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List of Departments
  • Department of Medical Physics

    Department of Medical Physics

    The Department of Medical Physics offers M.Sc., Medical Physics & Ph.D. Programmes in Laser spectroscopy, Medical Optics, Radiation technology applied to Health care. The Department is well equipped with state–of–the–Art equipments for photonics. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Medical Physics => Ph.D. Medical Physics

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  • Department of Media Sciences

    Department of Media Sciences

    In 2008, the Department of Media Sciences started offering MSc (Science and Technology Communication), initially funded by the National Council of Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. This is the first such job-oriented degree programme in South India.The department also runs a doctoral programme. Unique to Anna University, the PhD candidates undergo coursework in the areas related to their research before getting into research work. Courses Offered : => M.Sc. Electronic Media 5 Years Integrated

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  • Department of Applied Science and Technology

    Department of Applied Science and Technology

    Department of Applied Science and Technology, A.C TECH, thrives to accomplish its vision of developing dexterous and proficient students along with a promising and challenging career. The department is progressing exponentially with a vision for developing efficient and technically sound students to outperform in their career worldwide. Our mission is to educate students, with individual attention, provide world-class quality education and take care of character building.

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  • Department of Planning

    Department of Planning

    The department was created in 1964 in SAP and since then, the PG programme is offered primarily to the sponsored candidates of the industry and then extended to fresh candidates. It is a pioneering institute offering this programme in whole of South India. The products of this dept. are wide spread in South Indian states and have been interacting with the dept. The faculty members are well trained and equipped with industrial and societal needs. Of the faculty members, three professors are with Ph.D. Degree and other two lecturers are doing Ph.D.

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  • Department of Architecture

    Department of Architecture

    The B.Arch course, which was started with an intake of 20 students, is now expanded to the current intake of 80 from the early 2010. The Department of Architecture consolidated its aspiration to serve the society at large by establishing higher degree courses in Architecture with specialized courses, namely M.Arch. (Digital) and M.Arch. (Landscape) as self supporting courses from 2002, with an annual intake of 20 students each. Courses Offered : => Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) => M.Arch. Landscape => M.Arch. Digital Facilities :

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  • Department of Geology

    Department of Geology

    Initiated in 1979, the Department of Geology is actively involved in teaching and research in the field of Applied Geology. Over the past decade the Department has strived to maintain its multidisciplinary approach towards Earth Sciences by applying the concepts of Geology to solve scientific problems faced by the society.

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    Our department creates, conveys and applies knowledge and language skills to help in the holistic development of individuals, expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster economic competitiveness, and improve the quality of life through its focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and collaboration. Courses Offered : => B.E Technical English => B.Tech Technical English => M.Sc Technical English => M.Phil English Literature => Ph.D English Literature => MBA Communication Skills

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    The department of Chemistry located at College of Engineering, Guindy campus of Anna University, Chennai provides an outstanding environment for studies in Chemistry, is among the most research active departments in Anna University. One of our key objectives is to create good quality human resource. It was established in the year 1975 to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programmes in different fields of Chemistry. Since its inception the Department offers core courses in chemistry like M.Sc (Applied Chemistry) and Ph.D programs.

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    The Department of Physics was established as a full fledged, self-supporting (academically), post-graduate and research department in 1978 offers M.Sc.(Materials Science), M.Sc.(Medical Physics), M.Phil.(Physics), M.Tech. (Laser and Electro-optical Engineering) and Ph.D. programmes. All the faculty members of this department are actively involved in research and development in the following areas: X-ray crystallography, High-Pressure Physics, Lasers, Medical Physics, Spectroscopy, Ultrasonics, Solid-state Physics, Nonlinear Science, Polymers, Ceramics and Nano-science.

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics is one of the largest units of Anna University with faculty strength of 35, catering to the needs of the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes in Science, Engineering and Technology. In 1975, the department started in 1975 an exclusive M.Sc. programme in Mathematics. In 1979, it introduced research programmes leading to M.Phil and Ph.D in Mathematics. Subsequently in 1993, it started M.Sc. Mathematics with Diversification in Computer Science, which was renamed as M.Sc. (Computer Science) in 1997.

