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  • Department of Emergency and Trauma Care Management

    Department of Emergency and Trauma Care Management

    According World Bank, 30% of deaths are due to accidents, which could be avoided if better trauma care, trained personnel, and facilities are available. Today very little attention is being paid to pre-hospital trauma care in our country. At present, some outstanding problems regarding emergency situations are a serious lack of staff for emergency departments and a great demand for paramedical emergency care specialists. The emergence of trauma care personnel on the healthcare scene has become a must. Courses Offered : => B.Sc Emergency and Trauma Care Management

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  • Department of Physician Assistant

    Department of Physician Assistant

    CRISIL Research believes that post 2011, there will be a shortage of nurses and doctors thereby leading to higher attrition levels in the medical profession. The only solution would be that adequate paramedical staffs are trained, so as to have a continuous flow of staff, which will assist medical staff in clearing the crowd in hospitals. Courses Offered : => B.Sc. Physician Assistant Eligibility :

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  • Department of Visual Communication

    Department of Visual Communication

    The Faculty of Visual communication integrates academic study with extensive creative digital technology production work. The courses, in the orientation of design knowledge, creative thinking, computing skills, advertising, photography and film making are designed to provide the skills necessary to fulfill the insatiable global need for information, entertainment and telecommunication. The faculty is made up of a well-balanced team proficient in arts, broadcasting, computing, design, animation and advertising.

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  • Department of Information Technology

    Department of Information Technology

    Information Technology is a new, rapidly growing area that is radically changing the world by making possible new ways of doing business, making entertainment, and creating art. Department of Information Technology is providing new tools for communicating throughout the world and for acquiring knowledge and insight from information. Nearly every company, from a software design firm to the biggest manufacturer, needs IT workers to keep their business running smoothly. Courses Offered : => B.Sc Information Technology Facilities :

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  • Department of Tourism Management

    Department of Tourism Management

    The Bachelor of Tourism Management [BTM] is designed to create opportunities for employment in the travel industry in the middle management level. It also equips students with a wide range of transferable skills, which might be applied to other sectors, and provides a sound platform for graduate study. BBA (Tourism) Course was introduced in the year 2007. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) => Master of Tourism Management (MTM) => Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) => Master of Business Administration (MBA) Facilities :

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  • Department of Commerce

    Department of Commerce

    The Department of Commerce since its inception in 1972 is offering commerce course at the undergraduate level. From 1980 onwards, B.Com Degree is offered under the double major system, with commerce and business management. Taking into considerations the latest developments in the discipline, the felt needs of the students and their employability, the course content is carefully devised and updated every year. The department arranges periodically guest lectures, and field visits to strengthen the teaching of the subject and to expose the students to the actual work situations.

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  • Department of Management Studies

    Department of Management Studies

    The Department of Management Studies of Avinashilingam University was set-up in 1994 with the objective of grooming young and aspiring women committed to mould the future of the country. The department which is renamed as Avinashilingam School of Management Technology has proved its excellence with the student-friendly functional infrastructure, effective industrial network (mentoring programmes) and state-of-the-art educational technology. The institute has been rated by A+ by Business India in November, 2012.

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  • Department of Special Education

    Department of Special Education

    Special Education refers to specially designed instructions or approaches to meet the unique needs of special children with specialized materials and resources available. The term Rehabilitation implies combined and co-ordinated use of medical, social, educational and vocational measures for training the individual to the highest possible level of functional ability. Courses Offered : => B.Ed Special Education => M.Ed Special Education => M Ed in Special Education - Visual Impairment => M.Ed. Special Education - Hearing Impairment Career Opportunities :

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  • Department of Physical Education

    Department of Physical Education

    Physical education is a vital element in a comprehensive , well- balanced curriculum and can be a major contributing factor in the development of an individual in all aspects of life: physical, emotion, mental and social. The three year B.Sc degree in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports was started in January 1994 . Later it was renamed as B.P.E to fit in the global needs. Department consist of 1 Lecturer (SG) and Head, 3 Lecturers and 2 Guest Lecturers work with sincerity and dedication for the cause of education, sports and women empowerment.

