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List of Departments
  • Department of Communication

    Department of Communication

    The Department of Communication, located within the prestigious Sarojini Naidu School Arts & Communication, has evolved over the last 20 years of its existence, into one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the field of communication and media studies in India. With faculty trained in nationally and internationally reputed institutions and well-equipped studios and laboratories, the department provides students balanced inputs in both theory and practice of mass communication.

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  • Department of Fine Arts

    Department of Fine Arts

    With the efforts of Vice Chancellor Dr. Bh. Krishna Murthy, the Department of Fine Arts in S.N. School has been established in 1988 expanding the scope of interdisciplinary modes of interaction and practice. It was with an intention to bring Fine Arts practice and knowledge into a single broader academic program to provide wider understanding of different cultural aspects to the students. The Department of Fine Arts was incepted with Painting discipline with the mentorship of Professor K. Laxma Goud, along with him the able inputs of D.L.N. Reddy and Ms. Belender.

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  • Department of Theatre Arts

    Department of Theatre Arts

    The Theatre Arts Discipline of S.N. School strongly believes that creating good theatre is an arduous activity and there is no simple formula to achieve it. As an academic discipline within a University system, Theatre Arts concentrates on giving training in seminal concepts, basic principles and practices of drama and theatre to create a successful theatre in society, where live interaction can lead to new terrains of experience and intellect. The course pattern is aimed at the integration of theory and practice, art with technology, and artists with audience.

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  • Department of Dance

    Department of Dance

    The Ph.D. programmes mainly consist of a research project with some course work if necessary and the writing of a thesis on a topic approved by the faculty of the discipline. The thesis should be of high standard and should make valuable contribution to the specialized area of study concerned. Candidates seeking admission into the programme must submit with their applications a tentative but detailed outline of their research proposal. Candidates have to appear for an interview before admission into Ph.D.

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  • Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

    Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

    The University Grants Commission, New Delhi, vide its Lr. No. F.3-2/2007(SCT) dated 23rd February 2007, have sanctioned the Scheme for Establishment of Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy under the X Plan for five years for implementation at the University of Hyderabad. The Centre has the following objectives and functions: 2. Aims and Objectives: Objectives: Conceptualizing discrimination, exclusion and inclusion based on caste/ethnicity and religion. Developing understanding of the nature and dynamics of discrimination and exclusion.

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  • Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora

    Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora

    The Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora was established under the Area Studies Programme of the U.G.C. in 1996 to carry out interdisciplinary research on overseas Indians who today constitutes more than 20 million spread over hundred countries around the world. The Centre envisages research on the historical context of the Indian Diaspora, civilizational heritage of diasporic communities, continuities and transformation in culture, economy and political life, besides promoting communication and linkages between India and the Indian diaspora. Objectives

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  • Centre for Folk Culture Studies

    Centre for Folk Culture Studies

    In the wake of globalization, Indian culture in general and folk culture in particular needs special attention to safeguard its own identity and heritage. This vital area of enquiry is now arousing culture consciousness among the zealots of the exotic ranging from corporate groups to that of policy makers and social activists.

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  • Centre for Regional Studies

    Centre for Regional Studies

    The Centre for Regional Studies aims at conducting multidis­ciplinary research in the Deccan and other regions of India. The envis­aged research programmes encompass ecological and environmental studies; regional historical processes; regional social structure; regional economics and development studies. In view of the multidisciplinary nature of research, the Centre promotes studies in the fields of geography, cultural anthropology, soci­ology, economics, political science, and socio‑eco­nomic history of regions.

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  • Department of Anthropology

    Department of Anthropology

    The Department of Anthropology started functioning from the academic year 1988-89. It imparts training in both theoretical and applied research in Anthropology, which equips students to meet the academic challenges in urban/rural/tribal field studies. Apart from studying ethnographic diversity, the department is oriented towards application of anthropological knowledge to the understanding of social problems and development issues. The department has developed a small museum as a teaching aid for students.

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  • Department of Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    While emphasizing topics and themes central to the discipline, the Department’s teaching and research activities have been oriented towards contemporary questions that have both basic and applied dimensions. The endeavour is to stress inter-disciplinary exchange with other disciplines in the school. The Department has had a Special Assistance Progrmme (DRS-II) supported by the U.G.C., in the thrust areas of social identities, globalisation and the idea of 'public space'.

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  • Department of Political Science

    Department of Political Science

    The Department of Political Science currently has Special Assistance Programme, supported by the U.G.C., in International Relations and Political Theory. The Human Rights programme and the North East India programme are supported by the UPE project. The Department offers courses leading to M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees. The Department has a faculty and student exchange programme with the Uppsala University, Sweden.

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  • Department of History

    Department of History

    The Department of History offers courses leading to M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D Degrees. Its teaching programme is designed to provide students with a broad overview of world history narrowing down to focus on the history of India with special emphasis on socio-economic and cultural history.

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    Since its inception in 1979, The Department of Economics has been committed towards promoting High Quality Teaching & Economic Research It offers programmes of M.A., MPhil & PhD. In the face of demand for competent economists outstripping the supply, UH stands among the most sought after Economics Department in the country.

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  • Centre for Comparative Literature

    Centre for Comparative Literature

    The Centre for Comparative Literature functioning since 1988, aims at providing an interface between literatures and cultures with a contemporary charge. The Centre offers research programmes in M.Phil and Ph.D. The endeavour is to: encourage young learners to research expressive modes and archives of knowledge beyond those of their own culture; forge alliances with and develop sensitivity to differences in cultures and traditions; develop a critical awareness of socio-political and cultural discourses in terms of their impact on the literary and cultural studies.