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  • Department of Management Studies (DOMS)

    Department of Management Studies (DOMS)

    The MBA program in Anna University was started in the year 1981. Ever since its inception, the Department of Management Studies (DOMS) has produced capable, competent and committed professionals. The spirit of pragmatic enquiry and in depth analysis of the dynamics of business has continued to this day. The programs are designed to bring out and nurture the leadership and organizing skills of the future managers. Courses Offered : => Master of Business Administration (MBA) Infrastructure : Class Rooms :

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  • Department of Medical Electronics

    Department of Medical Electronics

    Department of Medical Electronics as early as 1975. Elective subjects were offered in the field of Medical Electronics since then. A Post Graduate degree specializing in Medical Electronics was introduced in 1993 – the first of its kind among Indian Universities and recently accredited with a grade "A" by the National Board of Accreditation, All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), India. The Center offers core courses in Biomedical Instrumentation, Equipments, Biosignal processes and Medical Imaging including a course in Anatomy and Physiology.

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  • Department of Electronics Engineering

    Department of Electronics Engineering

    The department of Electronics Engineering established in the year 1949 has its core strength in the area of Electronics & Communication technology. The cutting edge research areas include Communication Technologies Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Image Processing & Pattern Recognition, Network Security, Sensor Networks, Optical Communication, and VLSI. The department is DST - FIST sponsored. Further, the department is supported through UGC –DRS program.

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  • Department of Computer Technology

    Department of Computer Technology

    Computer technology has become an integral part of our daily life. It is the most important element in the education of students of the present and the future era. Computer Technology has revolutionized society to a great extent. Technological advancements are so rapid in this field that continual learning is essential to keep the skill set of students up to date. The department of Computer Technology was recently established in MIT campus of Anna University by bifurcating the department of Information Technology.

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  • Department of Information Technology

    Department of Information Technology

    The department is currently headed by Dr. B.Vinayaga Sundaram, an educator and researcher himself. In the footsteps of the former Heads, the incumbent Head is further taking the department to reach newer heights. The department has a team of dynamic, young and dedicated staff, with specialization in wide array of areas. It offers full time and part time courses for both UG and PG. The department receives funds from DST under FIST programme. Courses Offered : => B.Tech. Information Technology => M.Tech. Information Technology => M.S. Information & Communication Engineering

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  • Department of Information Science & Technology (IST)

    Department of Information Science & Technology (IST)

    Anna University Chennai is a leading technical University in India located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Department of Information Science & Technology (IST) was carved out of the , Department of Computer Science and Engineering in May 2010. Courses Offered : => B.E Information Technology => M.E Information Technology => M.E Multimedia => Master of Computer Application (MCA)

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  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE)

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE)

    Anna University, Chennai, is a leading technical University in India located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE), formerly known as School of Computer Science and Engineering, was carved out of the School of Electronics and Communication Engineering in September 1987. DCSE function as one of the University Department having academic autonomy of having its own syllabus and curriculum. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in various disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of Electronics and Communications (DECE)

    Department of Electronics and Communications (DECE)

    The Department of Electronics and Communications (DECE), which became a part of this celebrated institution in the year 1945, is one of the leaders in India in this field of technology. The department, headed by professors and lecturers who are experts in their own disciplines, aims at educating and training students with sound knowledge and awareness in the latest trends in electronics, communication and information technology. Courses Offered : => B.E Electronics and Communications => M.E Electronics and Communications

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  • Department of Instrumentation Engineering

    Department of Instrumentation Engineering

    Instrumentation precisely is the measurement and control of various parameters of any system. It is fascinating motley of multifarious disciplines of technology such as process control, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical measurements and transducer Engineering. This Department offers Instrumentation Engineering at PG level, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at UG level and Ph.D and M.S. (by Research) for both regular and Part-time scholars. This curriculum is formulated with motto of making the students aware of the current Industrial standards.

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  • Division of High Voltage

    Division of High Voltage

    The Division of High Voltage Engineering in School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was created in the year 1960 and the Post Graduate course was offered in High Voltage Engineering in 1964. On roll about 25 postgraduate students and 11 Ph.D scholars are in the Division of High Voltage Engineering. The Postgraduate course in High Voltage engineering has been awarded “ A ” grade by National Board of Accreditation.

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  • Department of Farm Power System Engineering

    Department of Farm Power System Engineering

    Department of Farm Power System Engineering this Computer Centre was established in the College of Engineering, Guindy in the year 1963, first of its kind in the Southern Region with an IBM 1620 computer system. This was serving for the academic community in the entire region for a long time. After the formation of the university, this became the university Computer Centre.In the year 1984, the old IBM 1620 was replaced by IBM 360/44 computer system, which was rendered surplus at VSSC, Thumba. This was done under a MOU with the UGC.