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  • Department of Education

    Department of Education

    The Teacher Education initiates graduates and post graduates into the profession of teaching by instilling in them knowledge, competencies, skills and attitudes needed to act as agents of social change and modernization. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) => Master of Education (M.Ed) => M.Phil Education => Ph.D Education Laboratories :

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  • Department of Music

    Department of Music

    The university aspires for overall development of the students. Based on founders dream to inculcate the spirituality in the minds of the students, the department of music started in 1957,starting with one staff member and the student strength of five, it has developed into a full fledged department having three staff members and 35 students. The subject is offered Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree courses Courses Offered : => B.A Music => M.A Music Special Features of Department :

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  • Department of French

    Department of French

    Learning more than one language has become increasingly necessary as our lives become more globalized and interconnected by the day. Therefore, since 1966, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore offers French as an optional, part I language along with Tamil and Hindi to all undergraduates. The need for internationalism has made the students aware and hence there is good response for the language. Courses Offered : => BA in French => MA in French => Certification Course in French

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  • Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi desires to create awareness about National Integration and inculcate values in young minds; at the same time, the Department tries to keep pace with others to reach academic excellence in teaching, research and extension. Language is a medium of communication. Every language has two important aspects-theoretical and structural aspects and the other, the applied and functional. Like all sciences today, in the field of language too, the applied and functional aspect is gaining momentum. Hindi is not an exception.

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    The Department of English was started in 1957 offering General English at the Undergraduate level. Branch XII English Literature was introduced in 1996 with a thrust on formal, historical, and cultural contexts of English Literature. The Department offers UG, PG, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. Taking into account the enormous importance given to communication skills in todays times: choice based papers- Communication Skills and English for Career Advancement are offered in the UG and PG level respectively. Courses Offered : => B.A English => M.A English => M.Phil English

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  • Department of Tamil

    Department of Tamil

    The Department of Tamil was started in 1957. At the outset it offered only Part I Tamil at the under-graduate level. Branch xii Tamil Literature was started in 1967 as single major. In 1978 when the triple major system was introduced Tamil Literature was one of the three majors. When the college was conferred the Deemed University status Tamil Literature was offered along with Economics, Music (Tamil & Economics, Tamil & Music) under the double major system. The Department started the P.G. programme in Development - Language & Literature in 1990 and M.Phil programme in 1994.

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    The Department of Economics is a full-fledged department in the sense that it offers Undergraduate, Post graduate and Research Programmes at M.Phil and Ph.D levels. The undergraduate Programme B.A. Economics was inaugurated in 1958-59. M.A. Economics was started in 1976-77. M.Phil and Ph.D courses were inaugurated in 1988-89. M.Sc five year integrated course was started in 1994-95. It is planned to introduce M.A Econometrics in the academic year 2012-13. Courses Offered : => B.A. Economics => M.A. Economics => M.Phil Economics => Ph.D Economics Facilities :

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  • Department of Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    All the M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students are well trained in giving counselling through Positive Therapy. M.Sc. students undergo internship in hospitals twice a week for one year, where they give counselling to patients with cancer, coronary heart disease, essential hypertension etc. Most of them are placed in industries, IT companies, hospitals, counselling centers, schools and colleges. Some are absorbed in the place of their internship and some are self-employed as counsellors. Courses Offered : => B.Sc. Psychology => M.Sc. Counseling Psychology

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  • Department of Computer Science

    Department of Computer Science

    The Department of Computer Science established in the year 1988, is known for its active academic and research activities. It has been the pioneer in introducing several courses to match the demands of the current advancements in technology. Through the years the department has evolved into a strong academic and research contributor in different domains of computer science. The department boasts well- qualified team of faculty members committed to academic excellence. Salient Features of The Department :

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    Mathematics without sciences has no root. Sciences without mathematics bear no fruit. Mathematics is the queen of all sciences. Mathematics is applied in all disciplines including humanities, extension biological sciences, physical science, management and education. The latest field computer science is actually a branch of Mathematics. Courses Offered : => B.Sc. - Mathematics => M.Sc. - Mathematics => M.Phil. - Mathematics => Ph.D. - Mathematics

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The Department of Physics was established in the year 1957 in the erstwhile Sri Avinashilingam Home Science College for Women. The Department has grown leaps and bounds from then on and at present the department has well qualified human resource and well equipped laboratories. Promotion of Physical sciences through effective teaching has been the primary objective of the department and it has the credit of producing many women physicists and educationalists.

