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  • Department of General Engineering

    Department of General Engineering

    This department was established in 1950 to teach basic engineering. Subjects and also to look after maintenance of various equipments. This department shoulders the responsibility of teaching basic subjects of engineering such as Engineering drawing, thermodynamics, Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials and Electrical & Electronics to Chemical Engineering and all branches of Technology of M.U.I.C.T. Besides this they also teach specialized subjects like Plastic Processing, Plastic Mold design/ Drawing and fabrication techniques to final year B.Tech(plastics) students and M.Tech.

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  • Department Of Mathematics

    Department Of Mathematics

    The Applied Mathematics division caters to the instructions in basic courses in Applied Mathematics for all the technology and Chemical Engineering streams of the institute. The University has already approved Applied Mathematics as a part of the Board of Studies in Chemical Technology.

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  • Department of Physics

    Department of Physics

    t started as Optics Section in 1935 with the appointment of Dr. Vaidya. Subsequently it became Physics Section, Applied Physics Division and now as Department of Physics in Autonomous Institute of Chemical Technology.

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  • Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry

    Applied Chemistry Division shoulders the responsibility of teaching Chemistry to Chemical technology, Chemical engineering and Pharmacy students of the UICT. In addition to the teaching programmes, theory as well as practical, a number of Masters and Doctoral scholars are working towards their research degrees. Courses Offered => Master Of Science (M.Sc.) => Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D)

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  • Department of Polymer and Surface Engineering

    Department of Polymer and Surface Engineering

    The department of Polymer and Surface Engineering, has undergone changes in its nomenclature and was established in 1946. Earlier it was known as Paints, Pigments and Varnishes (PPV) Section and was steered in the beginning by none other than Professor N.R. Kamath, a famous chemical engineer, graduate of first batch of B.Sc. (Tech.), in 1936, who later migrated t IIT-Bombay as Head of Chemical Engineering and Deputy Director. The B.Sc. (Tech.) courses in plastics and paints technologies were started in 1940s and have been popular throughout Courses Offered

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  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

    This department runs two different distinct programmes – Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacy. The Pharmaceutical Technology course is part of the B. Tech. programme, earlier B.Sc. (Tech.), dealing with manufacture of pharmaceuticals and drugs, and has all the ingredients of solid foundation in basic sciences, mathematics, computation and chemical engineering. B. Tech. (Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals) was started in 1940s, when the B. Sc. (Tech.) course was expanded. Courses Offered => Bachelor Of Technology (B.Tech) => Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.)

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  • Department of Food Engineering and Technology

    Department of Food Engineering and Technology

    Mission Establishing a center of excellence to provide demand driven, value-based and quality technical education to make India a developed country through socio-economic transformation” Vision => To improve food, especially Indian traditional foods, in terms of nutrition, safety and functionality employing fundamental and applied sciences. => To produce trained personnel of highest standards for the benefit of the industry and society, in the field of food engineering & technology and food biotechnology.

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  • Department of Fibers And Textile Processing

    Department of Fibers And Textile Processing

    Thus the Department of Fibres and Textile Processing Technology (FTPT), formerly known as Textile Chemistry section has the unique distinction of being one of the two disciplines (other being Chemical Engineering), with which this institution- ICT (formerly UDCT) started in the year 1933. The Department conducts B.Tech. course with an intake capacity of 34, which is highest among all the B.Tech. courses of ICT. The course involves study of chemistry and manufacture of Fibres, their chemical processing such as bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing.

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  • Department of Dyestuff Technology

    Department of Dyestuff Technology

    Department of Dyestuff Technology was established in 1944 under the stewardship of Professor K. Venkataraman, the then director of Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT, formerly known as UDCT), University of Mumbai. The quality of training in chemistry and engineering imparted to the students is reflected in the progress they make in their individual careers in industry or academia, locally or globally.

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  • Department of Chemical Engineering

    Department of Chemical Engineering

    It has been very productive year for the Department of Chemical Engineering. I am pleased to state that the tradition of a large number of quality publications in international journals was continued this year. The chemical engineering faculty members published 124 papers in International refereed journals, presented 28 papers in National and International conferences and 36 invited lectures were delivered in industry, symposia, and workshops.

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