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List of Departments
  • Department of Periodontics

    Department of Periodontics

    The Department of Periodontics was founded in 1980 along with the creation of the Faculty of Dental Sciences. The postgraduate course in Periodontics was started in 1965 under Prof. T.N. Chawala. The department also offers a 2 years certificate course of "Dental Hygienist" which was started in 1967.

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  • Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

    Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

    The Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial orthopaedics is imparting training & teaching at the under-graduate level with emphasis on clinical teaching, demonstrations and lectures in the subject of Orthodontics and Dentofacial orthopaedics.

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  • Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology

    Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology

    Understanding a disease process right through pathogenesis and clinical behaviour prepares the clinician to intercept and treat. And we endeavour to impart this knowledge to our students so that they can be good clinicians in the future.The Department is responsible for teaching, research, and service for a variety of head and neck pathologies with emphasis on diseases of the mouth, jaws, TMJ (temporomandibular joint), and oral manifestations of bodily disease.

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  • Department of Operative Dentistry

    Department of Operative Dentistry

    The independent Department of Operative Dentistry came into existence in 1980, with the establishment of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, under the headship of Prof CP Govila. However, the postgraduate course in this subject was started way back in 1977. The department presently takes 5 postgraduates Apart from imparting MDS course, this department in collaboration with DCI is imparting PG Certificate course in endodontics. Session of MDS starts from 1st May every year and now it is three year course. In MDS course two student are from All India PGMEE and two students are from UPPGMEE.

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  • Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Material Sciences

    Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Material Sciences

    The Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Material Sciences started as a fledging section of the Department of Dentistry in 1952. It made a steady progress to become forerunner in Prosthodontics teaching and training in the country. It became an independent department in 1980 with the establishment of the Faculty of Dental Sciences. At the moment the Department is running BDS (Under Graduate) & MDS (Post Graduate) Courses. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) => Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) Activities :

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  • Department of Pedodontics

    Department of Pedodontics

    The Pedodontics subject was previously clubbed with Orthodontics at the undergraduate level. In the dental college, the division of Ortho-Pedodontics was existing as a separate entity. The Head of Pedodontics division was Dr. R.K. Roy. With the exhaustive effort of Dr. R. K. Roy, the Post graduate course in specialty of Pedodontics was started in 1967 with 4 students. The faculty of Dental Sciences, in K.G's Medical College came into existence in 1981. With the inception of faculty, the separate department of Pedodontics was established. Courses Offerd :

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  • Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

    Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

    The speciality of Oral Medicine & Radiology was in existence as a common department of “Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine & Radiology” since 1982-2001 under the Headship of Dr. R.M. Mathur (MDS, Periodontics). In 2001, Dr. R. Pradhan (MDS, Oral Surgery) was given the charge of Head of the department .The Ex-Vice Chancellor of King George Dental University (KGDU) Late Dr. C.P. Govila created the department in 2006. Courses Offered : => BDS => MDS Oral Medicine & Radiology

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  • Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, an integral part of the Dental Faculty was started in the year 1967, with the first batch of MDS students passing out in 1969. The Department has been involved in the training of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dental students since then. Prof. Shadab Mohammad presently heads the department, which has a total of 7 teachers, 3 Senior Residents and 15 Junior Residents.

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  • Department of Community Dentistry

    Department of Community Dentistry

    The specialty of Public Health Dentistry came into existence in 2004 under the Headship of Dr. Jaya Dixit, Prof. & Head Department of Periodontology. Dr Vinay Kumar Gupta joined the Department as Lecturer in 2009. Apart from undergraduate teaching, Camps are conducted on regular basis in schools and rural areas. Special camps are organized in old age homes and for persons with special health care needs in collaboration with charitable trusts and NGOs. The Department also involved in various Research activities and Oral Health care Programmes.