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  • Department of Botany

    Department of Botany

    Of all life on earth, plants are the only producers. All consumers, particularly man are dependent upon plants for food, fiber, wood, energy and oxygen. A knowledge of the plants their habitats, structure, metabolism and inheritance is thus the basic foundation for man's survival.

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  • Department of Zoology

    Department of Zoology

    The Department was started as the Department of Natural Sciences in the year 1957 when the institution was founded by the great patiriot and Educationist,Thiru Avinashilingam ,our revered Ayya Avl, on preferential request by the students of past years. The undergraduate programmes in Zoology was started in 1966. The post graduate programme in Life Science was initiated in 1990 . Following this research programme in M.phil and Doctoral programme in Life Sciences was established in 1992 .

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    Chemistry today is dynamic in scope and chemists find themselves working in areas like molecular biology, solid state science and it is increasingly getting closer to biology and even mathematics. Courses Offered : => B.Sc. Chemistry => M.Sc. Applied Chemistry => Ph.D Chemistry => M.Phil Applied Chemistry

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  • Department of Bio-Chemistry/Bio-technology/Bio-informatics

    Department of Bio-Chemistry/Bio-technology/Bio-informatics

    Biochemistry is a branch of biological sciences, which has played a very important role in unraveling many a mysteries of life processes. Biotechnology has put this understanding into technological use, thus giving an altogether new dimension to the subject of Biochemistry. Bioinformatics helps further understanding of biological process by applying computationally intensive techniques. So that data generated by high-throughput techniques can be transformed into information, knowledge and understanding of system. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Biochemistry => Ph.D. Biochemistry

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  • Department of Life Long Learning and Extension

    Department of Life Long Learning and Extension

    Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women is the dream-child of Dr. T. S. Avinashilingam, illustrious educationist and veteran freedom fighter from the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. This eminent Gandhian envisaged an institute of higher education to uplift and empower women, especially those belonging to the deprived sections of the society, and to prepare them for meaningful service to their homes, community and the nation. Courses Offered : => Certificate Courses Apparel designing => Certificate Courses Herbal beauty therapy

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  • Department of Home Science Extension

    Department of Home Science Extension

    Home Science Extension Education is one of vital branches under Home Science. It gives a clarion call to all the Home Scientists to apply their knowledge and wisdom for the causes of the rural and urban communities, downtrodden families and people with special needs. Home Science Extension Education equips the students with admirable knowledge, understanding the community, working with them, equipping with lateral skills with positive attitude and applicable practice. The dissemination of valuable knowledge of Home Science to the community is the focal thrust of the subject.

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  • Department of Human Development

    Department of Human Development

    Human Development is the science of development and behaviour of individuals in different contexts and understanding of ways of promoting desirable personality over the life span. Human Development is devoted to the study and understanding of constancy and change for human beings, in the physical, cognitive social and emotional domains interpreted through a variety of theoretical frameworks, contexts and interdisciplinary approach. Courses Offered : => Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) => Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Facilities :

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  • Department of Textiles and Clothing

    Department of Textiles and Clothing

    The Department of Textiles and Clothing was established in the year 1967 with the purpose of providing world-class education in the field of Textiles. The Department has industrial and academic collaborations and this has positioned the department as the highest stride of progressive changes and innovations. Post Graduate course in Textiles and Clothing was started in 1967, M.Phil. in 1989 and Ph.D in 1991. Reviewing the fashion era, under graduate programme was started since 1991 named as Textiles and apparel designing. Courses Offered : => M.Phil. Textiles and Clothing

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  • Department of Food Science & Nutrition

    Department of Food Science & Nutrition

    The study of Food Science and Nutrition includes the components of foods, their chemistry and metabolism, technology involved in production, processing and preservation, safety for human consumption, meal planning and management -all in relation to total well being of human beings. Thus nutritional sciences is the corner stone for the overall national development.

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  • Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics

    Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics

    Food Service Management and Dietetics is the management of all establishments where food is served and dietetics is the profession concerned with the science and art of human nutritional care. The course thus ensures wholesome food service in health and disease.

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  • Department of Resource Management

    Department of Resource Management

    The changing socio-economic forces and the advancement in technology taking place in our society in recent years are giving rise to new trends in the family structure, role of men and women, value priorities, living styles and work patterns. The scientific aspects of effective resource management have added significance on account of the increasing value of time, limitation of resources and increasing number of responsibilities that have to be shouldered by women as homemakers and wage earners. Teaching and Learning :

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