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Department of Ceramic Technology


In the emerging scenario, advanced ceramic materials have become increasingly important due to their better tailor made properties, longer life and lower costs. The growth of ceramic industry in India during the past fifty years is commendable. Realizing the urgent need and demand for trained man power required for the ceramic industries in India, Anna University started a M.Tech Degree Programme in Ceramic Technology in the Department of Chemical Engineering during the academic year 1990 – 91 with a financial support of Rs.50 lakhs from M/s Carborundum Universal Ltd., Chennai. Division of Ceramic Technology was formed in the year 1993. A B.Tech Programme in Ceramic Technology was also started during the year 1996 – 97 with a financial support of Rs.25 lakhs from M/s Carborundum Universal Ltd., Chennai. The B.Tech and M.Tech Programme offers excellent opportunities to the students to possess hands on experience in the industry during the programme. The course structure is designed to give equal weightages to both traditional and advanced ceramics.

Courses Offered :

=> B.Tech (Ceramic Technology)
=> M.Tech (Ceramic Technology)
=> M.S (By Research)
=> Ph.D

Major Instrumental Facilities :

=> Simultaneous TG/DTA
=> Brookfield Viscometer
=> Universal Testing machine
=> Vickers Hardness Tester
=> Optical Microscope
=> Wear and Friction Testing Machine
=> IR Moisture Analyser
=> Spray Drier
=> LCR Meter
=> Elastosonic Equipment
=> Uniaxial Press (Electrically Operated)
=> Hot MOR
=> Hot Press
=> Dry Abrasion Tester
=> Cold Compression Tester

Library Facilities :

Library facilities play a vital role in achieving the cherished objectives of improving the standards of education, stimulating academic interest among the student community and promoting research. The Central Library has an exhaustive collection of nearly 1,00,000 books on the subjects and a number of National and International Journals. In addition to the Central Library, the Department of Ceramic Technology also has its own Library. It has an excellent collection of books on ceramics and related fields. Moreover, the Department also has Internet facilities which help the students in keeping abreast of the latest information in the field of ceramics.

Current Research Activities :

=> Studies on alumina /alumina composites
=> Studies on Sol-gel derived zirconia
=> Studies on Ni-Zn ferrites using non – conventional techniques
=> Studies on Ni – Mg – Zn ferrites using non – conventional methods
=> Studies on nano-ceramic/ nano-composites
=> Nano-mechanical and nano tribological properties of ceramic doped DLC coating by sputtering
=> Development of High Strength Insulating Castables for Hot Face Applications
=> Development of High Temperature and High Thermal Shock Resistant Corderite Body for Higher Duty applications in Ceramic Industries
=> Preparation and Characterization of YSZ based electrolyte materials for SOFC application
=> Study on lithium based oxide materials as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
=> Investigation on properties of alumina based rare earth ceramic composites
=> Studies on corderite ceramics as kiln furnitures
=> Synthesis of bio-ceramic composite materials for medical applications and its characterization


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