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  • Department of Urology

    Department of Urology

    The Urology Unit was accredited as a separate unit in the Department of Surgery in 1981 and it was elevated to an independent department in 1998 with Prof K. M. Singh as its first Head of Department. Prof D. Dalela became Head in July 2003 and relinquished his charge in Sept. 2008 as he opted for contractual appointment as Professor and Prof. S. N. Sankhwar took over as Head after that.

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  • Department of Transfusion Medicine

    Department of Transfusion Medicine

    The Transfusion Medicine Department started initially as State Blood Bank. It was established in 1942 as a blood bank in the premises of KGMC (King George's Medical University). With passage of time the blood donation policy changed from professional to replacement & voluntary. The blood bank initially was known as the State blood bank as it could supply blood to all over the state of U.P. It was visited at that time by many dignitaries like the Honourable President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy who himself donated blood and later by the Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

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  • Department of Thoracic & Cardio-Vascular Surgery

    Department of Thoracic & Cardio-Vascular Surgery

    Started as a chest surgery unit of the Department of General Surgery, the department had its origins on 19th august, 1959. The first Head, Prof. A. Charan, pioneered and institutionalized the practice of Thoracic and Vascular surgery and also ordained the chair of the President of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of India. Courses Offered : MCh (CTVS) Diploma in Perfusion Technology Activities :

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  • Department of Surgical Oncology

    Department of Surgical Oncology

    The Division of Oncology was created in the Department of Surgery, KGMC ( now KGMU), Lucknow in 1979 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Prof. NC Misra headed this unit for the next 17 years and under his leadership the Oncology Division established itself as a centre for excellence in academics, research, training and clinical service. It has over the years shouldered the major responsibility of providing tertiary care for cancer patients from Uttar Pradesh, the neighbouring states of India and Nepal. Prof. NC Misra was joined by Dr. Arun Chaturvedi as Lecturer in Oncology in 1989.

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  • Department of Surgical Gastroenterology

    Department of Surgical Gastroenterology

    The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology has been a dynamic department of King George's Medical University since its inception in January 2006. It has made a steady progress within a few years and offers variety of gastrointestinal surgeries in the area of hepatobiliary, pancreatic, coloproctology and laparoscopic surgery.. The department is headed by Prof.Abhijit Chandra and provides efficient, hassle-free and timely management of patients. This is a major referral centre for the state of Uttar Pradesh and also caters patients from territories of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Nepal.

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  • Department of Surgery

    Department of Surgery

    The Department of Surgery started functioning in 1912 with 42 beds, an operation theatre (OT) and a surgical outpatient with a minor OT. Col W Selby was the first Head of Department. The staff at that time consisted of only 1 professor and a lecturer. A post of reader was added in 1933 and that of a professor in clinical surgery in 1948. Activities and Facilities : => The Department was the first in north India to perform open heart surgery, neurosurgery, spinal surgery and plastic surgery.

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  • Department of Rheumatology

    Department of Rheumatology

    The first Department of Rheumatology in State of Uttar Pradesh and Northern India was created at King George's Medical University vide Government Order No 778/71-3-2006-KG-96/2004 dated 21.3.06. with a grant of Rs. 7.18 crore (about US $1.7 million). This includes a grant for a new building, personnel and equipment required to make it into a viable and vibrant patient care and research center. This is the third Department of Rheumatology in country, the other two being in Chennai & Hyderabad.

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  • Department of Radiotherapy

    Department of Radiotherapy

    The present Department of Radiotherapy was created on 16th December 1986 after the bifurcation of the parent radiology Department into two separate Departments of Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis. The parent department (integrated Department of Radiology) was established in this college in 1927. The diploma course (DMRE) was started in 1940 and M.D. (Radiology) in 1953. Radiotherapy work was started with the installation of 2 deep therapy X-ray units in the 1950's, superficial therapy unit (Maximar -100) in 1960, and the first Cobalt Unit (Gammatron - II) in 1963.

