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  • Department of Home Science

    Department of Home Science

    Phone Nos. : 0612-2550658(O) / 9835294295(M) Email Id : [email protected]

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  • Department of Bio- Chemistry

    Department of Bio- Chemistry

    Contact Phone Nos.: 0612-2683903(O) Email Id : [email protected]

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  • Department of Law

    Department of Law

    The Department is situated in the Patna Law College campus on the bank of the holy river Ganga. Its was established in the Golden Jubilee year of the prestigious Patna Law College. The Department of Law commenced with M.L. Teaching in the year 1959. It was the time when the Department of Law functioned as a part of the Patna Law College Courses Offered => Master of Laws (LL. M.) => Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D) Infrastructure

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  • Department  of  Education

    Department of Education

    The Department of Education, Patna University, has the privilege of being one of the oldest departments of its kind in the country. It was established in 1954 with a mission to enliven the pedagogical endeavour and quality research in the field of education. The department has been fortunate enough to have eminent scholars in its faculty in the past. Courses Offered => Master of Education (M. Ed.) => Master of Arts (M.A.) Education Contact Phone Nos. : 0612-2672937(O) / 2672937 (R) E-mail ID : [email protected]

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  • Department of Geology

    Department of Geology

    The Department of Geology came into existence in 1946. It was established with the endowment of a chair called ‘Tata Professor of Geology’ announced by M/s Tata and Sons Ltd. on the occasion of the silver jubilee of Patna University in November 1944. However the Post Graduate department of Geology was opened in July 1946. Courses Offered => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) => Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D) Infrastructure

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  • Department of Statistics

    Department of Statistics

    The Post-graduate Department of Statistics was established in 1948 for teaching Statistics at the Master's level (M. A. and M. Sc. courses). The Department, being a member of the Faculty of Science, was moved to Patna Science College campus in 1960. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, opened a Population Research Centre in 1966 with the Head of the Department as its Chief for conducting statistical investigation in areas related to population studies. Courses Offered

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics

    The Department was established in pre- independence days. Courses offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Mathematics => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) Mathematics Infrastructure One big conference hall, two Faculty halls and five tutorial/teachers rooms. A big Departmental Library with more than seven thousand books and journals. Contact Phone Nos. : 0612-2660035(O) / 9934408940 (M) Email Id : [email protected]

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  • Department Of Botany

    Department Of Botany

    Since its inception in 1946, the aim of the Department of Botany has been to enhance teaching and to create and develop facilities for research and advanced training in plant science. Hence, the Department of Botany has grown as an acclaimed centre of teaching and research in Cytogenetics and allied areas of Botany since 1953. Due to its significant contributions in aforesaid areas, this Department was selected for SAP and granted COSIST by the UGC in the year 1976 and 1988 respectively. Courses Offered

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  • Department Of Zoology

    Department Of Zoology

    The Department of Zoology was established, initially under Patna Science College in 1948, and in July 1952 it was granted the status of a University Department. The Department is housed on the ground floor of the Biology Building of Patna Science College. Courses Offered => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) in Zoology => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) Environmental Science and Management => Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D) Infrastructure

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  • Department Of Chemistry

    Department Of Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry, Patna University, has enjoyed a glorious past. It is one of the oldest research centres of the country which has won a place of importance and reputation in National and International research arena. The Department has maintained the tempo of its glory in research activities. The Department has more than thousand research papers in national and international journals to its credit. Recently, a refresher course in Chemistry was organized in the Department.

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  • Department Of Physics

    Department Of Physics

    The Department of Physics, Patna University, is one of the oldest centres of post-graduate teaching and research in our country. A large number of eminent scholars have been associated with this Department since its inception. Courses Offered => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) Physics Research & Development / Topic The areas of research that are carried out in this Department include the following : => Laser Interferometeric study of anomalous behavior of water. => Study of Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials.

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  • Department of Applied Economics And Commerce

    Department of Applied Economics And Commerce

    Although undergraduate course in Commerce in Bihar started in the year 1942, facilities for post-graduate teaching in this subject were not available in the state. As a result of persistent public demand, this Department was established for post-graduate teaching in Commerce in the year 1951. Courses Offered => Master of Commerce (M.Com) => Master Of Business Administration (MBA) => Master of Finance and Control (MFC) Contact Phone Nos : 0612-2660345 (O) / 9386836747 (M) Email ID : [email protected]

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  • Department Of Political Science

    Department Of Political Science

    The Department of P.G. Political Science was established in 1948. It is one of the oldest Departments of Political Science in India. The department has produced eminent citizens who have contributed in different areas and earned fame. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science Infrastructure The Department has a well equipped library with nearly 6,987 books on Political Science, texts as well as references. Contact Phone Nos : 0612-2660339(O) / 9835266016(M) Email Id : [email protected]

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  • Department of Geography

    Department of Geography

    The Department of Geography was first established in 1928 in the science block of the college as a new academic programme of Patna College. The Post-Graduate teaching was started, however, in the year of 1949 and since then Post-Graduate Department and the Geography Department of Patna College are functioning as an integrated department having a common class routine and common academic pursuits.

