Department) of Calcutta University became the full-fledged Department of Tripura University from 2nd October, 1987. With the recruitment of faculty members in Chemistry Department, the Department started three special papers viz.

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  • Department of Botany

    Department of Botany

    On the 12th of June 2007, the Department of Botany came into existence through the trifurcation of the Department of Life Science, established in 1976, with the objective of providing postgraduate qualification to the students of the state of Tripura. With the humble beginning as a part of the then PG Centre of the University of Calcutta, the department has moved ahead with time. A number of major research projects funded by various National Scientific Agencies have been undertaken by Faculty Members. Courses Offered :

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