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  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. We hope you find what you're looking for and we encourage you browse our site and feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We are always happy to hear from our well wishers Due to a recent system upgrade, our website is currently under construction, so pardon our appearance until we put the finishing touches on the site. While you're here, feel free to drop us a line and let us know what type of content you'd like to see on our site. Courses Offered :

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  • Department of production engineering

    Department of production engineering

    The mission of our department is to develop technically competent, socially committed and disciplined manufacturing engineers with creative ability, innovative thinking and managerial skill to manufacture quality products for the benefit of the mankind.

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  • Department of Automobile Engineering

    Department of Automobile Engineering

    The Department of Automobile Engineering at MIT was an under-graduate Programme in Automobile Engineering for Science graduates (B.Sc). Subsequently, on the formation of Anna University in 1978, MIT has become one of the constituent institutions of the University and hence, the Department has also become a department of Anna University. The postgraduate Programme was started in 1978. This is the only pioneering Institute which is a offers both UG and PG Programmes in Automobile Engineering in the whole of India, besides offering MS (by research) and Ph.D. Programmes.

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  • Department of Aerospace Engineering

    Department of Aerospace Engineering

    The Department of Aerospace Engineering was established in 1949 as faculty of Aeronautics in the MIT Campus, for furthering the cause of Aerospace Research in the new born nation. It is the first department offering undergraduate (UG) programme in Aeronautical Engineering in India. Till date, the Department has been leading the way in propelling indigenous research in aerospace field. This was made a reality through the competent, devoted and efficient faculty and highly sophisticated state – of – art laboratory facilities.

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  • Department of Industrial Engineering

    Department of Industrial Engineering

    The Industrial Engineering programs at Anna University, as a specialization under the faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been given due recognition by forming into a division under the Department of Management studies, in the year 1973. The same division has been upgraded to a full-fledged Department of Industrial Engineering in the year 2002. Courses Offered : => B.E. Industrial Engineering => M.E. Industrial Engineering => M.E. Quality Engineering and Management => M.S. by Research => Ph.D. ndustrial Engineering Facilities :

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  • Department of Manufacturing Systems Management

    Department of Manufacturing Systems Management

    Manufacturing is the organized activity devoted to the transformation of raw materials into marketable goods. The manufacturing system usually employs a series of value-adding processes to convert raw materials into more useful forms, and eventually into finished products. In an industrialized country, the manufacturing industries are the backbone of the national economy, because it is mainly through their activities that the real wealth is created. Recently, there has been what may be termed as a revolution in the fundamental ways of thinking about manufacturing management.

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  • Department of Mining Engineering

    Department of Mining Engineering

    The Department of Mining Engineering in the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University was re-established in the year 1987. This is the only Mining Engineering Department in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry catering to the needs of over 400 Mines. It is in the long line of industry-oriented education centres with commitment to meet the ever growing need of high quality mining engineers.

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  • Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DoME)

    Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DoME)

    The Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DoME) is a multifaceted, dynamic and quality conscious with a glorious fast and continuing saga of success and achievement.

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  • Department of Printing Technology

    Department of Printing Technology

    The course is of 4 years duration. The degree course is multi-disciplinary in its approach. The main subject areas are Materials Science, Technology of Printing and Packaging, Science and Mathematics, Business and Management Studies. The Printing Technology course is supported by members of staff from Department of Science and Humanities, different Engineering disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Management Studies of the College with guest faculty from industry .

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest departments of College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), as well as in the country. Established in the year 1894, CEG’s Mechanical Department has been providing excellent learning and research opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate students, in addition to providing consultancy services to the multiple industries. Courses Offered : => B.Tech Mechanical Engineering => M.Tech Mechanical Engineering

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  • Centre Of Building Technology Centre

    Centre Of Building Technology Centre

    Building Technology Centre was established in 1994 by HUDCO and functions under the aegis of Anna University Chennai. Building Technology Centre develops and propagates building materials and methodologies, which can reduce the construction costs using Nationally Acknowledged Modern Technologies and scientifically established methods.The centre also creates awareness about the need for good quality in building construction. Dr.R.Senthil, Professor of Civil Engineering, is currently the Director of the Centre. Building Technology Centre Anna University Chennai - 600 025 Tamil Nadu

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  • Division of Transportation Engineering

    Division of Transportation Engineering

    The Division of Transportation Engineering (formerly Urban Systems Development) of the Department of Civil Engineering, Anna University Chennai, offers a M.E Programme in Urban Engineering. The last batch of students are in 4th Semester. This programme was introduced in 1974. The programme was designed to train Civil Engineering graduates to plan, implement, monitor and manage urban development activities with special thrust on urban transportation. Courses Offered : => M.E Urban Engineering => M.E Transportation Engineering Facilities :

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  • Department of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