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  • Department Of Personnel Management And Industrial Relations (PMIR)

    Department Of Personnel Management And Industrial Relations (PMIR)

    The Institute of Public Administration was established in 1954. With the coming into being of the Patna University Act, 1962, the Institute was made an integral part of Patna University and its grants for research and teaching activities were merged with the statutory grants of the Patna University. Thereafter the Institute started functioning as an extension of the post- graduate Department of Political Science. The Institute works in co-operation with the other allied university departments of the social and behavioral sciences. Courses Offered

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  • Department of Sociology

    Department of Sociology

    The Post-graduate Department of Sociology, Patna University, was started in the year 1950 by Prof. V. K. N. Menon as the Chairman, in order to promote higher studies in the subject. The study of Sociology in a developing society has its own importance. The sociologists have a significant role to play in a society that wishes to bring about “planned change”. This is the oldest department of Sociology in the entire North East Region. Its objectives are as follows-

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  • Department of Economics

    Department of Economics

    Prior to January, 1952, the Post-graduate Department of Economics was a part of Patna College. However, as a result of the promulgation of the Patna University Act, 1952, it was separated from Patna College and was accessioned to Patna University. After the bifurcation of the post-graduate and the under-graduate Departments took place, the P.G.

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  • Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology

    Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology

    The Post-graduate Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture was started from the session 1949-50. Dr A. S. Altekar was its founder Head. Teaching of this subject in degree classes both Pass and Honours was also started in the same session and it was centralized in the Department from the session 1959-60. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Ancient Indian History and Archaeology Infrastructure

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  • Department of Psychology

    Department of Psychology

    The Department was established in 1946. Apart from running a very successful post- graduate course, in 2003 it also started teaching one year Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development (PGDHRD). Students completing the PGDHRD course have been able to get good jobs in different NGOs and public sectors like Banks, LIC etc. Encouraged by its success and past achievements the department has recently introduced a new M.A. course in Criminology. Both these courses are being run as Self Financing Courses. Courses Offered

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  • Department of History

    Department of History

    The Department of History, which was started under the aegis of Patna College with Sir Jadunath Sarkar as the Head in 1910, has a long and glorious tradition of teaching and research. Despite its bifurcation in 1952 into post-graduate Department of History located in Darbhanga House and under-graduate Department of History in Patna College, both the academic and the teaching works continue to remain integrated. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) History => P.G. Diploma in Women’s Studies Contact

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  • Department of Urdu

    Department of Urdu

    The Department of Urdu, in the faculty of Humanities, Patna University, is one of the oldest Departments of Urdu in the country. The Department has developed as a remarkable institution over the decades. It has been at the forefront of centres of learning, teaching and research in Urdu Language and literature.

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  • Department Of Arabic

    Department Of Arabic

    The Department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments of Patna University. It has produced eminent scholars, and has served to cater to the cultural needs of an important section of this province. Its importance has increased tremendously after Independence as academic activities of the Department facilitate cultural & social understanding between Indian and West Asian countries. The Department is located in the Darbhanga House. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Arabic Contact Phone Nos : 0612-2660328 (O) / 6531253 (R)

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  • Department Of Philosophy

    Department Of Philosophy

    The post-graduate department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of Patna University. The post-graduate teaching started in the year 1918 as a unit of Patna College. As an independent Department it came into existence on 2nd January, 1957 and was shifted to the palatial building of Darbhanga House on the bank of river Ganges. The Department imparts post-graduate teaching and provides facilities to research scholars. The Department has the honour of having Dr D. M. Dutta, an eminent scholar of international repute as its first Head.

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  • Department Of Persian

    Department Of Persian

    The post-graduate department of Persian is one of the oldest departments of Patna University. It is situated on the bank of river Ganga and located in the Rani Block of Darbhanga House of Patna University. This Department was established in the year 1917. In 1948 it was recognized as a Centre of Persian research and over the years has emerged as an important centre for research in Persian culture and literature. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Persian => P. G. Diploma in Spoken Persian Contact

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  • Department Of Maithili

    Department Of Maithili

    The Department was started in 1944. Earlier it was a wing of Patna College. Since 1952 it has a separate existence and is housed in Darbhanga House building. Maithili has been offered as an optional subject in Patna University since 1938. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Maithili Contact Phone Nos. : 0612-2660075 (O) / 2666060 (R) / 9470838133 (M)

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  • Department of Bengali

    Department of Bengali

    The Department of Bengali is situated in the Rani Block of Darbhanga House. It was founded in the year 1956. Courses offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.) Bengali Infrastructure It has a rich Library consisting of approximately ten thousand books. The Department has a wall magazine written and published by the students. Contact Office : 0612-2660309 (O) Email Id : [email protected]

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  • Department  Of Sanskrit

    Department Of Sanskrit

    Established in 1919, the Department of Sanskrit is one of the oldest Departments of the University. Sanskrit is a classical language which offers a view of our ancient culture and its rich academic excellence. It enjoys great importance in our country even today.

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  • Department Of Hindi

    Department Of Hindi

    The Department of Hindi, Patna University was established in 1937. It has a glorious past. Eminent litterateurs like Dr Vishwanath Prasad, Prof. Nalin Vilochan Sharma and Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma have headed the Department. The Department has consistently been engaged in academic pursuits. Recently, apart from a National Seminar on Kabir and Surdas it organized a special Renu Memorial Lecture and Refresher course for new lecturers. Courses Offered => Master Of Arts (M.A.)Hindi

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  • Department Of English

    Department Of English

    Established in 1917, the Department of English, Patna University is located on the first floor in the north-western flank of Darbhanga House, once a royal palace. The Department imparts post-graduate teaching and enables research in English and global literatures in English, Linguistics and Language Teaching, Contemporary Critical Theory, Translation Studies, Postcolonial and Women's Writings, Gandhian and Dalit Literature. The publication of an annual Refereed Research Journal to facilitate quality research has been planned.

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