Class 12: Maths Chapter 14 solutions. Complete Class 12 Maths Chapter 14 Notes.

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 14–Differentials, Errors and Approximations

RD Sharma 12th Maths Chapter 14, Class 12 Maths Chapter 14 solutions

Exercise 14.1 Page No: 14.9

1. If y = sin x and x changes from π/2 to 22/14, what is the approximate change in y?


2. The radius of a sphere shrinks from 10 to 9.8 cm. Find approximately the decrease in its volume.


Given the radius of a sphere changes from 10 cm to 9.8 cm.

Let x be the radius of the sphere and Δ x be the change in the value of x.

Hence, we have x = 10 and x + Δ x = 9.8

⇒ 10 + Δ x = 9.8

⇒ Δ x = 9.8 – 10

∴ Δ x = – 0.2

The volume of a sphere of radius x is given by

3. A circular metal plate expands under heating so that its radius increases by k%. Find the approximate increase in the area of the plate, if the radius of the plate before heating is 10 cm.


4. Find the percentage error in calculating the surface area of a cubical box if an error of 1% is made in measuring the lengths of the edges of the cube.


5. If there is an error of 0.1% in the measurement of the radius of a sphere, find approximately the percentage error in the calculation of the volume of the sphere.


6. The pressure p and the volume v of a gas are connected by the relation pv1.4 = const. Find the percentage error in p corresponding to a decrease of ½ % in v.


7. The height of a cone increases by k%, its semi-vertical angle remaining the same. What is the approximate percentage increase in (i) in total surface area, and (ii) in the volume, assuming that k is small.


8. Show that the relative error in computing the volume of a sphere, due to an error in measuring the radius, is approximately equal to three times the relative error in the radius.


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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 14–Differentials, Errors and Approximations

Download PDF: RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 14–Differentials, Errors and Approximations PDF

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