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  • Department of Radiodiagnosis

    Department of Radiodiagnosis

    This department has the unique distinction of commencing DMRD and MD (Radiology) as long back as 1940 and 1953 respectively. Since then the department has produced eminent radiologists of national and international repute.

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  • Department of Pulmonary Medicine

    Department of Pulmonary Medicine

    The department of Pulmonary Medicine provides teaching, training and research facilities to MBBS, MD, DTCD and PhD, M.phil. One of the premier and oldest centre of excellent for training & research in the field of Pulmonary Medicine. The department of tuberculosis & Chest Diseases was established in 1946 under the leadership of Dr. R.N.Tandon. The department started as a tuberculosis clinic with "Kasturba TB Hospital" a 40 beded hospital attached to it. The MD degree course in tuberculosis was started in 1951 and the diploma in tuberculosis & chest diseases was started in 1954.

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  • Department of Psychiatry

    Department of Psychiatry

    The specialty of Psychiatry had its modest beginning in 1956 as a unit consisting of one Reader and one Lec¬turer in Neuropsychiatry in the Department of Medicine. In 1965 a Post of Professor of Psychiatry was created and a lecturer, a clinical psychologist, a statistician and two social workers were added to the staff. The initial 10 inpatient beds were doubled and outpatient services, previously available only twice a week, were increased to daily OPDs. The 1st Professor of Psychiatry, Late Dr. B. B. Sethi, was appointed in 1966.

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  • Department of Plastic Surgery

    Department of Plastic Surgery

    One of the premiere and oldest centre of excellence for training and research. Provides teaching, training and research facilities to MBBS, BDS, MS (Gen. Surgery), MS (Orthopaedics) and M.Ch. students. Department provides comprehensive management of patients presenting with problems related to general plastic surgery, cranio-maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and microvascular surgery.

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  • Department of Physiology

    Department of Physiology

    Department of Physiology is milestone in the history of K.G. Medical University and it is one of the most important pillars of medical science. It was founded in 1911 and Lt. Col. CA Sprawson took the responsibility as first head of department of Physiology (1911-1923) and subsequently handed over the torch of wisdom and responsibility to well known scholar Professor W. Burridge from 1923-1946 and then to the following eminent scholars viz Prof. C.P. Mishra (1946), Prof. S.N. Mathur (1946-55), Prof. R.C. Shukla (1955-79), Prof. S. Kumar (1979-80), Prof. S.D. Nishith (1980-89), Prof. D.N.

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  • Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Department was established as "Rehabilitation and Artificial Limb Center" as a tribute to the vision of Late Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, who sanctioned Rs 1.25 crores from Prime Minister defence fund for its establishment in 1971.

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  • Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

    Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

    The Department of Pharmacology was started in the year 1915 as a small Department of Materia Medica. This was later upgraded in the year 1965 as the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Facilities: There are separate laboratories for Undergraduates- Experimental Pharmacology & Pharmacy Laboratory. For Post Graduates & research there are PG & Research Laboratory, Molecular Biology & Clinical Pharmacology Laboratories. Activities : => Teaching and training of MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, Ph.D. and MPhil students.

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  • Department of Pediatric Surgery

    Department of Pediatric Surgery

    The Department of Pediatric Surgery at KGMU began in 1970 as a pediatric surgical service. This was elevated to a separate Pediatric Surgery Unit in the Department of Surgery in 1978 and later to a separate department in 1998. The newly created department has Medical Council of India approval for MCh course in Pediatric Surgery leading to the degree of MCh in Pediatric Surgery. Two candidates are admitted every year to the 3 year course. Activities :

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  • Department of Pediatrics

    Department of Pediatrics

    The Department of Pediatrics at King George's Medical University was established in 1954 with Prof N.L. Sharma as the founder head. A new block of the Gandhi Memorial and Associated Hospitals was built to house the Children's Hospital. The first batch of Diploma in Child Health (DCH) students was admitted in 1961 and MD Pediatrics students in 1962. The Department of Pediatrics at KGMU is a multispecialty academic department. It has played a pivotal role in nurturing various pediatric subspecialties.