    Department of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

    Department of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Established in the year 1958, this division has been very active in research work to produce quality geotechnical engineering manpower needed to tackle a variety of geotechnical challenges faced during the implementation of a number of plan programmes. The division was established with the following set of objectives: To impart quality higher education in the field of geotechnical engineering To conduct advanced research in the field of geotechnical engineering

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  • Department of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

    Department of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

    Established in the year 1958, this division has been very active in research work to produce quality geotechnical engineering manpower needed to tackle a variety of geotechnical challenges faced during the implementation of a number of plan programmes. Courses Offered : => B.E Civil Engineering => M.E Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering => Ph.D. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Facilities : ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS LABORATORY :

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  • Centre for Water Resources (CWR)

    Centre for Water Resources (CWR)

    The Centre for Water Resources (CWR) was established in May 1979 to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programmes in hydrology, water resources engineering, irrigation management and water quality and quantity management. It is basically the upgraded Hydraulics Division of the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. Courses Offered : => B.E. (Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering) => M.E. (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering) => M.E. (Irrigation Water Management)

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  • Department of Environmental Studies

    Department of Environmental Studies

    To educate the future leaders of the environmental profession and to inculcate skills and foundations for life- long learning and growth. To conduct research and create new knowledge as an integral part of our education programme and the continued renewal of the profession. To contribute towards sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, combat and reduce pollution of air, water and soil, enhance technical management knowledge and develop and promote technology for sustainable management. Courses Offered : => M.Tech Environmental Engineering

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  • Department of Structural Engineering

    Department of Structural Engineering

    The Division of Structural Engineering was established in the year 1955 under the auspices of the Department of Civil Engineering. The main objective of this division has been to enhance the Pedagogy and rendering of the Structural Engineering Principles, Techniques and Codes through Higher Education, Research and Extension work.

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  • Department of Civil Engineering

    Department of Civil Engineering

    The Department of Civil Engineering of Anna University is the oldest in the Country. It dates back to May 17, 1794, when the East India Company established a Survey School to train military personnel and surveyors. This has grown to a Civil Engineering School in 1858 and later a Civil Engineering College in 1859.

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  • Department of Ceramic Technology

    Department of Ceramic Technology

    In the emerging scenario, advanced ceramic materials have become increasingly important due to their better tailor made properties, longer life and lower costs. The growth of ceramic industry in India during the past fifty years is commendable. Realizing the urgent need and demand for trained man power required for the ceramic industries in India, Anna University started a M.Tech Degree Programme in Ceramic Technology in the Department of Chemical Engineering during the academic year 1990 – 91 with a financial support of Rs.50 lakhs from M/s Carborundum Universal Ltd., Chennai.

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  • Department of Rubber & plastic

    Department of Rubber & plastic

    Rubber & plastic department is one of the pioneering departments of the legendary institution MIT. The department was started in 1988 with an aim to ensure that each student coming into contact with the faculty develops his/her versatility to emerge as the fittest in this ever changing industrial scenario. We aim to mould personalities sharing a strong bonding with the humanity blended with the art of self empowerment. Courses Offered : => B.Tech Rubber and Plastic Technology => M.Tech Rubber and Plastic Technology Department of Rubber and Plastic Technology

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  • Centre for Biotechnology

    Centre for Biotechnology

    The Centre for Biotechnology was established in 1987 in Anna University with financial support from Department of Biotechnology, Delhi, University Grants Commission, Delhi and Anna University. The Department of Biotechnology has the following objectives: To Train students in the fields of Biotechnology and Food Technology by offering various U.G & P.G programmes. To promote research activities in various areas of Biotechnology & Food Technology. Courses Offered : => B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology => B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology => B.Tech Food Technology

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  • Department of Textile Technology

    Department of Textile Technology

    The Department of Textile Technology was established in the year 1945 at Alagappa College of Technology under University of Madras with the purpose of providing world-class education in the field of Textile Technology. The Department has industrial and academic collaboration on specialized areas of study and this has positioned the institution as the harbinger of progressive changes and innovations. Courses Offered : => B. Tech. Textile Technology => B. Tech. Apparel Technology => M. Tech. Textile Technology => M. S. (By Research) Textile Technology

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  • Department of Chemical Engineering

    Department of Chemical Engineering

    The department of chemical engineering was established in 1944 in A. C. College of Technology under University of Madras. In September 1978, the department was transferred to the then newly-formed Anna University, a unitary type of University. The department which started with an undergraduate course in chemical engineering is presently offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in chemical, petroleum refining and petrochemicals, and environmental science and technology.

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