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  • Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies

    Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies

    The Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies (CALTS), created as a research centre in 1988, established a post-graduate teaching programme in 1990. CALTS specializes in language interface studies with a special emphasis on Language Technology (for which a Special Assistance Programme has been sanctioned by UGC from 2002 to 2007), translation studies, lexicography, language planning and language teaching. CALTS has three ongoing projects on language technology and machine translation funded by MCIT, Govt. of India and UPE.

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  • Department of Sanskrit Studies

    Department of Sanskrit Studies

    Sanskrit is a repository of unlimited invaluable knowledge of Ancient Indian Heritage. There is an urgent need for knowledge mining from Ancient Sanskrit Science and Technology texts for bridge building between the past and the future through the present. Keeping this in view, a unique research oriented Department of Sanskrit Studies was established in 2006 which will act as an interface between Sanskrit and the sub-fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Sciences. Major goals of the Department are:

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  • Department of Urdu

    Department of Urdu

    The Department of Urdu lays emphasis on the inter‑disciplinary job‑oriented education in Urdu. It provides an atmosphere, which helps the student in developing his intel­ligence, organising ability and research aptitude. The Department also aims at developing the importance of national integration through its study and research programmes. It also provides an atmosphere for the development of creative talents among stud­ents.

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  • Department of Telugu

    Department of Telugu

    The main objective of the Department of Telugu is to prom­ote studies in Telugu Language and Literature. The Department undertakes teaching and research in Telugu with emphasis on vari­ous aspects of historical and comparative studies in language and literature. The syllabus for various courses is drawn keeping in view of the changing needs of the society in relation to language use, and the role of literature in the society. An equal importance is also given for studies in Classical literature and Sanskrit, along with interdisciplinary approach.

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  • Department of Hindi

    Department of Hindi

    The Department of Hindi aims at providing teaching and research facilities in Hindi keeping in view the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast changing literary values in our time. While drawing up the syllabus, sufficient care has been taken to cater to the above needs. It has been kept flexible enough to incorporate various requirements of the students in the context of contemporary society. Special attention is also given to the regional and comprehensive studies of language and literature.

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  • Department of Philosophy

    Department of Philosophy

    The Department is eminently known in the country for research in diverse fields of philosophy. It has been recognised by the UGC as a Department of Special Assistance since 1987. The thrust areas of research under this programme are (1) Philosophy of Language: Indian and Western: (2) Cognitive Science (including Logic and Philosophy of Mind). The Department has also received grants under ASIHSS for a period of five years since April 2006 to March 2011.

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  • Department of English

    Department of English

    The Department admits into its M.A. programme graduates from ANY basic discipline. It aims at providing instruction and carrying out research in both traditional and current areas of English Studies. In addition to core English Literature and American Literature components, it encourages work in New Literatures in English, Comparative Studies, Translation, Culture, Language Studies and Pedagogy.

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  • Department of Biotechnology

    Department of Biotechnology

    The Department of Biotechnology offers application oriented and most-sought after courses in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Innovation based training will be imparted to the students with a special emphasis on understating the basic concepts of the biological processes in pursuing research in frontier areas of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

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  • Department of Animal Sciences

    Department of Animal Sciences

    The Department of Animal Sciences, established in 1993 is under the umbrella of the School of Life Sciences for academic and administrative purposes. The Department offers M.Sc in Animal Biotechnology and imparts, in addition to the structured four-semester theoretical courses, hands-on training for the students of the course in state-of-art laboratory facilities. The department has an active PhD program with a current enrolment of 58 students.

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  • Department of Plant Sciences

    Department of Plant Sciences

    The Department has been supported under UGC Special Assistance Programme and the DST-Funds for Infrastructure in Science and Technology (FIST) Level-II and is marching towards achieving the status of the UGC Centre for Advanced Studies. The foundations for the rapid growth of the Department in the last thirteen years have been laid with its philosophy to provide a well-balanced training to the students in modern Plant Sciences to enable them to choose careers in both advanced teaching and high quality research.

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  • Department of Biochemistry

    Department of Biochemistry

    The Department of Biochemistry offers highly competitive and popular courses in Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology. The importance of biochemical basis of the living organisms is emphasized supported by meticulous training in experimental skills to enable the students to pursue research in frontier areas of Biology. At present, the Department carries out research in the areas of Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Immunology, Molecular Biophysics, Bioenergetics, Protein Biochemistry, Molecular virology, Molecular genetics and Drug design.

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  • Department of Computer and Information Sciences

    Department of Computer and Information Sciences

    The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers high quality post-graduate teaching and research programmes in all major areas of Computing, Information Science and Artificial Intelligence. The department has the unique distinction of offering M.Tech. programmes in Artificial Intelligence, and in Information Technology with specialisation in Banking Technology and Information Security.

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  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics

    Department of Mathematics & Statistics

    The Department aims to train people who are oriented towards research and teaching in advanced areas of Mathematics and Statistics. Special attention is given to foundational topics. The Department offers research facilities in the following areas: Algebra, Analysis (Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Global Analysis), Algebraic Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Number Theory, Dynamical Systems. Fluid Mechanics. Statistical Inference, Outliers, Regression Diagnostics, Order Statistics, Reliability, Operations Research

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