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  • Department of Pathology

    Department of Pathology

    The Combined Department of Pathology and Bacteriology was started in 1913 under the chairmanship of Lt. Col. H. J. Walton. The course of MD (Pathology ) was started in 1918. Lt. Col. H Stott made special contributions in assembling the museum, which is one of the best in the country.

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  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology

    Department of Otorhinolaryngology

    Before the year 1922 the speciality of ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) did not exist even as a subsection in this institution. Major W. Selby, the first professor of surgery was interested in this speciality and devoted some of his time to ENT cases. In 1922, Dr. P. C. Kacker was appointed Honorary ENT Surgeon and held charge of this section till 1929 when Dr. R. N. Kacker took over.

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  • Department of Orthopedic Surgery

    Department of Orthopedic Surgery

    Department of Orthopedic Surgery

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  • Department of Ophthalmology

    Department of Ophthalmology

    The Department of Ophthalmology was started as an independent unit in 1916 with Prof. A.E.J. Lister as the Head, and 1 lecturer. Subsequently, major developments took place in the 1920s and 1930s under Dr. B.G.S. Acharya. It is one of oldest departments of Ophthalmology in the country, and one of the first to introduce the course of MS (Ophthalmology) in 1935. Activities : => The department serves as the major reception for all sorts of eye problems in the region and provides state of the art management of ophthalmic disorders.

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  • Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

    In the early years of the existence of the college, there was no separate department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and only 12 beds under the charge of a part time professor and a resident obstetric surgeon were assigned to this specialty. The students received the major part of their hospital training in Madras.

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  • Department of Neuro Surgery

    Department of Neuro Surgery

    In the year 1961, a neurosurgical unit was established in the Department of Surgery with Dr. PN Tandon (1961-1965) as Professor. After that, distinguished faculty Dr.VS Dave (1967-1989), Dr. G Newton (1989-1993), Dr.DK Chhabra (1974-86) and Dr.VP Singh (1990-1993) expanded and guided the development of this specialty.

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  • Department of Neurology

    Department of Neurology

    It was in the year 1973 that a separate unit of Neurology was created in the Department of Medicine. Ten beds from Prof. N. N. Gupta's ward in the Department of Medicine were earmarked for the neurology unit.

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  • Department of Microbiology

    Department of Microbiology

    The Department of Microbiology came into existence as an independent department in the year 1987 with the bifurcation of the combined Department of Pathology & Bacteriology under the headship of Dr. U. C. Chaturvedi. The department has contributed immensely to the teaching, patience care services and research in Microbiology. Department handles over 40,000 clinical specimens for various diagnostic procedures per annum. There are 3 seats (MCI recognized) annually for MD (Microbiology) course and 8 for PhD course. Summer training is also offered to M Sc. Microbiology students.

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  • Department of Internal Medicine

    Department of Internal Medicine

    The Department of Medicine was started in 1913 under Col. C. A. Sprawson. Initially the staff consisted of a Professor of Medicine, a lecturer and 2 part time physicians. The outpatients was manned by the Lecturer in Medicine, a post filled with great distinction by Late Dr. H. Sahai. An Infectious Diseases Hospital run by the Municipal Board and a Leprosy Hospital were attached to it.

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  • Department of Hospital Administration

    Department of Hospital Administration

    Department of Hospital Administration Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, Chowk, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India Contact No ; +91 522 2257450, 2257451, 2257452, 2257453 Fax No. : +91 522 2257539 E-Mail : [email protected]

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  • Department of Geriatric Mental Health

    Department of Geriatric Mental Health

    A Government order number 2587/71-3-05-KG-45/2000T.C. dated August 18, 2005 separating Geriatric Mental Health Unit functioning in the Department of Psychiatry, King George's Medical University and converting it into a statutory Department of Geriatric Mental Health within the Medical University made the beginning of an era in the treatment and care of geriatric psychiatric patients in the country. Infrastructure : => 10 Male (Dr. Venkoba Rao Ward)+10 Female (Dr. K. C. Dubey Ward) General Beds (Air-conditioned with T.V. and Music)

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  • Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

    Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

    The Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (FMT) started in the year 1918 when Rai Bahadur J. P. Modi was appointed as whole time Lecturer. He later held the post of Materia Medica & Prof. F. M. T. till 1934. After his departure the department was managed by part time H. O. D's (Civil Surgeons/ C.M.O.) till 1982. Prof S. D. Yadav took charge as full time Professor & H. O. D. in 1982, followed by Dr. H. C. Rastogi, and Dr. Baljeet Singh. Dr. A. K. Verma is currently head of the department. Courses Offered : MBBS Activities :

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  • Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy

    Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy

    Research & Publication : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, his cu blandit inimicus intellegam. Quo cu erant labitur accusamus, est tollit omittam ex, nam ad noster placerat volutpat. Partem quidam tibique ne vel, vel prima intellegat ei. Mei agam vocent ea, ei mei habeo integre. Inani dictas definitiones vel no, ubique labitur scaevola has id. His euismod epicurei sententiae in.

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  • Department of Social & Preventive Medicine

    Department of Social & Preventive Medicine

    The discipline of Social and Preventive Medicine started, as a part time subject, functioning in State Health Institute (SHI) as "State Medicine" in 1915. In 15th March, 1958, the full time Department of Social & Preventive Medicine was developed and started its functioning in a three room complex in southern side of Administrative Block and was consequently shifted to the new five stories building.

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  • Department of Clinical Hematology

    Department of Clinical Hematology

    The Department of Clinical Hematology and Medical Oncology, in association with the Indian Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (ISHTM-UP), organized an "Update on Thrombocytopenia" on 6th April 2012 at PHI Hall, C.S. M. Medical University, Lucknow. Prof .J.V. Singh (Dean and the then acting Vice-Chancellor, CSM Medical University) was the chief guest for the event. Prof Beng Hock Chong, Prof MB Agarwal and Prof Arvind Kumar Vaish (Head, Department of Medicine) were other guests of honour.

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  • Department of Cardiology

    Department of Cardiology

    The Department of Cardiology was created as an offshoot of the Department of Medicine in July 1977. Initially the department was located in the Department of Medicine in the Gandhi Ward. It shifted to its present location at Shahmina Road, just across the road from the Emergency & Trauma Centre after a donation from Mr. MA Lari, and is popularly known as the Lari Cardiology Centre. Presently, the department is headed by Prof RK Saran, who took over from June 2008. Further donation from BP Halwasiya Foundation paved the way for construction of the present OPD and Administrative complex.

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  • Department of Biochemistry

    Department of Biochemistry

    The Department of Biochemistry was created on 3rd November 1986. Initially teachers from various other departments (like Pharmacology, Pathology, Surgery and Physiology) were deputed to run the department, and it was only in December 1990, that Prof. R.K. Singh joined as the first regular Professor and Head of the Department.

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  • Department of Anatomy

    Department of Anatomy

    The Department of Anatomy was one of the four blocks which were completed for the King George's Medical University, Lucknow at the time of ceremonial opening of the college building by Sir John Hewett in January 1912. The Museum is one of the best in South East Asia. Renovation of Museum was done in 2010. Establishment of "Ultrasound lab" in 2002, "CT Scan Gallery" in 2005 and "MRI Gallery" in 2011 are some new facilities for teaching purpose. The initial lot of specimens, models, charts in the museum was brought from England. Since then major expansions have taken place.

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  • Department of Anaesthesiology

    Department of Anaesthesiology

    The Department of Anaesthesiology started out as a unit in the Department of Surgery in the year 1911 and did yeoman service in the overall development and progress of surgery in this institution for more than 5 decades

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